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Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2021 Episode starts with Rhea asking Prachi and Pragya to cry. Prachi slaps her. Rhea laughs and says rejected sister, rejected lover, and now rejected wife…Prachi asks her not to do this and tells that she can do anything for her mother. She can sacrifice for her mom. Rhea asks can you sacrifice your love for your mom? She says I am a selfish girl and tells that she won’t let her thing become of others. She says if you back off from Ranbir then I promise that I will stop Meera aunty and Dad’s marriage. She asks do you have the courage? She says if you return my love then I will return your mom’s love to her. She asks her to do the sacrifice and asks if she agrees for this deal. Prachi thinks of Ranbir and accepts her deal. She says my love for my Maa is much more than my love for Ranbir. She asks her to stop the marriage. Rhea asks her to go and do break up with Ranbir and tells her that she will ask Dad not to marry Meera aunty, instead marry her mom. Prachi agrees. Ranbir comes to the college and tries to talk to him, but she ignores him and goes.

Aryan comes to Shahana and tells that he is sure that she will apologize to him. he tells that Ranbir told me that he himself will tell Prachi. Shahana says she is getting late for her class and goes. Prachi thinks of Ranbir’s words and her deal with Rhea. Rhea and Shaina see her going. Rhea asks her to do break up with Ranbir. Prachi says give me some time, I will do, asks her to understand, says Ranbir loves me, his heart…She goes out. Ranbir sees her going and goes behind her.

Dadi gets Sarita Behen’s call and tells her that she has reached her room and closed the room. Sarita behen says the door is already ocked. She asks did you talk to Mr. Mehra. Dadi says Abhi and tells that she is thankful to God, as you asked my help. Sarita behen asks did they decide to separate? Dadi tells that today she has sent Abhi to the market and asks if she can send Pragya there? Sarita behen says she has sent Pragya to get a matching blouse for her. Dadi tells that she has sent Meera with Abhi so that she can see them and understand their love. Pragya returns and asks with whom you are talking? Sarita behen says, my new boyfriend. Pragya takes the saree and asks her to tell her when she wants to. She says she will buy the blouse.

Prachi cries and recalls Rhea’s words. Pragya comes there and asks did someone hurt you? Prachi says nobody and asks her not to take tension. Pragya asks her to tell truth. Prachi says I thought that we all will stay as a family with Papa and Rhea. Pragya says I am your family and tells that it is important that love shall happen between the members of the family. She says if I could, would have brought everything for you, but everything is ruined. Prachi and Pragya hug and cry. Prachi asks her to cry and says I don’t have time. Pragya says I have to go and bring a matching blouse piece of Sarita behen. Prachi thinks you have done so much for me, now it is my turn. She says you couldn’t see tears in my eyes, how can I see tears in your eyes. She tells that Papa loves you a lot and you are getting heart with his upcoming marriage with Meera. She tells that she will unite Maa with her Papa. She tells that she will give sacrifice and will leave Ranbir. She says you look good with Papa and thinks you will always be happy, your happiness is my responsibility.

Abhi thinks the house is decorated and everyone is looking happy, but I am sad and unhappy. He thinks this time only we are responsible for this…Pragya. Sufiyan comes there and asks what did you think that I will not know. Abhi asks how did you know, you have a news channel? Sufiyan congratulates him. Abhi asks how are you and asks how is Kayenath. He says Kayenath is getting married to my friend. Abhi asks how can this happen? Sufiyan says love is a bulshit. Abhi says love is not bulshit and asks him to tell what happened in his life that kayenath left him. Sufiyan says when he fell in love with her, she left him. Abhi asks him to stop for haldi. Sufiyan asks him to watch bebaak pyaar….Abhi thinks now you made me sure, love is strange, hurts the one we love.

Rhea comes back home and tells Aaliya that this time nobody can play their cards, as she used her trump card so that Ranbir becomes hers. Aaliya says you would have asked me once. Rhea says I don’t need it. Aaliya asks what have you done? Rhea tells that I have done what you couldn’t do, Pallavi aunty’s heart attack, Sanju’s planning, and Maya…Aaliya asks again. Rhea tells that she thought to tell truth to Prachi and will get Ranbir with the truth. She tells that Prachi’s happiness lies with her mom and her mom’s happiness lies with my Dad. She says I gave dad to her mom and that’s why she agreed. She says I told her that Dad will refuse to marry Meera on my sayings. She says she will talk to Dad and stop his marriage with Meera.

Ranbir comes to Sarita Behen’s house through the door and calls her. She ignores his calls. He messages her to open the door. Sarita behen is about to open the door, but Prachi comes there and asks her to tell Ranbir that she is not at home. Sarita behen opens the door a bit and says Prachi is not at home. Ranbir asks did Prachi ask you to say? He comes inside, but Prachi hides. Ranbir asks her to tell Prachi that he is very worried about her. After he is gone, Sarita behen calls Prachi and asks what happened? Prachi says I will tell you later. Sarita behen asks her to forget the regular argument and asks her not to trouble him. Prachi thinks she will try not to trouble him.


Kumkum Bhagya 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhi asks Rhea, what you want me to do? Rhea asks him to refuse to marry Meera. Abhi is shocked. Aaliya thinks the matter is about your mom and dad, I don’t need you, or Ranbir and your love story.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2021
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