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Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2022 episode starts with Sahana recalling about Rhea’s drama. She thinks Nick came to kidnap Prachi, then why would he kidnap Rhea, she is sure Rhea is conspiring against Prachi for sure. Prachi tells Rhea that she promised Pallavi that she will not fight with Rhea as they are sisters,

but Rhea behaves like her sautan. Rhea asks her to come to the point. Prachi says she knows Rhea is behind all the prbolems. Rhea says they should talk outside Ranbir’s room as it’s not good for Ranbir and takes Prachi out. She then tells Prachi that Ranbir is safe and that’s what matters to her, he risked her is life and saved her life.

She walks away saying this. Sahana joins Prachi and says Rhea left the discussion incomplete. Prachi says she is right, Rhea didn’t reveal anything. Sahana says Rhea’s silence is warning them towards an upcoming danger.

Pallavi walks in there and asks Prachi to move aside as she wants to meet Ranbir. Prachi walks aside. Pallavi enters Ranbir’s room and shuts the door on Prachi’s face. Sahana says she feels Pallavi and Rhea will not let Prachi meet Ranbir. Prachi opens the door. Pallavi shouts what. Prachi says she thought Pallavi locked the door on her face,

but she was wrong. She walks away saying she will bring herbal paste/lep. Pallavi asssures her support to Rhea and says she will not let Prachi’s evil shadow on fall on Rhea and Ranbir. Rhea thanks her.

While returning home, Dida tells Vikram that she doesn’t believe Nick’s allegations on against Prachi. Vikram says he doesn’t think its Rhea’s plan as Rhea’s injuries are real and she looked like a victim. Dida says the truth will be out soon.

Ranbir regains consciousness. Pallavi and Rhea ask if he is fine. He nods yes and asks when did he came into this room. Pallavi says Rhea will take good care of him, so they shifted him to this room. He asks about Prachi. Rhea lies Prachi is resting in her room. Ranbir says she needs rest.

Prachi prepares herbal paste/lep. Sahana suggests her to take rest. Prachi says she is feeling good and is very happy seeing Ranbir fine. Sahana says Pallavi, Aliya, and Rhea are not talking to Prachi and are conspiring against her. Prachi says let them conspire, she knows to handle them.

Aliya notices Rhea smiling and asks the reason behind it. Rhea says differences are cropping up between Prachi and Ranbir’s relationships and Prachi will leave the house in 7 days. Aliya asks about her plan. Rhea says Ranbir will support her and fight with Prachi for her. She fears that her plan may go wrong, but she needs to take a risk to win Ranbir.

Pallavi pampers Ranbir. Prachi enters with herbal paste. Pallavi questions what is it. Prachi says it’s a herbal paste. Pallavi asks her not to fight with Ranbir until he is fully recovered. Prachi gets suspicious. Pallavi walks away.

Prachi thinks Sahana’s doubt is right, she can face any situation until Ranbir is with her. She applies herbal paste on Ranbir’s wound recalling their romantic moments. Rhea walks in and asks what is she doing. Prachi says it’s a herbal paste and good for Ranbir’s wound. Rhea says there is no need for it.

Prachi asks if she is saying this or doctor advised against it. Rhea says she cares for Ranbir more than Prachi. Prachi says Ranbir’s betterment is in this. Rhea yells that Ranbir needs injections and not her ayurvedic remedies. She snatches the bowl and yells to show her smartness in Hoshiarpur where she came from.

Prachi asks what is her problem with the paste, even she should apply it on her wounds. Rhea reminds the equation between them and reminds her that she calls her illegal sautan. Prachi says she remembers everything and asks why did she act in front of everyone and said Prachi is her sister and well wishes.

Rhea says she didn’t see her real face then, now her misunderstanding is clear. Prachi asks which misunderstanding is clear now. Rhea wants her to stay away from her and Ranbir and stop interfering between them. Prachi says Rhea is interfering between them instead since the begging. Rhea says Ranbir is not interested in her now and soon she will understand it. She says she is explaining her calmly as she is her sister or else she would have kicked her out of house.

PRachi says they should stop calling each other as sister as they are sautans now. Rhea asks is the sautan between them. Prachi says Rhea is the sautan as she is Ranbir’s illegal wife, she doesn’t want to call her as illegal sautan and wants to call her as sister, but Rhea shows her evilness always; her mother told Rhea needs love, but Rhea needs a befitting reply.

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Telecast Date:27th April 2022
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