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Kumkum Bhagya 30th August 2021 Episode starts with Tanu scolding Sushma’s household help and asks her to bring something else other than samosa. She shows her attitude and the staff to bring paneer and rasmalai. She thinks she is getting attitude back. Aaliya asks Tanu not to sell Bhai as she has a feeling that they are doing wrong. Tanu says we are at the last stage and the lawyers made papers ready. Aaliya says Bhai got ready as you manipulated him. Tanu asks her to tell how money she wants. Aaliya says I just want my brother. Tanu says you shall think about your bhabhi. Aaliya says you are giving my bhabhi’s rights to Pragya. Tanu asks her to let her do what she is doing. Sushma and Pragya come there. Tanu says we were speaking about you. Sushma asks did you add all the clauses told by me. She checks the papers. Tanu says I was telling Aaliya that Pragya never takes any wrong decision. Sushma asks Pragya to read the 7th clause. Pragya reads and says if I want to terminate the contract, then I have to inform 2 months before and give 6 crores compensation. Tanu says it applies to us, and tells that if Abhi wants to withdraw the contract, then he has to give two months notice. Sushma asks if Abhi has 6 crores to give us. Tanu says if we had then why will we do this deal. She says they have made this contract, keeping everyone’s interest etc. Sushma says we know about this deal, but what we will tell the court. Aaliya tells that Pragya is Abhi’s legally wedded wife, as she had never signed the divorce papers. She says she has brought affidavit signed by Pandit jasraj, who solemnized their marriage. Sushma asks if abhi knows about this. Tanu calls him and asks him to come to Pragya’s house.

Rhea opens the door. Prachi and Teji worriedly ask her what happened to her. Rhea says she doesn’t want to give them tension and rushed to go to bathroom. Prachi says shall I call doctor? Rhea says no, I was feeling weird. Teji asks her to check the clothes given by laundry guy. Prachi asks Rhea if she wants something. Rhea says no, and says I can tell you anything. She says you got unwell hearing I am unwell, and this happens when there is a blood relation. She says my own sister is with me, and I feel as if I am in my mayka. Prachi gets emotional and says first time you called me as your sister. She hugs her. Rhea thinks what came out from my mouth, now I have to act too. She thinks my acting will be award winning. Prachi says she is very happy. Rhea says you have snatched my love, I will do the same thing with you, will act to be good sister, and will take Ranbir with me as the reward. Prachi cries. Rhea asks her not to cry, else she will cry too. Prachi says you shall never cry. Rhea says from today our new relation will start, thinks our relation ended when you married Ranbir, and our relation as sautan will end, when Ranbir becomes mine. She asks her to wish her luck and asks her to wish that she shall get what she didn’t get. Prachi says you will get what you didn’t get, you will get the love which you deserve. Rhea hugs her and looks angrily.

Pragya thinks of Prachi’s words and thinks he shall be away from them, to be fine. I will save him from wine, but from them. Abhi comes there and walks inside. Pragya looks at the injury on his forehead and recalls Prachi’s words. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya wanted to know if you are ready to do everything, what she wants you to do. Pragya says I didn’t say this. Aaliya says she wants to know if you are ready to be sold as the furniture. Abhi thinks he will destroy her. Pragya says she didn’t say this. Tanu says what wrong did we say. Aaliya and Tanu manipulate their words. Aaliya says you want to know if he will be of use or not. Tanu says Abhi knows that you are interested in the deal. Sushma says you people got the topic from the motive. She says Pragya wants to know if you have any problem with the clauses or contract. Abhi says I have so much to say, but just one answer. He says somebody told me that marriage is not dependent on any paper. He says she knows how she can benefit and that’s why in the position to buy, and I am in the position to sell. He says your way to check is very good, you plays with people feelings. He says I will tell what marriage means to me. He says when I got married to Pragya, marriage was nothing to me, but Pragya had a importance for her kumkum and mangalsutra. A fb is shown, Pragya insisting to celebrate karwachauth and tells that she wants him in the next birth too. He says I shouldn’t have married you, we would have enjoyed being boyfriend and girlfriend, life would be sorted. She says it is good that we got married. She says she likes mangalsutra and kumkum which gets by marriage only. She says if I get chance, then I will marry you in every birth. Fb ends. Abhi says when we got married, I thought it is a mistake, but it was biggest happiness for her. for her, it was a life long commitment. He says now it doesn’t matter as this marriage is contract marriage for both of us. Pragya looks on with teary eyes.


Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi tells Prachi that nothing wrong shall happen in puja. Prachi says she will make all the arrangements. Abhi and Pragya sign on the contract and shake hands. Abhi says this is my price. Tanu says it is your rent of 6 months.

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Telecast Date:30th August 2021
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