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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th July 2021 Sonakshi is calling Soha when Ishwari comes with mami jee, Sonakshi asks where is she, Ishwari replies she went with Vicky and would stay with Gollu for some time so that relieves her pain, Mami jee asks if she went for shopping, Sonakshi mentions that shopping is nothing short of stress, she hands the thing which she brought for Aayush, he calls her aunti when Mami je says she is his mom, he immediately rushes away, Sonakshi says that he would call her when he feels like so, Ishwari wonders what sort of a mother is she but she is glad that Soha is not at the house of Vicky, giving time to Aayush to spend some time with Sonakshi. She vows to take care of everything from now on.

Dev comes back when he sees Aayush with the skaters, he sitting beside him asks who brought it, Aayush takes the name of Sonakshi, Dev thinks it is good Sonakshi is trying to get close with Aayush, Dev questions why is their so much calmness in the house, where is Soha, Aayush mentions she has gone to the house of Gollu, he asks when will Soha be back, Dev questions if he is missing her but Aayush mentions there is nothing of the sort, it is just that she said ever since he came Dadi doesnot love her anymore, Dev assures him it is not like that but he has just arrived to this house which is why Soha is little insecure, Dev explains he also had three sisters, they were the best of friends and also made a lot of mistakes, Aayush mentions she is not his friend, Dev explains they are going to get him admitted to the same school, he would befriend her after some while.

Alena is on the call with Bojay and Sonakshi, explaining that her day went really good, and she even got fifty thousand likes on her new photo, Bojay says it feels Sonakshi had a troubled day, asking if Dev once again did something that stressed her, Sonakshi recalls when he said he would meet her at the favourite café but did not show up, she refuses but Bojay says that Dev is the problem in her life, he explains that it is said talk of the problem and it appears, he greets Dev, asking what is the reason Sonakshi is tensed, Dev mentions that she shares everything with him so would have told him, Bojay ends the call.

Dev says that this is her way of revealing the news to her family, Sonakshi mentions it is not wrong to talk with the family and he should also try it sometime, Dev recalls that he promised Sonakshi to meet her so realizing it goes to her apologizing for not being able to, he explains that some work came up and it got late so he thought she would have left the café, she asks what was so important, she gets a call from Jitin, she starts explaining that it is not correct and he should have a meeting so they consult the points, Dev tries to show her the reason, showing the magazine which has his photo on the cover. Sonakshi is busy when he leaves, after the call ends, she feels sorry so goes to him apologizing for not seeing him, he gets a call, she leaves and after it ends he also feels tensed.

Sonakshi calls Bojay asking him to meet her tomorrow for the admission of Aayush because she doesnot think Dev would be able to make it, Bojay says that they would come whenever she asks, she must not be tensed and must not think of the behavior of Dev as then she would not be able to take care of her children, Sonakshi replies it is not like that but just because of the admission of Aayush, Bojay mentions he saw Soha at the house of Alena and she should also come, Sonakshi mentions that she would come after the admission of Aayush, she agrees to meet him at nine in the morning.

Soha is telling Gollu the stories of how there was a ghost outside the window of her friend, she explains it was floating, Gollu says it would someone else, but Soha mentions her friend lives on the eight floor, Gollu rushes to Alena who comforts him saying that there is no such thing as a ghost, she asks Soha to tell some other story so he leaves.

Alena starts chatting with the person who asks if she came to meet him, Alena replies she came to meet her friend, but he mentions she should also have some fun and her husband is an idiot, she laughs, Gollu comes asking who is she chatting but she takes the mobile from him, the stalker praises her for how beautiful she was looking at the café and turns pink in the sun, she feels tensed so asks the children to get up, they both are playing.

Ishwari is standing when Aayush comes with the skaters, she says that Sonakshi has brought dangerous gift for him, he replies Sonakshi is not his mother and neither is she his grandmother as his Grandparents live at some other place, she is his aunti, he has to leave with Sonakshi.

Dev comes asking what has happened, Ishwari is really tensed saying that Aayush calls her as Aunti and doesnot consider Sonakshi as his mother which is not a good sign, she did not have the relation with her mother but knew about it however Aayush is not aware, he asks her to sit and have some tea while he will sort everything.

Dev enters the principal office, he asks Sonakshi why did she bring papa, she replies that she did not think he would really come to the place he promised to, they are asked to wait while the principal comes and mentions she thought they desired to get their son admitted to the kindergarten, Sonakshi asks if he did not talk with her in advance, she asks Aayush his name, he explains it is Ayushman Rohit Verma and his mother’s name is Minhal Verma. Dev asks Bojay to take Aayush outside, he explains he asked Dev to hire a lawyer, had he listened this would never have happened.

Soha and Gollu both are playing the game, she loses and thinks she desires to lock Aayush here, Gollu asks her to calm down as he would leave, Soha mentions it doesnot seem like he would leave by the way everyone is treating him, Gollu explains then it means she would befriend Aayush and forget him, Soha mentions only Gollu is her friend while she hates Aayush.

The principal mentions they respect everything that has happened but there are some rules, and they cannot break them, until they have the proper paperwork, Aayush cannot be admitted to the school as it would create problems, Dev agrees to return with the paperwork, coming outside the office, Dev explains he is going to the house of Mr Verma with Aayush as then he would be able to have a proper conversation, Sonakshi asks him to sort it out, and inform them that they want to adopt Aayush with their family name, Dev assures her.

Aayush greets his Grandparents, showing his grandmother the skates which Sonakshi brought for him, she replies she has made his favorite dish, he asks if she has taken her medicine and also requests her to tell him a story.

Mr Verma sitting with Dev explains he knows that they as a family would be taking care of Aayush and their was only one thing missing and it is the mother of love, he is glad that Dev’s wife is fulfilling those needs, Dev mentions he is right because she always think of him, Mr Verma mentions that even Aayush would have started considering them as their family, Dev mentions he needs to talk with them and they have to sign the paper, Mr Verma explains that he feels it is not right to sign the papers of adoption as Aayush is the last hope they have of furthering the name of Rohit and it doesnot seem suitable to ruin it, Dev is tensed hearing his desire to retain the custody.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Alena explains it was the planning of Ishwari to send Soha with Vicky, to give some time so she can bond with Aayush. Ishwari sitting with pandit jee asks for some solution as they cannot bond with Aayush, he suggests they change the name and it would show a better change, Ishwari mentions they would name him Veid.

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Telecast Date:30th July 2021
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