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Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2022 Preeta thanks the manager, he apologizes for not being able to accompany her to the court otherwise he could have surely come with her, Preeta replies that she has already thanked her a lot, the manager looking behind her mentions this is the same person who is in the CCTV,

he doesnot know what is he doing here, Preeta looking back to Prithvi replies that she knows what he wants to do and so run away, Prithvi runs after her but the manager tries to stop him when Prithvi pushes him away, he threatens to hit the manager with the pot.

In the court, the prosecutor is showing the photo in which Karan is being arrested with the bags full of money when Karan refuses that it belongs to him, Sameer also informs that he is the one who dropped Karan to the stadium and then gave the keys of the car to the valet after which something wrong might have happened, the judge asks him to sit down.

Mr Mehra the lawyer explains how he felt that karan would make up a real explanation and not such a stupid story but he has forgotten that sometimes when they try to hit a six without seeing, then end up getting catch out. Karan says he can blame whatever he desires but this bag doesnot belong to him,

the lawyer shows the photo of Sandesh which karan recognizes when the lawyer replies he is glad karan recognized someone, Karan says it is not a crime to take the chocolates and flowers because this is not a crime when the lawyer says he will prove Karan is wrong, he shows the photos in which karan is in the room with Sandesh.

Prithvi runs out yelling at the car, saying Preeta ran away from him when he realizes that her car is still parked and this means she did not leave, Preeta is hiding behind the bushes when she thinks that she has been trapped here and so needs to reach the court, prithvi is looking at the car and so he exclaims that she is going to lose and he won, he sit son the bonnet of her car thinking that she will not be able to reach the court as he is still here to prevent it all,

Preeta secretly runs to the other car and looks at him, he quickly tries to follow her and then hits her in the back with a stick so she falls on the ground, he exclaims she lost to him as he did not allow her to reach the court which she wants to go with the proof but will not be able to, Preeta hits him in the leg informing she is not going to back off and will make sure Karan is released, she rushes into the car locking it whole Prithvi tries to stop her but she has locked the car and drives off.

Prithvi starts following her with all his might, driving as fast as he can when he sees that she slowed down because of the speed breakers and so he decides to warn her but she doesnot listen, and drives as fast as she can. Prithvi thinks he should have just pushed her out of the road and so takes a shortcut.

Preeta is relieved that Prithvi has stopped following her, she stops the car putting all the proofs in a container when a black car passes by her, she thinks it is prithvi but gets relieved, prithvi however stops the car in front of Preeta, thinking she was a nice girl but stood against her and so is now his enemy, they just have to be killed. He hits her car causing an accident.

Karan in the court room yells the name of Preeta, he tries to run out when the police bring him back to the witness box, the lawyer warns him to not act since he is under arrest, the judge warns karan because he is not in his house and this is the court, if he tries to run once again then would be charged with even more crimes, the lawyer explains that Karan has tried his best to run away but Karan refuses it all, the lawyer then questions what does he have to say about the photo in which he is taking the money,

karan refuses to accept that he has taken any money, the judge questions how is Karan to deny it when they can clearly see it all. Karan informs he really loves his game and his parents have not brought him up in such a way that he would be fine with taking the bribe, the judge is not convinced informing he has heard a lot of emotional stories in the court so if karan has any evidence then should present it, Karan requests the judge to trust him as he cannot do anything wrong.

Prithvi and Preeta both are unconscious in their cars after the accident, they slowly start to wake up but Prithvi regains consciousness before Preeta, he starts calming himself before picking the metal rod placed in his car, he slowly walks out of his car, looking if anyone saw the accident. He walks over to the car of Preeta with the rod in his hand, he holds his head while Preeta is still unconscious, he opens the door of the car pulling her back because of which she slowly wakes up, he starts pulling her out of the car when she acts as if she is still not awake,

he sits beside her thinking what did she force him to do, he exclaims that hates her a lot, but did not want to kill her because she still resides in his heart. Preeta doesnot even know the extent of his love, he saved her a lot of times but then stands up exclaiming today her chapter is going to end, she manages to hit him with the rod so he falls on the ground holding his head. She picks it up putting it in the car. Preeta rushes to the back and pulls Prithvi with his legs before getting in the car while he is in the trunk, she tries her best to drive the car.

Karan pleads that he did not take any bribe from anyone, and would he have taken any photo of the crime, the lawyer explains that he has taken it in the room, someone in the room would have taken the photo so that Karan doesnot deviate from the truth.

Mr Malkhani stands mentioning he doesnot believe any of the proofs and allegations which they have presented because according to them Karan took the money to earn but the person who is giving the money, is not present in the court but instead is on the run, he shows the arrest warrant filed against Sandesh revealing that he is not a rich person but just a pawn as someone else is the real mastermind behind this case, Sherlin gets tensed hearing this while karan is also frustrated.

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