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Kumkum Bhagya 18th June 2021 Episode starts with Mitali telling that Ranbir is not picking the call. Aaliya says we shall go there and stop the wedding. Tanu tells Rhea that she had told her many times that Pragya hates you, but you didn’t listen and asks her to see the proof. Rhea watches Pragya attending Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage happily and showering flower petals on them. Abhi comes there. Rhea asks Abhi if Prachi and Pragya loves her, then what is hatred. She says Mom is getting them married. Abhi says I have sent Pragya there to stop the wedding and says you are misunderstanding her. Rhea says Prachi stole my love and my mom stole my dad. She says when nobody loves me then why shall I live? She runs from there and asks Abhi not to follow her.

She stands on the terrace railing. Abhi comes and holds her hand, but she falls down on the ground. Abhi shouts Rhea and gets shocked. Everyone comes there and gets shocked. Abhi runs down. Pradeep records Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage recording and send it to Tanu. Abhi comes downstairs and lifts Rhea. He asks Doctor to call the doctor. Pallavi calls the doctor. Tanu smirks and smiles thinking two people united and two people will separate, this recording will break Abhi and Pragya’s last rope. Doctor comes there and asks Abhi to calm down. Tanu provokes Abhi against Pragya and says she never loved Rhea and loved just Prachi, shows the video to him. Abhi gets shocked. Tanu says Pragya is showering flower petals on Ranbir and Prachi during their marriage. Abhi goes from there. Tanu thinks it is my day. Pandit ji asks Ranbir to fill sindoor in the bride’s maang. Ranbir fills sindoor in Prachi’s maang and looks at her happily. Prachi gets emotional. Pragya smiles. Song plays SubhanAllah…He makes her wear mangalsutra then.

Pragya kisses Prachi. Pandit ji asks them to take elders’ blessings as the marriage is completed. Abhi is coming there. Ranbir and Prachi hug Pragya. Abhi comes there and recalls Rhea’s words. He beats Ranbir. Pragya tries to stop him. Abhi asks why did you do this with Rhea. Pragya says he doesn’t love Rhea and says it is not his mistake. Abhi beats him. Pragya asks him to stop and says he doesn’t love Rhea. Abhi asks her not to take Rhea’s name and says you just love Prachi. He says I didn’t agree to Tanu and Rhea, they were right and you was wrong. He says you just wanted to make your family and want to hurt my family. He says you was against Rhea, and me.

He says I don’t want your reflection to come on me or my family. Ranbir asks Abhi to say what he wants to say. Abhi pushes him. Prachi says Papa. Pragya says he is Prachi’s husband. Abhi says he was about to become Rhea’s husband and blames Pragya for betraying him. He says you have come to make me cry and I will never forgive you. He gets Tanu’s call and tells that he is coming. Pragya asks him to listen. Abhi says I don’t want to have any relation with you, and says thank god Tanu returned in my life, atleast Rhea will get a better mother than you. Prachi and Ranbir looks on shocked. Pragya tries to stop him. Abhi says I don’t want to have any relation with you. He goes from there angrily. Prachi says Papa. She blames herself and says I was afraid about this. Pragya says I will make him understand and everything will be fine. She is about to run behind him and falls down. Abhi reaches home and sees doctor bandaging her head. He gets emotional seeing Rhea. Song plays…

Pragya asks Prachi to take care of herself. Prachi says I love you very much and hugs her. Pragya comes out and sits in the car. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya is calling him. Abhi says I don’t want to talk to her, I asked her to stop the marriage and she betrayed my trust. He says I won’t let anyone come to Rhea. He says there is no place for the people who hurts Rhea. He says my daughter will stay with me as my family. Tanu acts sweet and asks him to go and change. Aaliya tells Tanu that they were saved, as Pragya was about to tell truth to Bhai. Tanu says she can’t tell as Abhi is not picking her call. Pragya calls Abhi. Tanu picks the call and says don’t call him. Pragya asks her to give call to Abhi. Tanu says I am his wife. Pragya says nobody accepts your marriage and asks her to give call to him. Tanu gives call to him (actually to Pradeep who talks in Abhi’s voice). Pragya tells him that Ranbir never loved Rhea, as he always loved Prachi. She says Rhea asked Prachi to sacrifice her love.

Abhi asks her to shut up and tells that she is dead for him and he is happy with his new family. Pragya says I am coming there. Abhi asks her not to come there, else he will get her shradh done. Pragya says you can’t do this with me, you had asked me not to leave you. Abhi says you are inauspicious and that’s why I have failed your car brakes and says he just wants to see her dead face. He asks her to die. Tanu takes the call and says Abhi executed this plan on my sayings. My husband fulfilled my wish, you used to say right, that there is a power in kumkum and mangalsutra, now he will do what I want. Aaliya says Happy death day Pragya, I will keep puja for your soul peace so that you don’t trouble us even in our dreams. She says die Pragya die. The man talking to Pragya in Abhi’s voice is actually Pradeep. Pragya feels Abhi betrayed her. Aaliya, Tanu and Pradeep smiles. Pragya’s car falls off the valley. Aaliya, Tanu and Pradeep hear the car crash sound. Aaliya says she is dead and says congrats. Tanu says you are free Abhi.

A lady is shown standing in the river water and immersing her daughter’s ashes. Pandit ji asks her to dip herself thrice. She takes a dip in the river. The lady tells that she has achieved so much for her daughter to keep her happy, but she lost everything. She asks God to either return her daughter or give her a reason to live. She takes the third dip in the river with the intention to drown, but then she finds Pragya and takes her out of the water.

2 years later….
In Australia,
The same lady is shown who had rescued Pragya. A british guy asks her if her daughter has won the Australian businessman award. The lady says not yet, but I know my daughter, she will win. She asks Catherine to switch on the screen and says she has arrived just the door bell rings. A guy says award function is still going on. The lady says I know my daughter and knows the way she rings the bell. Pragya comes there wearing a modern outfit and an award in her hand and smiles.

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