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Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2021 Episode starts with Pragya tasting the food and says it is so good. She tells that she will eat after coming back, but now she is going for urgent work. Abhi calls her and says I waited for you much and that’s why called you. Pragya says I thought to call you and then thought…He asks why? Just then a courier guy comes there. Pragya is still on call and receives the courier. She finds his wedding invitation card. Abhi asks her to reach on time and tells that he sent her card to remind her date, time etc. He asks her not to be late and says if she reaches late then they both will get in problem. He says you couldn’t see my marriage with Meera and then you will say something and then time will be wasted, we both will have problem. Pragya says I am getting angry. Abhi says I have won and asks her to congratulate him. Pragya ends the call. Purab asks why did you do this? Abhi says I like to trouble her a lot, I am the groom, bride’s groom. Purab thinks he is getting married and giving her tension. Aaliya hears him. Mitali comes to Aaliya and asks her about Rhea. Aaliya tells that Bhai is having so much problems that he will not remember Aaliya. She says Bhai said that he wants to trouble Pragya and tells that infact she wants to trouble her more. She wants to see her in pain, and should have invited her herself.

Sarita behen asks Pragya if she is going for marriage. Pragya says no. Jai comes to Ranbir and hugs him. He asks Ranbir to send a song to Prachi, asks him to sing and plays the guitar himself. Ranbir says I want to hit you on your stomach for this bad plan.

Shahana comes to meet Ranbir. Pallavi stops her and asks if Prachi came? Shahana says no and asks shall I call Prachi? Pallavi says no. Shahana comes to Ranbir’s room and asks where is Aryan? Ranbir says he has gone out. Shahana tells that he is sending me fighting messages. Jai tells that he has given good idea to Ranbir, but he dislikes it. Shahana asks Ranbir not to trouble Prachi. Ranbir says sometimes he feels like kidnapping Prachi, marrying her and then she will not say anything. Shahana says this is not possible. Ranbir sees Pallavi coming there and says anything is possible as it happens in films. Pallavi asks which film? Purab asks Abhi how can he marry Meera and forget Pragya di. Purab says someone save me from Pragya’s brother. Purab tells that their love is not of man and woman, but of souls. He says you are doing this marriage for Rhea. Abhi says Rhea was never the reason for his decision to marry Meera. Pallavi asks what are they saying? Jai says Ranbir is writing a script. Pallavi says how the girl will no Ranbir says I have become a writer and writes film story and songs lyrics also.

Abhi asks why Pragya is stubborn like children and tells that he is marrying Meera to break Pragya’s stubbornness. He says when I tried to talk to Pragya about making Rhea understand, she started counting my mistakes, Tanu etc…He says she told me on my face that she is happy to see me moved on. He says we got many chances, but we never united. He says I want to use this marriage as a shock and wants my Pragya and my daughters back in my life.

Ranbir gets an idea and asks Shahana to call Prachi and tells her that Jai is marrying girl forcibly in the marriage. He says when Prachi comes there, I will sit with Prachi and will fill her maang with sindoor during the marriage rituals. He asks how is the plan?

Abhi says I know that my love is compressed in her heart and I have to bring out the love on her mouth. He says I want to make her angry and tells that I know that even if ghatbandhan is tied, then Pragya will open it. Purab gets happy and tells that you will see your love and family. He says I can’t separate from you both. He says Meera and your rasam have happened, and says if you back out then it will be bad. Abhi says you will handle her too and tells that Meera knows everything, is a part of this drama. Purab says you and her. Meera says she wants Pragya to come here and show her right on him. She says she will become jealous and come here. Abhi says I have just her right on me and she has to stop the marriage. Purab says you have to go to mandap now. Abhi says Meera is more worried than me.

Jai likes his idea. Ranbir asks him to call the girls whom Prachi knows and asks Shahana to bring Prachi there. Shahana thinks of Prachi and tells that she can’t bring her there. Rhea knocks on the door and calls Buji. She thinks I don’t have phone today to call anyone, thinks if Dad and Meera aunty marry, then I will not marry Ranbir. Ranbir tells Shahana that she is his last option for help and tells that he loves Prachi so much and asks if she don’t want her to be happy, as Rhea is making her do this. He promises to love her and take care of her. He asks her to bring there. Shahana says how to bring without bridal wear? Ranbir says it doesn’t matter and asks her to bring Prachi at 3 pm. Shahana says today? He says yes. Shahana says she will try and tells that they will meet in the Mata Rani temple in the outshirts. Ranbir says Shahana said that Prachi will not look like a bride, if not wearing bridal dress. Jai tells that Palak got ready to act to marry him. Abhi waits for Pragya to come. Purab says we shall tell everyone, that Meera and you have made up this plan to bring Di here. Abhi says he wants Pragya to confess her love to him. He says I told you 15 mins before and you are asking again and again. Aaliya comes there and asks him to wear pagdi. Tai ji comes there. purab asks him to say. Abhi says I will show your abs. Tai ji tells that Abhi wants the marriage to happen infront of Pragya. Aaliya says it is good, she has to suffer.


Kumkum Bhagya 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pragya comes to the marriage and asks to stop the marriage. She asks Inspector to arrest both Aaliya and Meera. She says I am his wife, Pragya Abhishek Mehra.

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Telecast Date:14th January 2021
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