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Kuch Toh Hai 13th February 2021 The voiceover tells that Rehaan changes with the blood of drop and tells that he was born out of Aadinaagin and cheel’s consummation. Mrs. Khurana sees Bani and her pic and thinks why did it come here? She recalls and a fb is shown, Bani comes running to her and asks her to help her for humanity’s sake. Mrs. Khurana thinks if the pic is here then if she is also here. Priya thinks why did that music makes me lost and asks what is my connection with it? Rehaan looks on. Priya thinks she shall search for her mom and go back. Her dupatta flies and falls off on Rehaan’s face. Suddenly a thunderstorm hits on the land and the fire catches. She comes to him while the fire is around him. He gives her a dupatta.

Mahi Mahi’s song plays…He says sorry, we are not friends. He thinks this is not me, this has happened due to that girl. At home, Rehaan’s sister Soumya comes to him and asks why didn’t come to the party. He says he was doing a favor on someone. Soumya asks why did he come? He shows a paper and something written on it. A fb is shown, A guy comes in front of his car and tells him that a guy stole his wallet and ran away. Rehaan closes his eyes and finds out where did he do? He catches the thief and asks him to return the wallet. The thief takes out the knife. Rehaan hits him and he falls down. The guy comes running there and gets scared seeing Rehaan’s Dracula teeth. Rehaan asks him to run if he wants to live. The guy runs away. Rehaan is about to kill the thief, but the thief gives him the paper and asks him to reach the address, to know about his powers. He becomes a snake and crawls away. Fb ends. Soumya tells that Dad and she knows all about their powers and is happy and proud of him. Rehaan asks her to go.

Swati and Ruhi talk to Mrs. Khurana about Arnav and Rehaan. Rehaan comes to the dining table. Pam kisses on his cheeks and greets him. His dad asks did you know? Rehaan says he knows. Mini asks if he still goes to Rehaan’s room to give him a kiss. Shashank smiles. Rehaan asks about Arnav. Dad says he is in love with Swati and asks for her number. Arnav refuses. Later Mr. Khurana brings food for his daughters. Priya goes to bring the spoons and gets the pic. She thinks who has kept it here. Mr. Khurana tells Swati that her alliance came and the guy is Arnav. Ruhi and Aaro get happy.

Soumya talks to Mohit and talks about Romeo and Juliet. Rehaan tells that love is just the chemical effect. She tells about her idea of love. Rehaan takes the car to Mohit and asks him to drive the car. Mohit thanks him. Soumya asks how you will go there, as Dad’s car is far away. Rehaan reaches Shashank’s car and stops it. Shashank puts on a sudden brake and stops the car. Rehaan sits in the car and finds the same number which the thief gave him. He thinks he will come there later.

Priya comes to Mrs. Khurana and asks her about the pic. Mrs. Khurana says she didn’t know the women in the pics, as they might be some party pics. Mr. Khurana comes there and tells that alliance came for Swati. She hugs him and thinks Priya shall leave from here. Mohit drops Soumya at Swati’s house and goes to bring the sweets. Priya is standing on the road and a butterfly sits on her finger….The butterfly flies and many more butterflies surround her. Rehaan is going from there and thinks Dad always makes him run to get the gifts, as he knows his speed. He sees Priya playing with the butterflies and smiles. Song plays….He sees Mohit coming in the car and not seeing the girl due to the butterflies. He saves Priya and takes her to the tree. He keeps his hand on the tree and all the leaves dry and fall down. Rehaan sees her blood. Mohit stops the car realizing that he was about to hit the girl. Rehaan hides and sits on the tree. He gets Dracula’s teeth seeing blood but calm down. Mohit apologizes to Priya and offers to drop her home.

Pam, Shashank, Arnav, and others come there and greet Swati’s family. Priya comes there. Swati’s dad asks what happened to you? He says she slipped. Mohit says I tried, but.. Rehaan comes there and asks how did the dry leaves get stuck in her hair and take one dried leaf out of her head. Priya goes from there. Swati’s mother goes to Priya’s room and finds her healing her injury. She leaves from there. Mohit looks for Priya. Aro finds a Pink cycle in the house. Mr. Khurana asks what did he do? He says he sucks blood. Mr. Khurana finds him strange. Mini and Aaro find Rehaan eating something like Dracula. Rehaan thinks he shall go there. Mohit comes to Priya and says sorry. He asks if you are fine. Priya says she is fine and thinks if you had hit me, then also nothing would have happened to me. Mohit stares at her when Soumya comes there and talks to Priya. She takes Mohit with her.

Priya comes there and sees Rehaan chewing something. She thinks who does this with the girls, thinks to teach him a lesson. Mini and Aaro look at him. She comes and stands in front of him. He looks at her.


Kuch Toh Hai 11th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Mrs. Khurana tells that Aadinaagin and Cheel’s son will get all his powers. Rehaan thinks why he has such powers and why his life is cursed and by whom. Later he asks Priya to become his girlfriend.

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Telecast Date:13th February 2021
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