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Kumkum Bhagya 9th May 2022 Episode starts with Rhea telling that Prachi wants to kill her and demands Inspector to arrest her. Aaliya says Rhea is attacked and there is a danger to her life. Ranbir says Prachi didn’t want to kill Rhea, she had fight with me and that’s why opened the railing so that I can fall.

He says he don’t want to file any complain. Inspector asks do you want to save her. Ranbir says no, I am saying truth. Prachi says don’t do that, and says she don’t want any help or statement. She says I am not guilty and trusts the law. She says I didn’t do this crime as I was not at home that time.

Rhea says how to believe you that you was not at home. Inspector says let me solve the case, and tells that they can’t arrest her on the basis of doubt, but as the tool box is found in her room, we can give her benefit of doubt. She has to prove that she is innocent else we have to arrest her. Prachi signs on the papers. Ranbir asks how can Prachi prove her innocence? Inspector says she shall tell the timeline where was she at that time. Shahana thinks of her conversation with Prachi,

that she can’t tell that she had gone to her gynaec for check up. They all come out of the PS. Ranbir looks at Prachi and signs her to sit in the car. Rhea looks at them and hurries up to sit in the car with Ranbir. Song plays….Le ja mujhe. Prachi, Shahana and Aaliya sit on the back seat. Ranbir looks at Prachi. He drives off.

They reach home. Pallavi gives medicines to Dida and asks what happened there, did Inspector arrest Prachi? She sees Prachi and asks what is she doing here, she shall be there. Prachi says I am here, where I shall be. Ranbir says you can’t talk to Mummy like that. Prachi says I gave the right reply.

Pallavi says leave it, she shall be ashamed to be caught, but she is shameful to talk to us looking in our eyes. Rhea says she is showing attitude rather than apologizing. Ranbir tells that Police gave 5 days to Prachi to prove her innocence and says until Police tells that she is culprit, we will not call her culprit. He asks them to be silent atleast for him, as he needs peace in the house. Pallavi asks Rhea about her bandage. Rhea says it was done in the PS. Ranbir looks at Prachi as he goes.

He recalls Inspector and Prachi’s words. He calls an investigator and says an innocent person is going to be jailed, and I don’t want that. He says I will meet you. Prachi comes there and asks do you really think that I have done wrong. Ranbir says I am sure that you have done wrong.

Aaliya says everyone is ignoring what is happening here and says nobody can be wrong or good always. Pallavi asks what she wants to say. Aaliya says nobody can live here peacefully, as there is no peace here. Dida says there is a family in the house, have fights etc. Aaliya tells Pallavi that the son and daughter in law can’t live here peacefully and says Ranbir is stressed and nobody could see his irritation.

She says the stress of two women is not letting him live. She says now he is doubtful that Prachi wants to kill Rhea and this is the reason that Prachi didn’t get arrested, and Prachi also said that she is innocent. She asks Pallavi when she will give a chance to Ranbir and says he is in stress and not mentally fine.

Prachi asks do you think that I can do wrong. He says yes. He asks if you are done. Prachi says what do you mean? Ranbir says it is simple thing, says if I had told you that I want to support you, then you would have said that you don’t need my help. He says when two persons relation get stronger, they say I love you, but in our relation,

things gets worse.He says he don’t want to burn the memories with hatred, and says today we couldn’t look in each other eyes. He says if we stopped talking then also it will not effect you. He says you had said that you wants to go away from me. Prachi says I remember and you had said that you wants to be with Rhea. She says you used to hug her, save her and brings doctor for her. He says don’t waste your energy, you don’t want my help. He says nothing happens with my thoughts, and says court decision matters. Prachi asks who has kept tools in my room. Ranbir asks if you are doubting me? Prachi says we shall not talk.

Shahana is standing out. Ranbir asks her to come. Shahana tells him that Prachi is innocent and asks him to save her, else she will go to jail. He goes out.

Prachi comes to her room and sees Rhea sitting on the bed. She asks what is she doing here? Rhea says she is doing her work and strikes two dates on the calendar. She says 5 days left for you to be out. She asks her to prove her innocent or go to jail. She suggest her to pack her bags and leave from here today itself. She says she wants time to decorate the room and says she don’t want to miss her.

she asks what did you think about going to jail, will you prove your innocence or give up, it is good then Police will arrest you and I will not get peace to kick you out. She says I am having pain and needs rest. She says you shall cut the dates on the calendar. She says whatever you want to snatch my everything is your illusion, and I will not let you take anything is my reality, and asks her to come out of illusion and face the reality, as Ranbir, this house and family are all mine. She asks why are you acting helpless and asks her to say something. She says 5 days and goes. Prachi sits on the bed and recalls her words.


Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi tells Ranbir that she don’t want to see Prachi in this house. Ranbir says Prachi will stay in this house only, until she wants. Pallavi insults Prachi and calls her mamnerless girl. Prachi says if truthfulness is called as mannerless, you are right, you will see less mannerless girls like me. She touches her mangalsutra and says until it is with me, I will stay here.

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Telecast Date:9th May 2022
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