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Kumkum Bhagya 12th October 2021 Episode starts with Prachi asking Rhea to hear the good news first. Shaina asks are you pregnant? Rhea gets angry and asks Shaina to shut up. She says if this would have happened, then she would have told me first being my sister. Shaina asks then what is the news?

Prachi says ofcourse and tells that Rajeshwari is coming today as Mummy is elected for the foundation chairmanship. Rhea thinks she is saying as if Mummy has won parliament election. Prachi says she is very happy. Rhea says I am happy. She asks her to go and rest, and says I have to drink soup. Prachi asks her to drink it. Ranbir comes there and tells Prachi that he is searching her and tells about the call.

Rhea tells Ranbir that he shall ask other family members too, and says you always take Prachi’s name and tells that he shall walk holding her. Ranbir says actually. Rhea says you called the doctor and then didn’t ask me how am I? she says you have just one sister in law. Shaina says she is special. Ranbir says she is special and says I will tell you for what I came to talk to Prachi. He says Sid called and is coming here.

Rhea gets upset. Sid comes there. Ranbir hugs him and says sorry for spoiling the surprise. Sid asks Rhea, how is she? Rhea says fine. Shaina introduces herself to Sid. Prachi tells Shaina that they shall go out. Ranbir says they shall give some privacy to them. Shaina signs Rhea that Sid is good and goes out.

Prachi comes to the room. Ranbir asks why did Sid thank you? Prachi says he is thankful for my existence. Ranbir says even me, but I think he thanked you for a reason. He asks what is the reason? Prachi asks what? He says I have a feeling that you called him home. Prachi says yes, may be. Rhea asks Sid why did he come home? Sid says I came for you. Rhea says I am not dying and is fine. She says I don’t need you or anybody.

Sid asks why did you marry me? Rhea asks him not to open her mouth and says you knows well, how we got married. Sid says do you have problem with our marriage. Rhea says I have problem with you. Sid asks what problem do you have with me, if you don’t me to stay here in the house, or don’t want me to stay with you, or near you. Rhea says I don’t want to see you near me, and I feel suffocated with you.

Prachi says Rhea might have got her life seeing him near her. Ranbir says I knew it that you called Sid here. She says when I called him and told about her, he said I know and then said she don’t need me. She says I made him understand not to drag the issue and communication is necessary for the solution. Ranbir says you are very smart and asks from where she know this. He says your mummy is teacher and you are love Guru. Prachi says she wanted them to sit and work out.

Sid says nothing will be fine between us. You don’t want to stay with me, even though I tried. Rhea says even I can’t stay without you. Sid says you feel suffocated with this marriage. Rhea says I have problem with you and with this marriage, how many times will you ask. Sid says I will not ask, but my lawyer will ask. He says you have problem with this relation, lets end this, very soon you will get the divorce papers and says till then bear this relation. He goes. Rhea thinks she doesn’t want divorce until Ranbir leaves Prachi.

Ranbir says I am relieved and is sure that everything will be fine. He says I was worried about Rhea. Prachi asks him to think about Sid and says she will handle Rhea. Ranbir asks if she is jealous. Prachi says Rhea is my sister. Ranbir hugs her.

Aaliya comes home and says you are lying. Tanu says you have done mistake and blaming me. She says due to you, Pragya got the tender and she will become more strong financially and Gaurav will become poor. She asks her why don’t you accept your failure, and says people get ruined due to you. She says Gaurav will be in bad condition due to you. She says you have ruined your brother and Gaurav.

Aaliya says enough and blames her for double crossing her, which made Pragya get the deal. She says you saw me hiding the file and might have checked it, and gave the details to Pragya. Tanu asks do you think that I will give her details. Pragya comes there and tells that your voice is coming out. She says your friendship is known after Jai and Veeru. She says you people unite to fight with me, and asks them to shake hand and end the fight. She says you didn’t betray each other, but betrayed self. She says I was doubtful when my laptop was shut down, as it was always on.

She says then my red file was missing. She says she got doubtful and changed the quotations and the tender is won by her other company. She says she has learned to handle them and says if they do this again, then they will be arrested for fraud. She says she is not the same Pragya, who used to forgive them. She says if you get caught then will be punished for all the past mistakes. She goes from there.

Sid thinks of Rhea’s words. He thinks he has taken the decision and shall tell everyone. Rajeshwari congrats Pallavi. Pallavi says this is happening due to you, and thanks her. Sid greets her. Rajeshwari says I was about to ask about you. She sees Rhea and says your wife also came. Rhea comes and greets her. Rajeshwari asks why you both are looking tired and eyes are pluffy. She asks didn’t you sleep early?

Sid and Rhea give different replies. Rajeshwari asks Sid is younger than Ranbir. Pallavi says yes. Prachi says destiny waits for the right partner. Ranbir says they met and get married. Rajeshwari suggests Pallavi to send them for honeymoon, to her friend’s resort in Manali. She says send Ranbir and Prachi too. Pallavi agrees to send them for honeymoon and says she will do the booking. Rhea says excuse me, I will just be back.

She goes to her room and cry. Sid comes there, takes his laptop and is leaving. He says whatever I told was not in anger, there is nothing left in the marriage, you feel suffocated in this relation. I will tell Chachi ji and you don’t have to bear me more. He goes. Rhea thinks what is happening with me, whatever I plan for me, happens with Prachi and what I don’t want, happens with me.

Prachi tells Ranbir that Rajeshwari ji talked about Sid and Rhea. Ranbir says she talked about us also. Prachi says let them go alone and enjoy, they need honeymoon more than us. Ranbir asks if we don’t need honeymoon. He says we never went for honeymoon, and says when we got a chance. Prachi says we were very happy in rented house and need only love. She says let them go, their relation is new. Ranbir says I am going. Prachi asks him to smile and hugs him.

He smiles and says we will celebrate honeymoon here.
Rhea comes to meet Aaliya. Aaliya asks how are you? Rhea says I hate Sid. Aaliya asks did he do anything. Rhea says I don’t like him, he didn’t do anything. She says I was successful to go near Ranbir as things are changed now, now he talks to me. She says Pallavi aunty wanted me to go for honeymoon with Sid, when we are divorcing each other.

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