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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd September 2021 Ishwari comes out while Dev and Sonakshi are both already sitting at the table, Ishwari asks if Dev already knew, he replies he knows in such a weather they both like to eat kachori, he helps her sit down, Sonakshi says that it is just for today, Dev agrees saying he knows that from tomorrow they would have to eat the same oats, there is a bell on the door when Sonakshi is about to stand but Ishwari stops her saying she would herself go as she even needs to bring her medicine.

Ishwari opens the door, she is shocked to see Neha standing so hugs her, Sonakshi after hugging her asks why she not informed them as they would have then come to pick her up, Neha asks why she is being so formal as she has come to her own house, she exclaims Sonakshi has talked like a Bhabhi, Dev asks her to come inside saying they can talk while being in the house.

He leads her to the table saying she has come at the right time since he has brought the kachori for her, he while sitting explains he felt as if his sister would come so they need to take care of her, he advises Sonakshi to hurry up as then he would drop her to the office so they can come back early and spend some time with Neha, she asks if they would go to their office even today, Ishwari stops her asking Dev to pour some chutney on the kachori otherwise it doesnot seem nice. Dev agrees so she pours some, she then asks Neha if she would like to have some, but they both then stop and are nervous.

Bijoy is sitting when there is a knock on the door, he is amazed to see Dev and welcomes him asking where is Sonakshi, Dev replies he has come alone, Bijoy questions if there is anything wrong, Dev asks why can he not come alone to meet him, Bijoy questions if he would like to have something to eat then brings some fruits, Dev explains Sonakshi said that Bijoy needed some help in learning how to perform an online transaction,

Dev then explains how Bijoy must first make an id and then make a password after which he would be able to perform the transition, he then also can use a biometric, Dev requests Bijoy to send hundred rupees to him, Bijoy sees the new PG going into the room so asks why is he covering his face, they are shocked to see the injuries on his face, Bijoy questions if he once again got in a boxing match, the new PG explains it was not a match but Dev explains he knows how the injury of a street fight looks like so then demands him to tell each and everything.

Sonakshi in the house asks Jitin to take care of all the meetings as she would not be able to come to the office, she turns to find Ishwari standing with her bag, she demands Sonakshi go to her office otherwise she would herself go, Sonakshi explains Ishwari is also tensed while Neha has also come back so she thought of spending some time with them both, Ishwari explains that she knows Sonakshi also has really important work in the office so must leave.

Dev and Bijoy are sitting with the PG, Dev asks what happened, PG mentions do they think he is not an Indian just because he is different in appearance, he doesnot have the right to live, Dev explains this is straight bullying, Bijoy asks Dev what should they do to stop this because he knows the new PG is not bad of heart, Dev assures he would talk with commissioner and sort this out.

Dev walks by the office of Sanjana when she stops him, wishing him good morning explaining she needs to tell him something, he replies he knows what she wants to say, she is amazed when he replies he knew it since last night, she wonders if he heard her voice on the radio, Dev mentions he got a mail from the board of trustee of the school, that her designs were approved so she can come to his office where they will talk.

Dev is in his office when Sanjana knocks on the door, he asks her to come in, she going near him mentions she wants to tell him how she feels, he says she can go ahead, she replies she doesnot know how he will react if she reveals, she is hesitant when he replies she doesnot have any need to be hesitant, she is not able to reveal her feelings when Dev turns mentioning she loves these designs but even he knows they are a little expensive but since they both like it, then he believes they can move ahead, Sanjana replies she was not talking about this but then Sukhi comes in the office to inform that Dev has a meeting with the lawyers, he thanks Sukhi for reminding him, Sanjana says she will come back but Dev asks what did she came to say, he gets a call so apologizes saying they will talk later.

Neha is with Ishwari mentioning how she feels Ishwari is not happy and she cannot see any effort of anyone to keep her smiling, Ishwari explains they both do not know what they know so they might have forgotten, Soha and Aayush enter the room exclaiming their music class has ended, Soha is amazed to see Neha so greets her when Aayush also greets her, Neha mentions she brought gifts for the both of them and even hands them the gift of Shuv, Soha leaves with Aayush saying they would open them in their room.

Neha exclaims Aayush is really a beautiful child and she cannot understand why he was away from them for so long and it was because of Sonakshi’s parent’s, Ishwari replies they cannot blame them for everything, Ishwari asks what has she done to her hair and she would apply the oil, Neha questions since when did she realize that even her daughter needs some massage, Ishwari explains that all the children are the same for her so she should come, Ishwari brings the oil when Neha explains she has brought something for her, Neha takes out the watch, Ishwari asks from where did she get the watch of her father, Neha asks if she recalls the red jacket which her father gifted to her, she took it with her after getting married and found the watch in its pocket. Ishwari replies that after the children get married, the parents are forced to live with such memories.

Sonakshi is with Dev on the call, he asks why is she glowing so much, she replies it is because Bijoy was really happy after learning how to make online payment, Dev asks if he told her the person who taught him, Sonakshi refuses when Dev questions when will her father praise him, she replies when his mother would praise her, Sonakshi suggests how they should leave early because Maa was not in a good mood and even Neha was rude to her, Dev agrees with her idea.

Sonakshi is packing when she receives a call for an urgent consultation, she asks them to send the patient in, Sanjana enters the cabin greeting Sonakshi, she asks her to come and sit, Sanjana replies it is not all right as she always gets cramps in her stomachs so the doctor said it is related to her diet and she has a problem because she consumes a lot of dairy and this is why they would need to change her diet, she asks Sanjana to give her the email because she really needs to rush back to the house because Dev sister Neha has come and she is really important to them, Sanjana appreciates Sonakshi for her time so decides to text the email, she while taking out her mobile drops the key chain with the Gyspsy name, Sonakshi takes it without even looking at the keychain which worries Sanjana.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sanjana exclaims she has found the person who would lead her to her destiny and his name is Rohit Verma, she enters the house going to Dev while he is with Sonakshi, she calls him mentioning there is something really important.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2021
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