Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th September 2021 In the house everyone is sitting when Ishwari asks the children to also come and have something to eat, Shuv comes with a plate seeing which asks what they are eating, he replies that Aayush made it for them and it is really delicious, she after tasting praises Veid for always thinking about others, Soha then feels nervous.

Sanjana is in the office of Dev, she applies his perfume and smelling it mentions that she likes his smell even, she doesnot see the photo frame and suddenly turns, she is shocked to see that someone is arriving.

Saurabh asks Bijoy to not eat the ice cream as he is feeling cold, Bijoy replies that he would not leave the ice cream but will wait until the air conditioner is turned off, Dev and Saurabh however say they would not turn off them as everyone should not suffer because of him, Bijoy questions if he is also making him feel that he is old, Dev mentions it is not that but they should not look away from the truth, he would not turn of the air conditioner but has another idea, he brings the shawl for Bijoy, they all enjoy the moment.

Sanjana turns, she is shocked to see another employee entering the office who asks if Dev sir has left, Sanjana replies that she also just came to place the file however ended up ruining everything, she mentions there is nothing to worry about as she would correct everything, Sanjana once again leaves without seeing the photo.

Aayush is with Soha in the kitchen asking if she did not like the pancakes, she replies that she liked them and even Shub ate them all but she did not feel comfortable when Ishwari praised him because she never praised her for any work, Soha herself exclaims she never did anything worthwhile praising, remembering she would help maa and Dida while she was in Kolkata, Aayush asks if she would like to learn as they will make something which has never been prepared before.

Dev is sitting, Sonakshi asks if he brought the oils, he however clarifies that they are a gift, she offers to massage him as it would sooth his nerves, suggesting that he should take some break, he explains he gets happy when she smiles but he cannot miss the opportunity of the massage, he sits down when she asks him to take a leave, he pulls her beside him, they both share a laugh but suddenly get up hearing that Ishwari is arriving, she entering the room asks Dev to sleep after drinking the milk as he got really tired, Sonakshi mentions she also said the same thing to him, Ishwari mentions that she is really happy to see that Sonakshi always takes care of every small thing of Dev but this way is not right because when a mother massages the child, the hairs tend to grow however when the wife does it then the hair is lost, she leaves, Sonakshi asks Dev what is he thinking.

Bijoy is on the table when he is calling all of the contacts, the PG is really satisfied but Bijoy exclaims he has given all the contacts but not the number of his father, he asks if there is any problem otherwise his father would have called by now, the PG says that he is an adult and whatever he wants to know should ask from him, Saurabh mentions it is enough and he should go to his room, Bijoy once again goes asking if he has remembered all the rules, the PG closes the door.

Ishwari enters the room, she is shocked asking why are both Soha and Aayush not sleeping, he explains that they have made something really special for her, Soha hands her the glass of coca milk, she mentions it would have a lot of sugar but Aayush replies Soha made it for her, Ishwari realizing that Soha made it immediately takes the glass mentioning that she would drink it but they must not tell their mother, she really praises Soha but advises that they must not go alone as it is dangerous when Aayush says she made it with her heart, Ishwari explains she is really grateful to have such a caring family, then advises them to go and sleep, Soha thanks Aayush, he replies that it is the duty of a brother to take care of his sister.

Dev is with Sonakshi, she says that they have got the message for the therapy session, then Dev asks why do they need it because he is there for her, she asks him to come as he would massage however he refuses asking if she did not listen to Maa said because he doesnot want to loose his hairs so early, he throws a pillow at Sonakshi, she also throws soi they both start fighting, the children also enter the room, they ask them all to also join them, they are fighting as a family when Dev prays they never get any bad omen, he receives a call from Sanjana who asks him to check the email of her presentation as it is really important, Dev agrees to check so leaves the room.

Bijoy secretly enters the room of the new PG, he opens the bag when suddenly Saurabh enters asking him to come outside, he pulls Bijoy questioning what is he doing, Bijoy replies they should know every detail about the person who is living in their house, Saurabh replies he has questioned everyone so what more does he want, Bijoy says he is suspicious because no one could be so nice, Saurabh leaves saying he should do what he wants.

Sanjana is waiting when her friend comes questioning what is she waiting for, she replies she is waiting for the email of Dev sir, the friend questions if she doesnot think she si going in a suspicious area, Sanjana is convinced she wants to get close to Dev, so informs her friend how she doesnot want to hold back her heart and would let it fly, her friend leaves when Sanjana exclaims she wants to spend a perfect life with only Dev.

Dev after finishing the work decides to check what is happening, he opening the door sees that they all are sleeping, he corrects them all and then exclaims how he has a perfect life with Sonakshi and his children.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonakshi asks how the lunch was, Dev replies it is looking yummy, Sanjana asks if they have a man’s band, they both ask each other how the jewellery looks, Dev questions if she feels his wife would like it, Sanjana gets shocked to realize the truth.

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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
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