Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th September 2021 Sonakshi is in the room looking at the mirror while there is lighting outside, Dev hugs her coming from behind, he then gifts her the promise band which he bought for her, she doesnot recognize it, he explains it is a new trend that when a new relation is started so he thought of also making some promises at the start of this new relation, she asks if they are like the vows, he then promises that he would never make smoke Paratha’s for her, he would not take any idea from the internet and would never watch the videos when she is snoring in his sleep, she questions what is he saying, Sonakshi then asks when would he make the most sincere promise that he would not forget himself while trying to make others happy.

Sanjana’s friend exclaims he is married, Sanjana replies she was also shocked when he told her, the message in the note was for some girl, she thought he has a girlfriend who might be angry but she turned out to be his wife, her friend suggests that she now take a step back, Sanjana questions why would she take a step back because even when they both might be really nice people, it cannot be said the same of their relation.

Sonakshi asks Dev to promise that he will take care for himself, Dev replies she can take as much promise as she wants but he just wants one thing from her and that she would tell him everything that is in her heart as he was not with her when Asha Maa died but doesnot the same to happen again so would always be with her.

Sanjana explains that she has seen Dev sir make the efforts, the person for whom he buys the letters, has to buy the promise bands and even eat the tasteless food cooked by her, who knows what he misses in his marriage so her heart has played the first innings so she cannot leave the fight, she questions why the rain is moving ahead so says to her friend that it is the love pouring from the sky, just then song starts playing, she replies even the song knows her feelings.

Dev is in the room and taking some water in his ahdn throws it at Sonakshi, they both come closer however he stops her from saying anything, they both are really close, he removes his blazer to dance with her, while on the other hand Sonakshi is also dancing in the rain while her friend refuses to join her, Sonakshi is left stunned by the actions of Dev however she feels loved, Sanjana Sis enjoying the rain by herself after just thinking about Dev.

Sonakshi is still dancing with Dev, he comes really close to her, so she tries to run away however he stops picking her up in his arms, they both then go to sleep together.

Sonakshi shows the promise to Alena explaining Dev made a lot of promises and in return gave the stone, Sonakshi replies that he did not make big promises but those that really matter in the normal life, she is really glad that he is taking care of her which is more important, Ishwari and Radha are listening from the corner, Radha asks what is this promise band, Ishwari smiling explains she doesnot care what is this but is only worried about what is happening in the life of Dev, he first used to share everything but now doesnot talk with her, Radha questions what is to worry when she is with her.

Alena asks Sonakshi to not be so calm and remain strong and protective about Dev bhai, she has brought an evil eye for her, Sonakshi replies Dev is her strength, but Alena forces her to take it, she receives a call from Vicky who is really angry, she leaves in panic asking him what has happened.

Sanjana is in the office when Dev suddenly enters, she accidentally drops the coffee over the plans, Dev asks them to arrange another coffee for her, he explains that he has made some suggestions for her to incorporate in the plans.

Alena reaches the house where Vicky replies today he would be the one to ask the questions, he shows her the photos questioning what is she doing with another person in their room, Alena tries to explain it is just a setup and the photo is edited however Vicky is still mad, she then shows him the signs of how their fingers are different and there is not a mole on the right hand of the women in the photos, Dev agrees when Alena receives a text from the blackmailer, who threatens to send the photos on the entire social media if she doesnot give him twenty five lac rupees, Vicky blames Alena for being the one because of whom this got too far, Sonakshi is driving her car when she receives a call from Vicky, it is Alena on the call who explains the entire situation, Sonakshi mentions that the friend of Dev is the commissioner, Vicky also knows him so they both should go and have a meeting with him.

Sanjana is in her office when the employee brings another coffee and plans for her, he handing her the file of the school asks her to also take a look at it, she reads the name of the school, the employee replies Dev sir is making this school on the name of his mother in law, Sanjana is really impressed when the employee replies it is not just that but he also takes care of every small necessity of the employee, Sanjana asks then who takes care of such a man, the employee replies of course his wife Sonakshi, not much people know that he loves his wife a lot and so she also takes immense care of him, Sanjana standing up exclaims that this is really a good news.

Sonakshi during the session explains that she was really impressed with what he has done as she never thought he would make a new school in the name of her mother and it is really good, Dr Navya says she is also impressed with what he was able to do, Dev mentions he is getting late for a meeting so needs to leave and now thinks that things are sorted between them so there is no need for such sessions, Dr Navya questions if they really think they can share whatever is in their hearts with each other.

Sanjana is in the office, she takes up the magazine with the photo of Dev and exclaims that she knows his wife would be taking good care of his needs but someone like him needs to have someone who can give him whatever he desires, she knows only one person who can give him that, she turns to look at her reflection in the mirror.

Sonakshi and Dev both agree they feel they can reveal whatever problems are in their hearts to each other, Dr Navya asks why it took so much time, so mentions that comfort level is made up of trust level so when there is not complete trust then even a small pebble can ruin their relation but if the trust is strong then they both can walk holding the hands of each other. So if they feel like this then should go ahead as they would know they are always there for each other, Sanjana exclaims that while being a relationship, they can also change the partners, Sonakshi replies she is getting nervous, Dr Navya says it is good asking does she not know when the students get nervous, it is because of the hope for a good result, they both get really nervous.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonakshi opens the tiffin so gets shocked wondering where did one of the boxes come from as she did not send the food. Sanjana receives a call so asks Sanjana who is she, Sanjana replies has her husband not saved the contact with her name, Sonakshi gets really tensed.

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Telecast Date:9th September 2021
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