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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th August 2021 Dev is in the office, the women asks where is the charging point then seeing that it has charged twenty percent, she takes it out, Dev going to her recognizes that she was the one who took his bouquet, Alena asks Sonakshi where is Dev, she replied he had a meeting with Mr Bakshi, Alena asks if it is Misses because she saw him with a women.

Sometime earlier Dev asks Bijoy to reveal who was the one to ask him to bring the non-Veg, he starts acting then explains it was Ishwari who asked him, everyone gets shocked hearing this, Ishwari looking at Bijoy then asks Radha what did she mean when she said Ishwari would punish him, Ishwari then asks Bijoy saying that he was not even able to do one task properly, Dev going to Ishwari asks why did she ask Bijoy, Ishwari replies she knows she has never changed her rules for anyone but now only wants to do it so that her children remain happy, she did it for Veid because he likes to eat them, she calls Veid near her mentioning that he can eat all that he likes, Dev asks how did she come to know he likes Non Veg, Ishwari replies it happened today in the morning, she reveals that Soha and Veid came to her while she was making cutlets, he talked about Chicken and then left after apologizing which is when she realized he really likes it, and cou8ld not eat it in their house, she knows he accepted that they changed his name so she decided to also accept the change, Dev explains it is not a small change as she did not do anything of the sort for any of her children but did it for her grandson.

Veid immediately hugs Ishwari, he thanks her calling her as Dadi, she is not able to believe it, the entire family is also overjoyed when Ishwari hugs Dev while crying with happiness, she even kisses Veid.

In the night Gollu while eating exclaims he cannot believe it, Soha also says she cannot believe it because she was allowed to eat chicken because of Aayush, he asks if she wants some more, but she declines, Gollu questions since when she changed her sides.
Dev while eating mentions he has never seen Ishwari and Bijoy on the same side, explaining if Asha maa was alive she would have taken the side of Ishwari, teasing Bijoy, Sonakshi is not able to bear it so leaves, Dev tries to go after her but Alena stops him, she going to Sonakshi mentions that she must accept the truth even when it is harsh, Sonakshi explains she doesnot want to talk about it.

In the morning Sonakshi is getting ready when Dev comes from behind asking what happened yesterday, she doesnot tell him mentioning they are getting late for the session, Dev however replies he can give her better treatment when Sonakshi says that a single session would not be any useful they have to try it, she asks what would they say to Maa, she comes to their room asking what do they want to tell her about, Dev says he has a meeting in Noida, she asks he wanted to say he has a meeting in Noida, Dev replies it is because he will get late, she then turns to Sonakshi who says she has a seminar and so is getting late, they both eave when Ishwari gets suspicious thinking they both are hiding something from her but she doesnot know what is it.

Dev and Sonakshi are both with the doctor, she instructs them to only think of their best moments, they must imagine they have gone for a vacation alone, Dev asks if she meant he has gone on a vacation alone, the doctor replies this dream of his cannot come true, Dev says he did not mean it like that, Sonakshi says he did not say why could he not take Sonakshi with him, he responds that feels they both are teasing him. the doctor then asks them to respond with yes or no for some questions which she asks, moving on to the next exercise she asks them to pose as a couple for her while drinking the juice, they both sit very far apart, she starts laughing so asks them if this is their best pose and they should act like a couple, they are sitting really separate apart and a third person can come in between them, they both get close, she takes the photo.

The doctor asks if they can compare the results, she shows them a photo of the present where they are drinking from separate glasses after which she shows the second photo which she found from social media where they are drinking from one glass, she explains they are living in different worlds while living together.

Ishwari is cooking the foods, Radha comes to her, Ishwari questions where she went, Radha mentions she went to the Mandir to bring the locket for them both, Ishwari has amazed her yesterday and proved that love for the children has no bounds, so she now prays that the love of Sonakshi and Dev doesnot get any sort of evil eye from anyone, Ishwari wonders how she would ask them. Radha says that she is their mother so would be able to do it.

Dev and Sonakshi are still with the doctor, she asks if they should look at the answers, both of them are really amazed when she explains they both only agreed on one answer that there is a chance of fighting while travelling, she is however glad they are still honest, she mentions there is a task for the both of them, they both must do it separately and stand close to each other, they both agree.

Bijoy is sitting with Ronita advising her to ask Saurabh to check the details of the tenant carefully, she assures of informing him as soon as he walks in, Saurabh comes to sit with them asking what they are talking about, Bijoy instructs him to check the details of the tenant carefully, Saurabh assures that the person is a really genuine person and when Bijoy would meet him he would also like him. Bijoy asks for the money but Saurabh signals that it is gone, Ronita questions if he has spent it all, Saurabh assures he did not spend it on himself but had to pay for the new car and also the fees of Mishti, Bijoy questions when would he get serious, Saurabh assures he would take care of everything, Bijoy questions why can he not be like his sister, he however pays no heed, Bijoy then gets a headache.

Dev ends the meeting, he sees that the women is removing his mobile so questions what is she doing, he recognizes that she took his bouquet, she hands him his letter, he questions if she read it, she immediately refuses when he replies that it was childish however she murmurs that it was romantic, she requests him to let her charge his mobile as it is dead and she needs to watch the scores of the game, Dev is amazed saying he has never seen any girl who is so interested in watching cricket, the women replies she doesn’t do anything when Virat is playing and if she was a boy her father would have named her Sachin, Dev tells her his name, she also reveals her name is Sanjana. Dev questions if she would like to watch the game, they both start enjoying, Alena is in the same cafe where she sees Dev with her, Alena gets shocked when Sanjana mentions she believes in serendipity as she met him twice in such a big city, Dev explains there is nothing of the sort because it was just coincidence.

Sonakshi is sitting in her office when Alena comes to her, Sonakshi shows her the recipes mentioning that Shuv really likes them, Alena explains she also has a husband asking where he is, Sonakshi replies he would be in his office as he had a meeting, Alena questions if it was with a women because she saw him and it did not seem like a formal meeting. Sonakshi however replies that she doesnot believe it to be true, Sanjana offers to pay the money because she even took his bouquet, he agrees which forces to compliment how cool he is, Alena asks if Sonakshi recalls her cards, she wonders if this women is the storm, Sonakshi doesnot believe her after which Alena leaves, Sonakshi thinks what the doctor said that sometimes they don’t even realize how far away they get which gives the chance to someone else.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonakshi calls to Dev, he places his hand over her eyes asking her to come with him, he lifts his hand after reaching the terrace, she is shocked to see there is a dinner table just for the both of them. Dev is sitting in the office when a women comes in, he turns the chair and is amazed to see Misses Sanjana standing in front of him.

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Telecast Date:30th August 2021
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