Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update


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Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2020 Episode Start With Prachi crying in the room and thinking about the college students accusing her with snide remarks. Sarita behen and Shahana ask her to open the door. Pragya reaches home and asks what happened? Shahana says Prachi has locked herself in room and closed the window also. Pragya asks her to come out, says why are you hiding from us. We are your family and gives her swear to her. Prachi opens the door and cries. She says it was not me. Pragya says these tears are making you weak. Prachi says that girl was not me and tells that everyone was blaming me and saying bad words about me.

Shahana says they told bad words about her. Pragya says whoever knows you, knows that you can’t do this. She says you will become strong and says when you return there. Prachi says she will not go back as their words pierce her heart. Pragya says if you don’t go then they will think you wrong. She says if you go to college, and face them then your truth will be proved. She says if you don’t want to go alone then I will also come with you. Shahana says I will break the people’s mouth. Pragya says we are dignified people. Sarita behen asks her not to leave college now, but after proving her truth. Pragya says my daughter will not hide her face and says go and prove your truth. She says my 20 years upbringing is on you and asks her to go. Prachi says I will fight and prove them wrong for my mum. Pragya asks her not to cry. Prachi says she will not cry.

Ranbir thinks who could have made this video, someone wants to spoil her image, but who? He recalls Prachi’s words that some girl was wearing her clothes in college. Next day, he comes to college, his friend asks him not to break friendship with him, tells that they were just enjoying the MMS, even Prachi is not objecting then why is he objecting. He says he will see it again and again. Ranbir beats him. Prachi comes there and asks him to leave the guy. Ranbir leaves him. Prachi asks why did he beat the guy. Ranbir says I don’t want to talk to you. I was calling you, but you didn’t pick my call. He tells that he was worried. Prachi asks him not to beat anyone, and asks if he will beat everyone. Ranbir says I will beat whoever talks bad obviously. Prachi gets upset. She comes to Principal’s office. Principal asks where was you? I called your mother, but she didn’t come. Prachi tells that there is someone in the college who wants to spoil her image and someone is also here who tries to save her image. She says I can’t be able to stand both and says he is leaving the college. She gives him a letter and goes.

Ranbir’s friend asks him to say sorry to him. Ranbir refuses. The guy says his dad is a politician and says if you don’t say sorry then see what happens with you. He says I will forget whatever you did if you apologize to me. Ranbir says I don’t want to forget what you said and I don’t want you to forget that you are beaten by me. He asks them to listen carefully and says whoever speaks badly about Prachi, I will beat them too. Police comes there. The guy complains to Inspector that Ranbir has beaten him and asks him to arrest him. Ranbir says he has accused a girl’s character. Inspector says I have to arrest you and can see what you did. Ranbir says your dad is politician, ok arrest me. He says you don’t know what this guy said about a girl. The guy asks Ranbir to apologize and tells that jail is not meant for him. He says girls will come and go, but you will not get friend like me. Ranbir says open my hands and I will give you reply. He is taken inside the jeep. Prachi comes there and sees him taken in the jeep. She calls him and runs behind the jeep. Ranbir sees her.

The guy and other guy tell Prachi that she will be punished now. She says she will not hide her face, but will give a fitting reply to them. The guy asks what is your answer? Prachi says that girl is not me. She asks did you see me doing such things. She says she came here on scholarship and came to study. She says you shall feel ashamed to judge me for a video and asks them to prove her wrong and prove her guilty. She challenges them and says video is morphed. She says this college doesn’t deserve her. She says the video is morphed and says she is disgusted with the person making the person. She asks where is your sensitivity and thoughts. She asks the girls, how they will feel if such things are doing with her. She says prove me wrong and challenges them. She says she is not rusticated, but leaving the college with her head high, as her pride is much bigger and walks away. Dimpy asks Rhea if she heard college friends talking about Prachi. Shaina says we might get questions related to Prachi in exams. The guy talks to his dad and tells that Ranbir is arrested. Rhea hears him. The guy Nick tells that Ranbir has beaten him as he saw Prachi’s MMS. He says Ranbir has gone mad and beaten his friend. He says who is more important to him, Prachi or me. Rhea goes. Dimpy and Shaina say what happened to him, he shouldn’t have beaten Nick.

The constable locks Ranbir in the lock up. Prachi comes there and says so you fought with Nick. She says if he got happiness beating him and says she is not happy. Ranbir says you saw me fighting only. Prachi says she didn’t come to fight with him. Ranbir says I am in jail and upset, asks her not to lecture him. Prachi tells that people are saying that Ranbir is fighting for her whose image is bad. She says if she will fight with all. Ranbir says he can fight with everyone as he can’t bear anything against her as he…She asks what? Ranbir says I know you and your family well and can’t hear anything against you. He says whatever is wrong is wrong. Prachi says now you don’t have to fight for me, as I have left college.


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Telecast Date: 9th January 2020
Distributed By : Zee Tv and Zee5


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