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Kumkum Bhagya 17th September 2021 Episode starts with Tanu asking Manish what happened with Abhi in Pragya’s house. Manish recalls Aaliya asking him not to tell anything to Tanu and says I don’t know who is Pragya? Tanu shows 1000 Rs and says I need just the information. He says I heard Doctor saying that something had happened with Abhi and this is a police case. Tanu gives him 500 Rs and says you gave me half information.

She asks him to go and earn the money if he wants. She thinks now I came to know about Pragya’s weak nerve, and you didn’t know what I will do with you and it will be shock to Aaliya too, as she wants to bring Abhi back home and ruin my plans. She calls someone and says she needs him be ready.

Pragya asks Nurse about the injection. Nurse says the more he sleeps, the more he will recover. Abhi is sleeping. Pragya says you want to trouble me and hurt yourself. She says if you find happiness troubling me, then I like it. She touches his face. He opens his eyes. Pragya says I am with you, sleep. Abhi sleeps again. Pragya recalls their moment and covers blanket on him. She thinks of her moments with him. Sushma stands outside and looks at them.

Sid and Ranbir are talking about work. Prachi comes there and scolds them, asking them to have breakfast and talk about office in office. Ranbir says Mummy says this. Prachi says rules will be followed if Mummy is here or not. Ranbir asks her to do breakfast. Prachi says I will go and see the dad, if he wake up or not, even he needs to have breakfast. She turns to go and sees Rhea standing. Rhea thinks of Aaliya’s words and says she couldn’t sleep all night, and was thinking if she became old Rhea.

She says you can understand whatever I told last night and asks her to forgive her, says she don’t know how to handle her feelings. She says she is impulsive and possessive and says when I didn’t get maa’s love, I got possessive for dad’s love. She says it happens between siblings, that whatever is mine, is mine and I have those feelings, what to do. She asks her to forgive her and says I went in my past for sometime. I am not understanding like you and don’t know when to speak and when to stay silent.

She says when mom had an accident and when she went missing, we all got separated, you had Ranbir and I had dad, but he used to be drunk all the time. Buji and Tanu would be fighting all day. She says nobody was with me to tell me that everything will be fine, and says at one point, I thought I don’t deserve anyone’s love. Prachi hugs her to pacify her. Rhea smirks and stares at Ranbir. Prachi says I couldn’t understand you, I am so sorry. Rhea says you might have thought that old Rhea is back. She says a hidden feeling came out last night and this new Rhea wants just love and nothing else.

She says all I need is love. She recalls Aaliya’s words and says I need your love, will I get my sister’s love, will you love me, and says I love my sister so much, more than mom and dad. She asks her to love and support her. Prachi says I always loved you, you are part of my heart, and you are my life. She asks her to be like this always and says I love you so much. She hugs her again. Rhea looks at Ranbir and thinks she has to hug Prachi, whose face she doesn’t want to see, just due to him.

Ranbir sees them hugging and asks Rhea to hug Prachi of his side too. Sid says Ranbir will not let anyone love his wife. Prachi asks Rhea to have breakfast. Rhea comes to the dining table and stares Ranbir. Sid notices her behavior. Rhea looks at Sid and feigns fake smile. Ranbir gets up and says he will go and say bye to Prachi. Rhea goes behind him. Sid gets doubtful.

Pragya calls Shagun. Sushma says she took off. Pragya opens the door and sees Aaliya. Aaliya says I came to meet Bhai, not to argue. She asks where is Bhai’s room? Pragya says yesterday. Tanu comes and says what happened in the hospital. Aaliya asks what are you doing here? Tanu says following you, and calls the lawyer. She asks them to talk to her lawyer and asks Pragya to hire the lawyer, and asks her not to tell her that she didn’t warn her before sending her to jail. Rhea thinks what Ranbir saw in Prachi that he married her, and thinks she is dumbo and got flown in emotions when I shed two tears. She thinks Ranbir deserves smart girl like her.

Sid comes there and calls Rhea. Rhea asks what you want to ask, I can’t wait here all day. Sid says sorry and asks what is your problem with me? Rhea thinks if he is doubtful about Ranbir and me. Sid says I think you don’t like me anymore. Rhea says why are you saying this. Sid says when you ignored me in the morning, you hugged Prachi and even talked to Ranbir, but ignored me. She says why did you take Ranbir’s name. He says I took Prachi’s name too. She says she can’t give personal attention to everyone. He asks why she ignores him in the bedroom. Ranbir comes there. Rhea says bye Ranbir and says bye to Sid. They leave.

Pragya asks why do you think that I shall hire a lawyer. Tanu says you think wrong about me, thought that I hate my husband and enjoyed selling him, and don’t care for my husband. Pragya says he is my husband. Tanu says everyone knows that you haven’t accepted him and kept him for society. She asks her not to lecture her else I have to tell some old things and you will get ashamed infront of your new mother. Sushma says if I open my mouth then you will be ashamed infront of your nanand. Tanu says I have come here with my lawyer to break your daughter’s ego and not to break the contract. Sushma asks her to talk to her. Tanu asks will you answer me?

Sushma asks what? Tanu says I want to ask Pragya if she thinks she sold Abhi for money. Pragya says you are a greedy woman. Tanu asks Lawyer to tell the clauses and says I will go and meet Abhi. Pragya says he is sleeping. Tanu says I know that he is on high dose of medicine. Aaliya says you should have told us about his accident. Pragya tries to say. Aaliya goes to meet Abhi. Lawyer asks Pragya to bring her copy of the contract, else you will say it is not in the contract.

Ranbir asks Sid what happened to him, and says I can help you. He says if I help you, then you will be stress free and then I can focus on my start up and live my life. Sid smiles. Ranbir asks what is the problem? He says I will not tell anyone, not even Prachi. Sid says you loves her so much and will not tell her. Ranbir says I love you too, and says some relations can be feel and can’t be expressed. Sid says I need to go. Ranbir says what do you think that I can’t help you, elder brother doesn’t trust his younger brother. Sid says this is office. Ranbir keeps his hand on his head and says if you don’t tell me what is bothering me then I will die. Sid asks why are you doing like kids. Ranbir says I didn’t give fake promise and asks him to say. sid says I will tell but at home. Ranbir says I will solve your problem and hugs him. He reminds him of his promise else I will die. Sid goes. Ranbir gets worried.


Kumkum Bhagya 18th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pragya says he will stay here with me in this house. Tanu says if Abhi can’t return to our house then I have to stay with Abhi in this house. Pragya asks her to come there with everyone in the morning. Aaliya smiles. Sid tells Ranbir that it is all about Rhea. Ranbir asks what happened? Sid says actually Rhea and I, I mean between us….Rhea hears him and gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:17th September 2021
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