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Kumkum Bhagya 1st January 2021 Episode starts with Purab coming to his room. Aaliya sees him and gets happy. She hugs him and says she is so happy to see him. She asks if he wanted to surprise her and asks did you miss me? Purab says I thought you will change with time, but you will not change. He says did you ever think that how Pragya di is feeling? Aaliya says what is my mistake, if Bhai is marrying Meera due to Rhea. She tells that Pragya has chosen Prachi over Rhea and tells that she will tell the story in short. She tells that Rhea is stubborn and tried to get Prachi in the problem, also got her accident done. She tells that Pragya had come here on Diwali day to get Rhea arrested and Prachi and Rhea fought. She says Prachi told her that she don’t deserve to get a mother, so Rhea wanted to get a mother and Meera was the best option. Purab says you didn’t tell how did this happen and says the reason is you, this is your plan. He is about to go to guestroom. Aaliya says you have made distanced with each other. Purab says we never had closeness between us, and you are talking about distancing. Later he comes to Pragya’s house. Prachi says sir..you. She asks what to call you? He says Chucks. Prachi says Chucks. Pragya comes and hugs Purab. Purab says he has met his niece and tells that he has related to her twice, from Pragya and Abhi’s side. Shahana greets him too. Sarita behen says you are good to be called as Chucks. Purab asks Pragya if she knows that Abhi is getting married. Pragya says yes, let him marry.

Ranbir is writing letter to Prachi, when Pallavi comes there and asks why did he take such a big risk for Prachi? She says I know that you loved her, but move on in life and forget the past. She asks her to start afresh. Ranbir says love is love when there is no manipulation or lie between the persons. He says I wonder people wouldn’t have seen the difference between love and possessiveness. He says because of possessiveness, you makes the other person don’t share love with someone and that’s why they get trust issues. He says although relations don’t break, but it gets sprained.

Ranbir keeps hand on Prachi’s shoulder. She gets shocked and pushes him. He falls down. She sees him and helps him get up. She says she don’t have the strength to listen to him. Ranbir says if you think that I am lying then, I will leave. He tells that day he was coming to her, when mummy got heart attack and I couldn’t leave her. He says I thought about your words that we shall not hurt our mother and that’s why agreed to marry Rhea for mummy. He tells that he is not selfish and wouldn’t have afford to lose her. He says if I had lost her, then Dad would have told me that he lost his love due to me, then Dida would have told why I was born in her family. Prachi thinks that’s why Ranbir did this. Ranbir says my mom is fine now and that’s why I came here to make everything fine. He tells that his heart is already broken, but don’t want her heart to break. He says he don’t like that girl and don’t like short dress. He apologizes to her and tells that he knows that he has done a mistake and asks her to remember that he always love her. He apologizes and is about to go, when Prachi stops him and hugs him. Ranbir says I am so sorry Prachi. Prachi says don’t be sorry, I trust my Baklu and on his every words. Ranbir asks her to trust him always else he will get heart attack. Prachi says she will never leave me. Ranbir says coming to you, is like bending head infront of temple. Prachi tells that Rhea said that your and her roka…Ranbir kisses on her hand and tells that one day he will come by door and will take her to his house. Prachi asks him to go home. Ranbir says I love you Prachi and goes through the window.

Rhea thinks of Ranbir saving Prachi and brushing off her (Rhea’s) hand to save her. She gets angry. Aaliya comes there and asks what happened? Rhea tells that she can give her life for Ranbir, and Pallavi knows this and that’s why chosen her. She says Ranbir left me alone, so that he can save Prachi and cries. Aaliya asks her to do something else Pallavi’s emotional drama and her hardwork will go waste. She says it is high time, else you will lose Ranbir forever.

Rhea comes to Prachi in the college and says you was good in Hoshiarpur and asks her to stay away from Ranbir. Prachi says now I came to know everything and says Ranbir agreed to marry you for his mother. She warns her to stay away from her Ranbir. Rhea shouts Prachi. Prachi confronts her for giving pain to her mother and hugging Meera. She says Papa marrying Meera aunty and asks didn’t you understand Maa’s pain. Rhea asks her to shut up and tells that she knows her mom loves her a lot and after knowing this also, she did all this with her. She says my Dad loves me so much and that’s why he agreed to marry Meera aunty. She says I am the reason for this marriage. She says your mom left me and now my dad is leaving your mom. She says what do you think that your threat will work on me, no..but will increase your mom’s pain. Prachi asks her not to do this and says Maa will broken down. She says she shall not get pain from Papa and pleads infront of her not to do this. Rhea asks her and Pragya to cry like this, says I like it. Prachi slaps her.


Kumkum Bhagya 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rhea asks Prachi if she can sacrifice her love for her mom’s happiness. She says you return my love, and I promise that I will return your mom’s love to you. She asks if you accept the deal?

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Telecast Date:1st January 2021
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