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Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2020 Episode starts with Raj coming there and asks if we are not important. Abhi gets happy and hugs him. He says my family have come. Mitali comes with Tai ji and Dasi and asks if nobody will do their aarti. Abhi gets happy and asks if she spies even now. Dasi complains to Abhi about giving her side of love to Dadi. Abhi says I have place for you too and hugs her. Dasi says my place is very costly and you can’t give it to anyone. Abhi tells that Pallavi was shouting as if mountain fell down. Rhea comes there and Aaliya and Pallavi. Pallavi asks how was my surprise? Aaliya says you scared us, you said that there is a big problem, but it is a good surprise. She says I can see Mitali Bhabhi here. Abhi says it is such a big surprise, my Dadi and Mother have returned, it seems everything ended, but now it seems everything will start again. Vikram takes the credit of bringing them here. Raj says I have convinced Dadi. Mitali tells that she had convinced Dadi’s bahu to send her with them. Abhi says I got my answer. Everyone laughs. Vikram says I didn’t let anyone meet directly and asks my wife to surprise everyone. Beeji tells that she has hidden them inside. Ranbir says he needs to go to college and says bye. Abhi says he has to go to Bangalore. Tai ji says how can you go today. Ranbir leaves. Rhea also leaves. Aaliya hopes truck driver does the work well. Rhea is in the car and recalls everything. She says I will not let you propose her, she started liking you and your family liking her. She thinks neither Prachi will be saved nor Ranbir’s expectations. Someone knocks on her car door. Ranbir comes to the shop with Aryan and tells that he will buy card for her. Aryan asks will you just buy card? Ranbir says he will propose her with flower. They go to card shop. Shahana and Prachi come to college in auto. Shahana asks what Ranbir said last night. Prachi recalls his words and tells that he told about temperature. Shahana tells that Ranbir will propose you today on rose day and whole college will see. Rhea asks truck driver to hit Prachi with truck and tells that she has kept double money for them. Driver shows her Prachi’s pic to confirm. Rhea says ok and asks him to go.

Ranbir buys the card and tells that he will propose her in such a way that she can’t refuse. He says when she comes inside, then flower rain shall happen. Aryan says you love her so much. Ranbir says I am mad in love with her. Rhea sees Ranbir waiting outside the college holding the bouquet. She says I have right on these flowers and I don’t give my right to anyone. She sees Prachi coming there and asks Truck driver to hit her and flee from there. Prachi and Ranbir see each other and wave hi. Subhan Allah plays….Truck driver speeds up the truck. Prachi walks towards Ranbir and is smiling. Ranbir sees truck about to hit her. The truck driver hits her and she falls down far on the road injured. Ranbir, Aryan and Shahana get shocked seeing her lying on the road injured. Ranbir throws the bouquet in air and rushes to her. He cries asking what has happened? The flowers from the bouquet falls on her. Prachi faints looking at him. Ranbir, Aryan and Shahana cry. Ranbir asks her to get up and finds his hand soaked in her blood. Rhea says I will help you Ranbir. Ranbir shouts asking for help and sees Rhea’s car. He asks Rhea to open the door and asks her to drive. Shahana asks her to please drive. Rhea drives the car unwillingly. Ranbir is holding her in his arms and asks her to open her eyes. Prachi opens her eyes. Ranbir says nothing will happen to you, once we reach hospital, you will be fine. Shahana calls Pragya and tells that Prachi met with an accident and is unconscious and bleeding. She tells that Ranbir is taking her to hospital. Pragya is shocked and informs Sarita behen. They rush to hospital.

Ranbir and Shahana rush Prachi to hospital while Rhea is also there. Shahana asks Ranbir to leave Prachi’s hand and let them take her to OT. Ranbir says nothing will happen to you and cries. Prachi is taken to OT. Rhea hugs him and thinks I am so sorry to hurt you, but I am helpless, I can’t see you with Prachi. Shahana asks Ranbir not to cry and says she will be fine. Ranbir is about to make a call. Rhea tries to stop Abhi and tells that he is going to Bangalore and will not come here. Ranbir calls Abhi. Abhi picks the call. Ranbir tells that Prachi met with an accident and tells that he has seen truck driver’s face and also saw the number. He asks Abhi to get the truck driver caught. Abhi says I am cancelling my meeting and will come there. Rhea asks what did Dad say? Ranbir says what do you think that he will not come? He says chief has cancelled his meeting and coming for Prachi.

Truck driver tells that Rhea ordered us to do accident, but then she took Prachi to hospital. The other guy tells that God is the one who is the savior. He says she might have taken Prachi so that nobody doubts her. Truck driver says we didn’t get the money and asks him to bring his phone to call Rhea from truck. Shahana cries. Ranbir asks her not to cry and says nothing will happen to our Prachi, she will be fine.


Kumkum Bhagya 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Pragya tells that Prachi has to become fine, says nothing can happen to her. She says if anything happens to her then…Rhea says sorry.

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Telecast Date:28th September 2020
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