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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd July 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi telling Prachi that she is saying all this to make her guilt free, but there is no word to make the person guilt free and calls her beta. Prachi says beta? Pallavi says yes, you are my child who is away from me for a long time, and I couldn’t wipe her tears and couldn’t hug you.

She says I am so sorry, and promises to love you, never will make her cry, will support her and will get her the rights. She says Ranbir will be jealous seeing our love, we will be daughter and mother. She hugs Prachi. Rhea sees them hugging and gets angry.

Ranbir asks Shahana if she is saying truth. Dida tells that Shahana saw with her eyes and that’s why we believed her. Vikram asks what happened? Ranbir tells that Mummy took water from Shahana’s hands and told that she will take care of Prachi. Vikram says unbelievable.

Dida asks Shahana to take something for Prachi, from infront of Pallavi so that she takes it for her. Vikram says everything will be fine. Ranbir says fingers crossed. Rhea is leaving the house and thinks someone stop me.

Ranbir tells that Rhea shall leave if she thinks so. Vikram asks him to go and meet her sometimes, as she needs love and care too. Shahana says I will take care of her. Dida says Rhea’s Aaliya buji is with her to take care. Dida comes to Rhea and asks her to walk carefully, as the vase fell down.

Rhea goes back. Shahana says she is not leaving. Pallavi comes there and sees Rhea going back. Aaliya waits for Rhea to shout and says may be she is talking. Rhea comes there.

Aaliya asks why you didn’t shout? She checks and says nobody is coming behind. Rhea says it seems like everyone knows that I am not pregnant, and nobody stopped me. Aaliya says nobody knows.

Rhea says nobody loves or cares about me. She says I want to lower Prachi and want to show my importance to her, now I came to know about my importance, as I deserve it, I want my importance. She says she wants Mom’s attention.

Aaliya says it was your idea to get attention and says nobody loves you. Rhea says you are laughing in your heart. Aaliya says I said the facts and didn’t make fun of yours. She says when you have provoked Mom against Prachi, and when Mom stopped Prachi, did I laugh at you? She says Mom did her grah pravesh, apologized and pleaded infront of her.

She says if Prachi had gone, then I wouldn’t have any problem. She says Pallavi will become Dadi of my child only and not of Prachi’s child. She pretends as if she is crying.

Aaliya asks her to sit. Rhea says I have done acting so that you understand what I want to do. She says she attempted suicide attempt infront of Dad, as she knew that he will save me. She says I attempted suicide again when I wanted to marry Ranbir, and he agreed. She says the suicide fake attempt is my brahmastra which don’t go waste,

I get what I wanted. Aaliya says don’t you think that we shall call Pallavi. Rhea says she saw me coming here, and will come soon. She sees Pallavi there and pretends to cut her wrist. She pushes Aaliya. Pallavo slaps Rhea to make the knife fall down from her hand. She asks how can you think of taking your life,

don’t do this again. She hugs Rhea. Rhea acts to cry and hug her. She says nobody loves me or cares for me. She says only you used to love me, cares for me and respect me, but now you left me alone and accepted Prachi as your bahu. She says who am I to you? Pallavi asks did I tell that I love Prachi.

She says I am giving my attention to her, but not my love. She says only you will be my bahu. Rhea says you cried, apologized and pleaded infront of Prachi, I couldn’t see. Pallavi says if she stops crying then I will talk to her. She hugs Rhea and asks her to calm down.

Ranbir comes to Prachi’s room and sees her keeping her clothes back in the wardrobe. He thinks she is not going away from here and gets happy. Song plays….He comes inside the room and tries to help her keep the clothes back in the wardrobe. Prachi takes her saree from his hand and keeps it inside.

He gives her another saree. She keeps it inside. He gives his hand to her. She is hesitant to hold his hand. He holds her hand and makes her sit. He keeps her clothes in the wardrobe and closes it. song continues to play suna hai….

He sits with her on the bed and says Prachi. She says I need some space, please. Ranbir says ofcourse, and says remember that this space shall not distance us, says welcome back and goes out. He gets teary eyes and wipes his tears while going.

Pallavi asks Rhea to look in her eyes and hear her carefully. She says you are my bahu, only you and you will be this house bahu. Rhea asks why you have stopped Prachi from going? Pallavi says I stopped the future, and says how you will feel when this house child will stay in middle class family, no way.

She says Ranbir was helpless to stay with her, but I will not let his child stay with Prachi. She says if Prachi takes his baby then she will make him middle class like her. She says I can’t let this family’s child become like her and says he will be like us. She says Prachi will stay here until the baby is born and then I will claim the custody of the child.

She says just as the baby is born, I will throw Prachi out of the house, I will not let my blood get dirty. She says it was like dying to talk to her nicely and tells that she has bend down infront of her for the baby. She says Prachi will be here until that baby is born.


Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ranbir tells Prachi that he knows that she don’t need support, but he will always support her and will stand forwarding his helping hand for her. dida tells Pallavi that she is very happy. Pallavi says it is not like that, Prachi will get what is hers, and in future too, she will get what she deserves. Dida gets doubtful.

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Telecast Date:22nd July 2022
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