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Kumkum Bhagya 1st September 2021 Episode starts with Sushma telling Tanu that everything is in cash like you said. Tanu asks Lawyer if he didn’t see money before. She says I always count my money by myself and don’t trust anyone, but trusting Pragya. She thanks Abhi. Abhi gets up and says this is my price. Tanu says this is your rent for 6 months, and asks him to think what will be the price for the lifetime. She says you are priceless. She then asks Sushma to arrange the car and driver to take the cash to home. Abhi asks them to tell Dadi that he will come and meet her. Aaliya asks if you are not coming with us. Abhi says contract starts. Tanu asks Abhi to come with her as she needs to talk. She tells Abhi that she trust him, but not Pragya. She asks him to remember what she has done with you, Rhea and others.

She says if you remember this, then you will not fall for her. Abhi says this will not happen. He asks them to send clothes for him through Sumit. He says he has planned surprise for Pragya. Tanu and Aaliya leaves. Abhi comes to Pragya and Sushma, and call Sasumaa to Sushma. He says if bahu’s grah pravesh can happen, then why not damad’s grah pravesh. Sushma calls Anchal and asks her to bring the aarti plate. Abhi says Kaju Katri will work for the prasad. He says where did you meet Pragya? Sushma says excuse me, I need to make an important call. Abhi says that’s why I hate the mobile. He says I wanted to know how she met her, how did Pragya become like this Pragya, if she was same like this, or was acting before with me. Pragya looks at the kumkum in her maang and gets teary eyes.

Sid asks Rhea why she is feeling angry. Rhea says he is feeling angry as Prachi fell down due to her. She says Prachi, if she is fine and says if you would have fallen and hurt, then blood would have come out from you, and then I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. Prachi says Ranbir has saved me. Rhea thanks Ranbir. Ranbir says she is my wife. Sid says I thought you are angry on them. Rhea says I can’t lose my sister whom I met after many years. She hugs her. Prachi says she likes to hear sister word from her. She goes to meet Dida. Sid tells Ranbir that he never saw Rhea so much happy. Ranbir says even he didn’t see Prachi so much happy before. He asks him to go and romance with rhea. Sid tells Rhea that she is looking good in this color. Rhea thanks him and goes.

Prachi comes to Dida and asks about Bal Gopal’s clothes and jewellery. Dida says it is in the locker and says she has an idea, she will talk to Pallavi and will inform you. Pragya calls Prachi and says your Papa has come home. Prachi says really, you brought him here. Pragya says I will take care of him and will make him leave the wine. Prachi says ok. She tells that she has to go to Papa’s doctor and get his reports. Pragya asks her to show the reports to her. Prachi says I can’t believe that Papa is here. Pragya says my daughter has asked me something. Abhi calls Pragya. Prachi says Papa is calling you. Prachi thanks God that everything is happening nicely on Janamasthami. Servant calls Pragya. Pragya comes there. Abhi tells Sushma that Pragya’s grah pravesh happened many times, but this is my first time and asks her to do it nicely. Pragya stands with him on his insistence. Sushma does his tilak. Abhi thinks he will come to take out Lakshmi from this house. Sushma does their aarti. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and gets inside. Sushma walks behind them.

Abhi says I am Jamai of this house and whatever I will do, I will do with you in this house. He goes to the room and says I have given you a chance to refuse for this deal, but you didn’t stop. He says you have bought me and insulted our past, and haven’t made me ashamed. Pragya comes there. He says you must be feeling proud, to buy a husband. He says I gave you a chance, but you wanted to buy me. Pragya says you want to fight with me. Abhi says I can make you feel bad. Pragya asks what do you want? Abhi says I have understood that I am here as a contract husband for 6 months, and says I am your bodyguard, guard, cook and everything. He says don’t mix office contract with this contract, I will come with you to office. He says I will sleep here on this side. Pragya says I will sleep on other side.

Abhi says you will sleep with me and asks her to sleep on sofa. Pragya says it is my bed and my room. Abhi asks her to change her habits. Pragya says ok. He says you have snatched my peace, I will snatch yours. Pragya says I am going to work. She goes. Sushma is standing out and hearing them. Abhi says I called you sasumaa and you started behaving like that. Sushma says yes, I came to talk to you. She says Pragya and you have a contract marriage, so don’t try to be her husband. Abhi says I understand that you bought me to show the world, and tells that he was stupid before, but not anymore. Sushma says it would be good for you both. Aaliya and Tanu come home with the big bags. The neighbor asks from where did they steal the suitcase. The lady taunts her. Tanu says she will fulfill all her wishes and asks her if she shall slap her. Tanu gets into an argument with the lady. Aaliya whispers to Tanu to come from there, says you are fighting leaving the money bags.


Kumkum Bhagya 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhi tells Lawyer that if Gaurav is alive then because of his wife Pragya. Gaurav says you are her bodyguard. Abhi says she is my everything and I can do anything for her. He asks him to get lost. Later Rhea sprinkles water oil on the floor. Pallavi comes there, slips and falls down. Dida, Ranbir and Prachi get shocked. Rhea looks on.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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