Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th September 2021 Dev is with Sanjana, she recites a poem of love which she has written for him and in it she exclaims how much she loves her, Sanjana is shocked to hear that she loves Dev.

Some time earlier Sanjana drops her key chain with the name Gypsy girl when Sonakshi also reveals the same name that she heard it from the caller who spoke in the last night radio show, Sonakshi leans to pick it up when Sanjana herself pulls the key chain appreciating Sonakshi for her time, Sanjana thinks that she would be friend her and then will eb able to come close to Dev sir in his own world.

Ishwari is sitting at the table when Neha serves her a lot of food, Ishwari asks what is she doing as she must come to talk with her, Neha insists on doing exclaiming that neither Bhai nor Bhabhi have any time for her, Dev and Sonakshi also come back to the house, they both greet Ishwari when Dev asks why does she seen so sad, she refuses to say that there is anything wrong, Sonakshi also exclaims something has happened that made her sad, Neha asks them both to stop acting as they live with Maa so have the responsibility for her health, they both live with her so they should have realized it in the morning, Ishwari tries to stop her but Neha requests her to let her speak, Neha mentions that her entire life revolves around her son so he should have taken care of her, she explains that today is the wedding anniversary of Maa and Father, he must have remembered how much does Maa miss their father this day, she leaves in anger.

Dev apologizes to Ishwari explaining that he was busy so forgot and even when this is just an excuse he is apologetic, Sonakshi also apologizes for not remembering how important this day is to her, Ishwari assures it doesnot matter when Sonakshi explains she knows how important this day is to her, Dev goes to hug Ishwari who starts weeping.

Sanjana in her house exclaims this is the day for which she was waiting for ever since she came to Mumbai, she takes out the picture of Rohit Verma and reads out his entire bio data, she exclaims how she has finally found the person who would help her get to her final destination.

In the night Dev brings some flowers and placing them in a vase presents it to Ishwari, she exclaims how some scents bring out the memories from the past as she recalled how his father would always give her a flower at their wedding anniversary, Dev explains that even then he did not remember anything, Ishwari explains he must not be worried since she always recalled him in her heart as they never celebrated any such event, Ishwari explains how she also got this present from Neha, Dev gets excited taking the watch mentioning how he knows it is his watch which he used to wear in his right hand and when he would lift him, it would hurt him so he would request his father to hold him from his left hand, Dev lies down on the laps of Ishwari explaining she has worked a lot and is really a strong women, Ishwari also mentions he has done a lot to get to this position, she requests him to not be angry with Neha because she doesnot know what is going on in her life even when she is her mother, Dev assures her to not be worried as he would talk with Neha.

Sanjana is working on the laptop when she receives a call from the Merchant, she reveals how she got the photo and would go to meet Mr Rohit, the Merchant explains she would not be able to since Mr Rohit died three months ago in a car accident, Sanjana is shocked to hear this and ends the call, Sanjana wonders how would she be able to get to her destination when she came so close and then lost her path.

In the morning Dev is having breakfast with everyone when Shuv comes to him saying he needs to feed his piggy, Dev smiling asks what should he feed the piggy then Dev gives the note, but Shuv explains Dev has lost and if his teacher would not give Dev any star, since they put coins in the piggy and not money, Shuv stop Neha from sitting at the seat at which his mom sits, Sonakshi gets tensed then asks Neha to come and sit down, but she explains that she is not the member of this family anymore.

Dev assures Ishwari and Sonakshi that he will take care of everything, Neha is sitting in the room when Dev comes exclaiming that today a secret would be revealed, he opens his hands seeing which Neha takes out a sweet and eats it, Dev sitting beside her ask if everything is fine in her house, Neha refuses to say anything when Ishwari also comes inside questioning what has happened in her house as she should tell everything, Neha explains that last night the fuse went out which has been fixed and even everyone is fine, Dev asks why did she not say anything about her husband ever since she came back, Neha explains they are not like a new couple so he was busy at work and she desired to come to her mothers house, she questions if she should not have come, Radha and Baldev also enter the room, Dev takes Neha outside. Baldev and Radha exclaims Ishwari was right as Neha is in some sort of tension but every parent desire that all her children remain happy and contended it their lives, she goes to pray in the Mandir.

Sonakshi and Alena both try to explain to the new PG that it is nothing to worry about because he must go and just identify the culprits as the police commissioner has revealed that they have arrested everyone and assured no one would ever tease him but for this he has to be strong and fight back.

Sanjana comes to the office when Sukhi is talking with Mona, they both greet Sanjana who seems tensed, she however refuses to reveal about anything which is going on in her life, Sukhi reveals the rule that everyone who is in any sort of tension has to explain it since they can then solve it, Sanjana walks away but hears Sukhi explaining how he never saw her so tensed, Sanjana looking at the photo of Rohit thinks how it is really important that she meets with Dev since, she has to reveal a big secret and if he is not coming to the office, she would come to meet him at his house.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjana sitting in front of Dev starts reading a poetry mentioning how the heart was not able to control itself so the words came to the mouth, she reveals how she loves Dev. He gets shocked hearing this, Sonakshi is also stunned after hearing this from the corner.

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Telecast Date:24th September 2021
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