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Kumkum Bhagya 12th November 2021 Episode starts with Rhea telling Pallavi that Ranbir got very angry and broke all his relations with Prachi. She says now I will break my relations with Sid and can’t stay with that betrayal person. Prachi comes there. Rhea asks how dare you to come here, after breaking my home.

Prachi says listen to me, don’t say this. Rhea says you have ruined my home, before it sets up. Prachi says you are my sister, believe me, nobody has betrayed anyone. Rhea says you are not my behen, but sautan and tried to snatch my husband. She says call yourself anything, but don’t call yourself as sister. She says you couldn’t become good wife, bahu and sister etc. Prachi says don’t say this, I want to do everything with you, but can’t betray you, you are my own sister.

Rhea says you are lying and you gets happy when I cry. She says when you saw Dad that he loves me more, then you tried to snatch him from me and then snatched Ranbir from me and now Siddharth when I tried to move on. She asks until when you will snatch with me and asks her to kill her and stop everything. Prachi says I can’t think of this. Rhea says you will do this, and calls her Dayan, says Dayan is better than you, and says she leaves atleast 7 houses, but you….

She says you used to say that I am your sister and that you see your mayka in me and you have so much hatred for me. She asks if your mother taught you this, both are same, mother has ruined my dad’s house and daughter has ruined my home. Prachi gets angry and slaps Rhea. Pallavi asks how dare you to slap my bahu. Prachi says she is my mother too, and asks how can you say this? She says we are of the same tree, then how can reflection be different.

Pragya says I will not hear anything against my mother, and says she is in coma. She says you are angry now and asks her to think again. She tells Pallavi that she is careless, but not greedy and tells that Ranbir and Rhea has a misunderstanding. Pallavi asks her to get her stuff and leave from there. She pushes her.

Ranbir recalls their words and misunderstands. He doubts Sid and Prachi. He thinks he was telling Rhea that they were just friends and says I loved you, and you. He says you betrayed me. He asks how will I live without you, I can’t live. Dida comes there and asks whom you are throwing out. Pallavi tells her that Prachi couldn’t become the good wife and betrayed Ranbir. She says she married Ranbir on Rhea and his marriage, and betrayed him today and have relation with someone.

She says Prachi and Sid were together in a hotel room. Dida is shocked. Pallavi says she will do what she has learnt from her mother. Prachi says enough and says you can blame me, but not my mother. Rhea shouts at Prachi and asks her to leave, else she will kick her out from here. She says you will not agree like this and is about to push her. Dida says stop Rhea, don’t touch her and says Prachi can’t think of this.

Rhea says ranbir saw with his eyes and says they were on the bed sleeping together and asks whom you will believe, Prachi or Ranbir. Dida says Prachi can’t do this. Prachi says everyone has a misunderstanding and says sid and I. Rhea asks her to tell if they were in the room and gives promise of her mother. Prachi says yes. Dida is shocked. Pallavi says leave from here, we don’t want to talk. She says now mummy ji has seen your real face and pushes her. Prachi goes to her room. Rhea cries to gain sympathy.

Rhea hugs Pallavi and cries. She thinks finally everything happened as I wanted. If Sid was here, I would have end his chapter too. Vikram comes there and asks what happened? He asks if anything happened? Pallavi says she wants Pandit to do kriya karam. Sid watches the CCTV and sees Aaliya in it. He asks them to show her face. Aaliya keeps watch on him. Prachi comes to her room and cries recalling their moments.

She recalls his words. She says he only…..Prachi cries. She packs her bags. Ranbir comes home and walks shattered. Song plays….Pallavi sympathizes with him and says I know what that girl has done with you, I can understand what you are going through, she was never right for you, I tried to made you understand, but you was blinded. She says she betrayed you big and didn’t care even for your love. She says it is good that you broke off with her. He says she is sitting shamelessly in room and asks him to tell that he shall leave from home. Dida calls him, but he goes.

Prachi sees Ranbir coming to room. She is about to go. He holds her hand and asks her not to go. Prachi cries and hugs him. It turns out to be her imagination.


Kumkum Bhagya 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Prachi tells Ranbir that if it was dream or this is dream. Ranbir says I got betrayal from you in real life. Pallavi does Sid’s shradh and tells him. Rhea tries to get closer to Ranbir.

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Telecast Date:12th November 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


  1. ranbir why you talk like that to pranchi you know that pranchi gets upest so fast because of you ranbir
    rhea if you talk like this pragya and abhi to pranchi gets upest so fast because of you rhea.
    pallavi have dare you to throw out form pranchi .
    pallavi if you do like this otherwise pragya she will come to shout to you pallavi now see what I will do now you can do anything never.
    pranchi if you do mind you change your face properly it will look nice 👌 pranchi you don’t think about ranbir rhea pallavi you just leave it let her do if you want i don’t care at all never.
    pallavi rhea ranbir you are finished understand that I have request for you pallavi rhea ranbir if you do like this plan i don’t like it stop that enough is enough.
    pranchi you pack your drees you can stay sushma house but you can do work there only office work at home.


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