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Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2020 Episode Start With beeji and Pallavi thank Rhea for saving Ranbir. Abhi says well done. Vikram says how can Prachi do this? Abhi says I have to talk to Prachi. Rhea says nobody shall talk to Prachi and leave her alone. She says she knows that we love Ranbir a lot and Police will arrest him and ruined our happiness, then also she did this. She asks what you will ask her? She will lie and you will believe her. She says I was shocked when she gave statement in college. She says she tells in college that Ranbir is a flirt etc, but she says different version when at home. She says I tried to alert you, but your trust on Prachi was more. Abhi says lets keep the things separate. Beeji thanks rhea and says you have done a favor on me. Rhea says Ranbir and you all are my family, we are together since childhood and shared a special bond. She says I will always save him, will make sure. Beeji is thankful to her. Vikram and Pallavi thank her too. Beeji blesses her. Vikram says even I am proud of you, thank you for getting his bail. Abhi thinks Rhea likes Ranbir a lot and she is passionate about him, she is concerned for him, whom she loves.

Ranbir cries thinking about Prachi’s words. He thinks of Rhea telling that Prachi went to Maya’s side. halla halla song plays…Aryan comes there in his car and asks Ranbir to get up and come home. Ranbir says I don’t want to go home. Aryan says everyone is worried about you and asks him to come. Ranbir refuses and hits him. Aryan hits him back and says I will hit you more, if you don’t agree to come with me. Ranbir asks him to leave him. Aryan comes to him and says I am sorry that I hit you. Ranbir says I am not angry with you, I am angry with Prachi, why did she do this? Aryan says you still cares for her and says we all are worried for you, but you are thinking about her, if you have problem with her then talk to Prachi. Ranbir says she is not picking my call. Aryan says so talk to her tomorrow in college. He asks him to come home. Ranbir says I will not come. Aryan calls him selfish and sits in his car. He opens the door. Ranbir sits in the car and they leave.

Rhea comes to Aaliya and says I am so happy, our plan is successful, Prachi got trapped in our plan. She thought Maya is genuine and changed her statement. She says then I went to Dad and got anticipatory bail for Ranbir. He couldn’t believe that Prachi could do this. She says Daljeet dadi, Pallavi and Vikram thank her. She says but Ranbir didn’t talk to her. Aaliya says he is shocked to see Prachi is not at his side and says let him be alone. Rhea says I shall be with him and tell him to forget Prachi. Aaliya asks her not to do anything and says if you tell him then he might go against you. She asks him to think himself that Prachi, whom he loves a lot is against him, but you are on his side and support him. She says you shall not make him realize that Prachi is bad, but he shall realize it himself. She asks her to wait and watch. Rhea gets happy and dances.

Meera comes there and says you are so happy? Rhea says she is finally happy as Ranbir is hers..she then says Ranbir is her friend and got saved. Meera says Ranbir got out due to your maturity. She says Pallavi was saying, you was so thoughtful. Aaliya asks her to go and sleep, says you need to go to college tomorrow. Pallavi tells Vikram that she couldn’t understand why Prachi did this with Ranbir. She says you are not telling me talk to her also. Vikram says it is her thought. Pallavi asks if this is your reaction, she came, we lived her and she broke our hearts. She says you didn’t think why did Prachi do this? Vikram says Prachi knows Ranbir well and knows from where he came, then also she thought he can do this. Pallavi says if she thought for a minute that Maya is right then why didn’t she give the first statement in his favor. Vikram says Inspector said that she might have thought that she can’t give statement against her boss son. He says she backstabbed us and betrayed us.

Ranbir comes downstairs and hears them. Pallavi asks him to have food. Ranbir says no and goes. Rhea hears Dimpy and Shaina talking about Ranbir. She tells them that Maya is making stories and asks them not to spread bad things about Ranbir. Prachi and Shahana come there. Shahana tells Prachi that everyone will talk about her wrong statement. Rhea asks her friends that they shall not talk bad about him. She thinks she can’t let his image spoil in college. Shahana tells Prachi that she will not go with her and confronts her for going against Ranbir. Ranbir hears them. He holds Prachi’s hand and takes her to library. She asks him not to lock the door. Prachi says I know you are angry with me. Ranbir says if you are scared of me. He asks why? He asks her to say why? Prachi says you are angry as I gave statement and police arrested you. Ranbir says you know me this much only and says I am not upset as I got arrested. He says you want to know why I am angry and says I am angry as you are not picking my call and don’t trust me. He says I am angry as you think that I am a molestor, first flirt and now molestor. Prachi says you are scaring me. Ranbir says you think that I will do something bad with you. Prachi says she is scared and asks him to let her go. Ranbir says I can’t molest anyone, I am not the molestor.

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Telecast Date: 31st January 2020
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