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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2021 Episode starts with Rhea telling Siddharth that she is doing this for both of them, if they stay separate then may be they will get clarity. Sid gets a call and goes. Rhea thinks why don’t he understand that I am not happy with him. She thinks she wants to just stay with Ranbir and wants to be happy with him. Dida comes to Prachi and asks if she has 2 mins for her. Prachi asks do you want tea?

Dida says no. Prachi asks why you are in tension. Dida thinks of Rhea and says didn’t you find it strange that garlic came in prasad, so that you get scolded. Prachi says who will do this, Soni? Dida says Rhea. Prachi asks why is she thinking like this, due to past and tells that Rhea is changed and she herself told me. She says she is my sister and needs her family and here, I am her family and she don’t talk to Maa and Papa.

She says I hope all the problems get solved too, and I am her mayka here. She says I have seen love and respect in her eyes for me, these keys and competition don’t matter to her, I just matter to her. Dida says I have seen Rhea….Rhea comes there and asks did I disturb you both. Prachi says she was doing work. Rhea asks her to come with her and have rest. She takes Prachi from there. Dida thinks Rhea is like before and thinks why others don’t see what I am seeing.

Rhea takes Prachi to room and asks her to talk to Ranbir. Prachi says I will talk to him later. Rhea thinks she misses him and calls him. Ranbir picks the call. Rhea says we were missing you and asks when he is coming home? Ranbir says I will be coming home in 30 mins and will bring Sid. He tells Prachi that Sid was remembering her and was telling that if Prachi would have been here, then would have given him good advice. Rhea asks Prachi if she worked in office.

Ranbir says Prachi worked in our office and tells that Mom and Dad don’t know about it. He says they got Juneja project because of Prachi and says if she would have come here, then can help. Rhea says you didn’t tell me that my sister is so talented. She asks him to come home and says bye, we love you and ends the call, before Prachi could say anything. Rhea thinks I talked to Ranbir and felt good, I had to say we love you, will say I love you to him soon and he will tell me I love you too.

Abhi gets up from bed. Pragya asks where are you going? Abhi says to the mountains for trekking. He asks if she will come with him. Pragya thinks he is going to search for the wine and thinks she will stop him. He searches for the wine bottles. Pragya asks what is he searching? Abhi says nothing and says he is going to meet his friends. Pragya asks him to go in the morning. Abhi says if I will drink in the morning. Pragya asks him to call and talk to them. Abhi says they have bet with me for 300 Rs. Pragya says I will do the online transfer.

Abhi says I am fine now. Pragya asks him to prove? He says I am fine and touches the flower. He asks if she is fitness coach and asking him to prove. Pragya asks him to prove and says you are unwell and that’s why you can’t go anywhere. Abhi says sometimes you become teacher, nurse etc. He says who am I, that you are stopping me. He says you are keeping eye on me and spying on me so that I don’t drink. He says you are showing right on me and trying to stop me. Pragya says I have stopped you, as I don’t want you to drink in this house, but I don’t care if you drink or not. He asks where is my bottle? Pragya says I don’t know.

Tanu keeps the wine bottles in the shelve and thinks she will give him to save his life. She says he goes mad when he doesn’t get the wine and will shaken up and restless. Then he wants what he wants. Abhi’s hand shakes up and he puts his hand in the pocket to hide and goes inside from there.

Sid thinks about Rhea saving him from drug peddlars, and thinks she didn’t want to marry me and married me in helplessness. He thinks who can be in her heart? Ranbir comes there and says I am and who else. He says I said that as I will only come without knocking on the door. Sid asks Ranbir if he knows Rhea well. Ranbir says I know her from childhood. Sid asks if she loves someone else. Ranbir says I don’t know since 2 years. Sid says I feel that she loves someone else.

Ranbir says it is not like that and recalls Rhea’s words. He thinks in your case, you didn’t get time to know her, and asks her to spend time with her and know her. He asks if something happened that you are thinking. Siddharth says he is getting doubt since few days. Ranbir asks him to clear it else it will become misunderstanding and the fights and arguments start then. He asks her to talk to Rhea. Sid says we don’t talk. Ranbir says communication sort out the things and says he is telling this due to his experience. He asks him to come with him. Sid says I can’t come home as I have Juneja files to do.

He says I have to go home and get something for my Prachi. He goes home and tells Prachi that he has brought chikki for his chikchiki. He asks her to sit and says I saw your feet, and it was looking sad, so I bought something for your beautiful feet. Prachi asks what? Shoes. He says no and shows anklet. Rhea hears them and gets jealous. He makes her wear anklet. Prachi says you was thinking about me.

Ranbir says yes. Rhea thinks I called him home and he is gifting Prachi. She thinks if he looks at me with love, then I can do anything for him. Ranbir asks for the present and asks her to come near him and give him kiss. Prachi says someone will come. Ranbir says nobody will know. He is about to kiss her. Rhea pushes the vase and asks who kept it on the way, calls Soni and asks her to move it from the way. Ranbir and Prachi go to their room. Rhea gets angry and comes to her room. She takes knife and keeps on her wrist.


Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pragya tells Abhi that if he is stubborn then she is also stubborn. She says I will let you do what you wants? Abhi gets angry and says I curse him (God) why did he make me love you. Rhea writes letter and thinks this love letter will help me bring Ranbir closer to me, and Mummy will help me. Pallavi tells that Rhea has to go to Bangalore to attend her friend’s marriage and that’s why I asked Ranbir to go with him. Rhea smiles. Dida looks on.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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