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Kuch Toh Hai 21th February 2021 Mrs. Khurana tells that she can’t get saved from the Aadishaat. Rehaan gets in his Dracula avatar as he is with Priya.

6 hours before:

Mini waits for the stranger..She tells the riddle, which the latter completes and gives something in her hand. She thanks him and says we will accept all your sayings. She thinks to inform Aaro. In Shashank and Pam’s house, Swati and Arnav dance in the party. Mini reads the letter that they shall throw the powder in a side of room, and if the ghost is here then..it will be seen to them. Aaro says lets go and search it. Mini says stranger asked us to use the powder carefully and shall not do any mistake. Just the waiter collides with them and the powder falls down on the ground. Mini scolds him and asks him to go.

Mohit comes to Priya and asks her for a dance. She agrees when he insists. Tina comes there and asks Rehaan to dance with him. Rehaan refuses and runs at a fast paced. Mohit dances with Priya….while Aaj jaane ki zid na karo plays…..He tries to get closer to him. She stamps her foot on his foot. He moves back. Priya says sorry. Soumya comes there and such things happens. Rehaan comes to Priya and asks if she is handling her beauty. Tina comes there to dance with Rehaan. Rehaan looks at Priya. Priya tells Tina that she don’t share her boyfriend with anyone. She asks him for a dance. Arnav announces their dance performance. Mini says sorry. Aaro and Mini find the powder going towards the ghost….Rehaan and Priya start dancing on the song Mahi Aaja Re……He thinks he shall not touch her hand else…..Mini and Aaro see the powder taking them….Rehaan and Priya continue to dance….Mohit gets upset. Mrs. Khurana excuses herself. Rehaan and Priya’s shoulder collide while dancing and they feel some spark between them. Mrs. Khurana goes to the electrical board and switches off the lights. Mr. Khurana search for her. Mini and Aaro couldn’t find the powder..Arnav comes to hold the candle for Swati. Rehaan tells Priya that his mom likes antique things and says you used to break the things. He goes. Mohit comes to Priya and lights the lighter. Rehaan comes to the electricity junction. Mrs. Khurana is there, but hides. She keeps something in Priya’s bag. Priya tells Mohit that she has some work. Shashank asks Rehaan to check the switch board. Rehaan says he is checking and switches on the lights. Mrs. Khurana comes out and tells that she was feeling claustrophobic etc. Mr. Khurana gets concerned. Aaro tells that they have lost the chance to catch the ghost. She says Powder has become dust. Pam tells that power cuts don’t happen in our locality and tells Rageshwari that power cuts might have happen in your area. They plan Swati and Arnav’s engagement. Darshan is cleaning the house, when Pam sends him to get something. Rageshwari says she has brought her mother’s necklace for Swati, but pretends as if it is missing from her bag. They check in everyone’s bags and find it in Priya’s bag. Rageshwari/Mrs. Khurana blames Priya for stealing it. Priya says she didn’t know how it come inside. Rageshwari says her heart didn’t trust her, as she is a thief. Mr. Khurana tries to stop her. Priya says she can swear that she has not taken it. Rageshwari says she is an orphan and says whom you will swear? Priya says she has not stolen it and swears on Warden Maam. Rehaan asks them to relax and tells that they shall check the CCTV when electricity went. Priya says 9:07 pm. Rehaan says she is weird. Pam says Arnav has set up German Security. They see someone keeping the necklace in her bag. Priya asks them to pause and find the ring in the hand, and then looks at the same ring in Rageshwari’s finger. Arnav says thief was clever, nobody can see it. Mr. Khurana asks Rageshwari to apologize to Priya and says someone trapped her. Rageshwari apologizes to her. She thanks Rehaan. Rehaan says he likes exciting things.

Priya comes to Rageshwari later when they come home. She says nobody has the right to insult me. Rageshwari says I reacted seeing my necklace in your bag. She says you was a stranger and I thought you have stolen it. Priya says why someone will do this with the stranger and says I am following all rules and gives rent on time, then why are you doing this? Rageshwari asks what are you saying? Priya says I had identified your ring and it was you, who kept the necklace in my bag. Rageshwari asks her to go from there. Priya asks why? Rageshwari asks her to go from there and tells that her life is in danger. She says that trouble didn’t come infront of you that way…Priya asks are you threatening me? Rageshwari says I am alerting you and tells that she is the one who cares for her. Priya says there is nobody who will cry if I die. Rageshwari asks her not to say this and tells that she is her mother…She cries. Priya also cries. Rageshwari hugs her. song plays….Priya asks her to tell all the truth and says now no lies….

Rageshwari recalls leaving the baby Priya in the cowshed. Priya says I have seen you loving your daughters and asks why did you leave me? Rageshwari says she had done a mistake, she was young and was an unmarried mother, so she abandoned her. She says she has taken the help of her friend. Priya shows the pic and asks from whom? Rageshwari signs at Bani. She asks who was my father. Rageshwari says he was farishta who is not alive now. She tells that she has to go away from here, as there is a danger to her life. Priya tells that when she started searching her, she didn’t want to take revenge from her. She tells that she didn’t tell anyone that she is her mother. Rageshwari asks her to go, but Priya refuses and goes. She thinks she had searched her everywhere and what did you do with me?

She thinks I will not go far from you…Maa. You can stop yourself from coming to me, but I can’t go away from you, I agree to get your hatred, but don’t want to be an orphan again. She promises not to tell anyone. Rageshwari tells that Aadishaat is very dangerous, Aadinaagin and cheel’s son is very difficult to understand and don’t know what he will do. She thinks if I accept you then you will not go far from here. She thinks she has to save her from Aadishaat/Rehaan. Priya thinks to thanks Rehaan for saving her. She rides on her cycle to go to Rehaan’s house. Mini and Aaro talk about the powder not being effective. Mini gets afraid that stranger might kill her. Swati and her sisters are still in Arnav’s house.

While everyone is playing games, the spotlight falls on Soumya and she acts to be like Pam. Aaro and Mini think how to catch that ghost. The powder is on the floor and the mob falls on it, the powder flies in air…Soumya and others ask Rehaan to dance on Naagin song. Rehaan dances, just then powder falls on his shirt. He senses and turns, as his eyes turn black and his skin becomes white. Soumya thinks if he is fine. Mini and Aaro are coming there. He takes out his Dracula teeth….


Kuch Toh Hai 26th December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya notices roaring sound. She sees Rehaan and gets shocked. Rehaan takes out his Dracula teeth and asks what is she doing that he is losing control on his imagination etc.

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