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Kundali Bhagya 10th August 2020 Preeta is in the room when Karan knocks from behind mentioning that she is here and he started missing him, he exclaims that he asked her to not go away and attend all the ceremonies by staying near him, she is tensed however he asks what she meant by this then takes off a tear from near her eyelash.
Sameer running from Shrishti brings the cloth for the Pandit, Shrishti calls out to him however he demands them to let him take care of the matters, the Pandit asks for a bride he gets curious then Dadi scolds him mentioning that he is calling for Maira but she has already come to the Mandap and he goes out to bring all the attendees to the Mandap, he calls Karina and Sanjana who are with Ramona, She is walking when she sees Rishab then forcefully takes him with her, he is not happy to be at the Mandap.
Sameer is walking when he hears that someone is following him he turns and sees that it is Shrishti who pushes him aside in the room exclaiming that he has not thought of any plan and so what is he doing, then he inquiries what she meant as he was not able to think of anything, she gets really hyper and he calms her down.
Karan is pulling Preeta by her hand, Rishab is not able to see the sight and inquires what he is doing, karan responds that he should not get in the way as the wedding would not proceed without Preeta everyone is shocked because of the sight, Rishab asks him to leave her hand karan however refuses saying that he cannot come in between them both as he knows that the wedding cannot happen without her, Karan makes Preeta stand in between Karina and Dadi.
He also sits and then demands Rakhi to do the Gantbandhan and it will be based on love and not the kind that was done with hatred and acting, Pandit also asks Rakhi to do the Gantbandhan and she completes it, Preeta is not able to see the sight and starts looking down, Karan seeing her asks that she sees him as the wedding is happening here. The Pandit requests that he remain focused on Maira as she is the one he is marrying, he misbehaves with the Pandit mentioning that they can find the mantar online, Dadi says that he should not talk like this to which karan replies that he should only focus on the Mandap and their marriage.
Maira is standing waiting for the circles when karan says to Kartika that she also hand her the flowers because she is also attending the wedding, then when she takes the flowers she is not able to do it and throwing the flower leaves the Mandap.
Sherlin is in the hall talking with Prithvi mentioning that she is really happy because now Karan is marrying Maira, Prithvi asks where she is in the house then hearing her voice he pulls her inside, she is shocked asking what he is doing in the house, he exclaims that he came to romance with her, she pushes him aside, exclaiming that they should do something for Mahesh because now she wants that he remain like this, Prithvi exclaims that she doesnot know Preeta because she can do anything for the Luthra’s and has the ability to take every step possible for them, Sherlin gets angry to which he mentions that she should not take it personally but this is the truth and it is that Preeta is really clever and with the ability and mental strength to ruin their each and every plan, she again asks why he came to the house, he responds that he came to make sure that Karan and Maira’s wedding happens without any problem which Preeta might create, Sherlin abruptly says that he also doesnot know Preeta anymore because she is standing throwing flowers at them both, Sherlin is also shocked because she did not call anyone to help her as she has the right and would even come back when everyone was against her but she did not do anything as she has lost her mind because of Karan’s marriage so she has once again won and Preeta lost.
Sameer is trying to leave but Shrishti pulls him inside, he explains that he is not able to think and she is also not letting him leave so he will not be able to come up with a plan, she explains that she will never let him leave the kitchen because she is sure that he will not come back as he is really scared, Sameer is really frustrated that she called him this, then she exclaims with a loud exclamation that she has found a plan but for it to work they have to make sure that Karan leaves the Mandap. Sameer is not able to believe her plan.
Preeta comes back to the Mandap where the Pandit asks Maira to come forward, Preeta thinks that karan is not able to see what lies ahead of him but she can clearly see that it is his destruction and she will now be happy if this is what he wants, the wedding is about to resume when the police arrive demanding that they stop the wedding, everyone is in a state of disbelief as they cannot comprehend why the police have arrived.

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Telecast Date:10th August 2020
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