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Kumkum Bhagya 6th January 2021 Episode starts with Shahana asking Prachi if Maasi asked you to do break up with Ranbir. Prachi says no, tells that Rhea said. She tells that Rhea told her that if she asks Papa to marry Maa and not Meera aunty, then he will marry Maa. She tells that Maa has done many sacrifices for us, Maa was broken since Papa and Meera aunty’s engagement. I saw her crying, she don’t deserve this. She says when Rhea said that Maa can get her happiness, I have decided that she deserve her happiness and I will give her happiness. Shahana asks will you break your heart and forget your first love. Prachi says she will break her heart, as her love doesn’t matter infront of her mother’s love. She says if you see Maa happy then I will be happy too. She gives her promise and asks her not to tell anyone. Shahana says she will not tell anyone and hugs her.

Aryan asks Ranbir to stop the car and tells that Prachi can’t do this for money and says she is lying. Ranbir says she told me clearly and asks him not to lecture like her. Aryan gets down from the car and tells that Prachi is lying. Ranbir asks for the keys and tells that your mummy and Rhea was right about her. Aryan asks him not to utter any word against Prachi. Ranbir says I am not saying wrong, Prachi is like that only. Aryan hits him and they begin fighting. They hit each other and gets tired. Aryan says if you are done then we shall talk and tells that Prachi is not breaking up with money, and tells that she is doing this for some helplessness. He says you had also proved your characterless when you wanted to break up with her. Ranbir says I was helpless due to mummy. Aryan says there must be something related to heart. Ranbir says I didn’t think about this and says sorry. Someone splashes muddy water on him. Aryan says lets go.

Dadi calls Sarita behen and asks if she is alone at home. Sarita behen says yes, I am alone and tells that Pragya went for shopping and Prachi and Shahana are outside. Dadi is standing outside the house and rings the bell. Sarita behen opens the door and finds Dadi. She says you. Dadi says this is her mischief. She gets inside and tells that she is thinking if Pragya and Abhi met with each other. Sarita behen says they shall not know that we are trying to unite them. Dadi says I will call Abhi and asks her to call Pragya. Sarita behen says I will call Pragya and goes inside.

Pragya tries to get the taxi, waiting on the road. Abhi and Meera are going for the shopping. Abhi stops the car and gets down, asks her if she is waiting for taxi. Pragya says yes. Abhi asks her not to waste time and asks her to come with him, says he will drop her. Pragya refuses. Abhi takes her bags. Pragya asks Meera to tell that she don’t want to come. Meera asks her to sit. Abhi says Pani puri and asks her to come. Pragya says she will not eat it. Meera gets down from the car. Abhi locks the car. They come to the pani puri shop. Abhi orders three plates pani puri. Pragya orders sweet pani puri for Abhi. Abhi says his taste got better with time and for spicy. He coughs eating it. Pragya asks what happened, you just tasted. Meera goes to call someone. Pragya says I eat spicy pani puri, my taste is not changed. She tastes it and coughs, asks for the water. Abhi asks don’t you have water and goes to bring water. Pragya asks Pani puri guy, why did he add so much spice? Abhi brings honey. Pragya asks what is it? Abhi says it is not poison..Pragya eats honey. Abhi asks do you want more spicy pani puri. Meera comes there and says your phone was in car. Abhi asks her to keep it in his pocket. Pragya takes phone from her hand and puts phone in Abhi’s hand. Meera says she will see the shopping bags and goes. Abhi tells Pani Puri guy that mogambo is jealous. Sarita behen makes Dadi have curd sugar and calls Pragya. She asks where are you? Pragya says you know where I am and tells that she is in some bad company. Abhi washes his face and wipes his hand with her Pallu. Pragya scolds him. Sarita behen hears Abhi and gets happy. Dadi calls Abhi. Abhi picks the call. Dadi collides with Sarita behen and their phones get exchanged. Pragya asks Sarita behen why her voice is looking as Dadi. Abhi also asks Dadi why her voice is like Sarita behen. Sarita behen and Dadi take their phone, talk to them and end the call. Pragya asks Abhi not to wipe his hand with her Pallu. Abhi says habits don’t go easily and will go with time. Abhi makes Pragya sit in the front seat while Meera is already seated in the back seat. Abhi says lets go.

Prachi comes to Mehra Mansion and thinks about Ranbir and their breakup. Rhea asks what are you doing here? Prachi says I have done my work. Rhea asks did you fumble while telling him. Prachi says no, I want my mother’s happiness and tells that she broke up with him. She tells that I told him that she wants money, bungalow, car and luxurious life. She says I told him that money matters to me and not his love. Rhea is happy. Prachi says he almost raised his hand on me and told that Rhea was right about her. Rhea thanks her and says only a sister can do this. Prachi breaks the hug and says I have done this for my Mom and Dad and not for Sister. She asks did you talk to Dad? Rhea says she will give the good news by evening. Prachi asks her to do it at the earliest. Rhea wipes Prachi’s tears and asks her to cry whenever she wants, says even I have cried a lot. Prachi asks her to focus on the work. Rhea thinks I have to do something big to convince Dad.

Abhi plays the song hum bewafa plays…Pragya and Abhi get teary eyes hearing the song. They recalls their moments. Abhi drops Pragya to her house. Pragya says thanks. Abhi says when you should have thanked me, then you was fighting. Pragya asks him to change his habits, not to taunt her and says you are getting married. She says everyone will not be like me. Meera looks at Pragya.


Kumkum Bhagya 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhi asks Pragya why don’t she tell him that she loves him and can’t live without him. He asks why don’t you tell me from your mouth. Pragya says I love you so much, do I need to tell you.

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Telecast Date:6th January 2021
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