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Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2022 Episode starts with Rhea taking Prachi to the hospital on the stretcher. She tells receptionist that Prchi met with an accident. Receptionist gives her form. Rhea fills it. Receptionist asks her to write her relation with her. Rhea writes sister. Doctor comes and tells that Patient is critical, we will try to save her.

They rush her to the OT. Rhea thinks what I am doing, I hate Prachi and I have saved her life, thinks emotions are wakening up in me for her, if this is sister’s love or my ego which is saying that nobody can kill her. She thinks it is good that she didn’t kill her, else her name would have been revealed.

She says she is her savior, but is her illegal sautan even now. She thinks doctor said that she is critical, luck is on my side and supporting me, I shall not tell anyone that I have admitted her in hospital, everyone will go behind her.

She thinks until she dies, I shall hide this from everyone. She says I told her honestly that Ranbir wants to meet her, and says if anyone asks me why did I hide, I will tell that everyone was in tension and was sure that Prachi will get fine. She thinks she will say that she was waiting for Prachi to get fine, and thinks her plan is good.

Doctor comes out and asks Rhea, what is her blood group. Rhea says our blood group don’t match. She asks doctor to save Prachi. Doctor says Prachi’s condition is serious, if she don’t get blood then the situation can be critical.

He goes inside. Rhea laughs and thinks to give this good news to Aaliya. She goes there and thinks Pallavi is unpredictable, she has sent me to call Prachi, thinks it is good that I went. She thinks Prachi will be no more and I will get rid of her without any plan, just a simple and natural accident.

She says my Buji is there, who supports me always and thinks good of me, but it is not sure that her ideas are good, she told me that I shall not tell Prachi about Ranbir. She thinks if I haven’t told her, then she wouldn’t have come out and then she met with an accident. She comes near Pallavi.

Pallavi asks where is Prachi? Rhea asks if she didn’t come till now. Aaliya says she must be on the way. Pallavi says she might be showing her importance, and says Ranbir gets stubborn sometimes. Rhea asks shall I meet him first. She says I will make him understand to meet the family and says I am sure that he will not refuse. Aaliya takes her to side and asks why she didn’t reach hospital yet?

Rhea says you have said that she must be on the way. Aaliya asks where is she? Rhea says she is in the ICU, after meeting with an accident. Aaliya sees blood stains on her clothes, and asks if she killed her.

Rhea says no, I wished for it with full intensity, someone did it. She says until yesterday Prachi was lucky, says she can die at anytime. Doctor asks Nurse not to give her pain killer as it can be harmful in pregnancy. Prachi is semi conscious and asks about her baby. Doctor says your baby is safe. He tells that a mother wishes for her child’s safety and says she loves the baby a lot. He asks Nurse to inform Rhea that Prachi and her baby are safe.

Pallavi gets angry on Prachi, that she didn’t come. Vikram argues with her. Pallavi says she will meet Ranbir. Pallavi and Rhea go inside the ward. Nurse says he wants to meet his wife first. Rhea says she is his wife and tells Nurse that she can’t stop a mother from meeting her son. Nurse goes. Pallavi tries to get the mangalsutra from Ranbir’s hand. Vikram asks her to leave it and says Ranbir risked his life for the mangalsutra.

Ranbir wakes up and asks where is Prachi? Pallavi says she didn’t come, but we came. She says we were waiting and thought to meet you with her. Aaliya says Prachi don’t want to meet you. Ranbir says she will meet me. Pallavi says I have sent message through Rhea, but she didn’t come. Ranbir says Prachi might be stuck in problem, else she would have come. He asks her to call Prachi.

Ranbir’s nurse tells Prachi’s nurse that Ranbir and Prachi are strange. She says Rhea said that she is his wife. Nurse says I have to tell Rhea that Prachi and her baby are safe. Ranbir’s nurse says ok and goes. Prachi’s nurse comes to Ranbir’s ward and says she wants to tell something.

Doctor informs Prachi that Nurse went to inform Rhea. Prachi tells that she don’t want anyone to know about her pregnancy, specially her sister. Rhea asks herself not to get angry as Prachi will die soon. Aaliya asks what she wants to say about Prachi. Ranbir asks what do you want to tell Rhea about Prachi. Prachi gets up from bed, although doctor tries to stop her. She runs to stop the nurse.

Rhea comes and asks what is happening? Prachi continues to run. Nurse says she wants to give her message about Prachi. Rhea thinks if she tells about her, then everyone will know that I have hidden it. She tells that Prachi met with an accident. Ranbir is shocked and is about to get up. He asks if she is fine. Nurse says she came to give the good news. Prachi comes there.

Nurse says you have come here, now you shall give the good news which I was about to give. Prachi hugs her and whispers in her ears that her family is unaware of her pregnancy, and she wants to tell them herself. She thanks her and says she is fine now. She walks towards Ranbir.

Rhea says I will take you to room. Prachi tells Ranbir that her sister has saved her and hugs Rhea. Rhea says Prachi needs some rest, I will take her to room. Prachi looks at Ranbir. Pallavi asks Ranbir to sit. Ranbir sits on the bed. He says Prachi. Pallavi says she is fine, Rhea saved her and praises her.

She says Rhea helped her after whatever happened, and cares for Prachi so much. Rhea calls Doctor and Nurse and asks if there is anyone to take care of patient. She asks Nurse to be with Prachi and goes. Doctor comes to Ranbir and asks how is he? Ranbir says I am fine. Doctor says you are getting discharged and asks him to go home and rest. Ranbir asks him about Prachi’s room. Rhea says left from here. Ranbir gets up and says I will be back in sometime.

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