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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st September 2021 Sanjana enters the room of Dev sir, she is mesmerized by the things and goes straight to look at the suits of Dev, Sonakshi enters the room questioning what she is doing here.

Sometime earlier Ishwari asks Sanjana who is she and what is all this stuff, Radha explains that Dev has sent the fast food for her Varth and even the things that she asked for the pooja, she leaning to Ishwari explains that Sanjana doesnot look like a delivery girl, Sanjana reveals she is an employee of Dev sir and is actually the chief designer, Ishwari then welcomes her inviting her into the house, Sanjana is not able to take her eyes off the house, Ishwari asks what happened to her feet,

Sanjana explains that she hurt feet, Ishwari sits with Sanjana, she asks Ishwari to check if all these things are as per her requirements, Ishwari is really amazed so questions how did she know how to buy them, Sanjana explains her mother also used to do all the pooja but she saw a shop near the office however did not feel like buying them from here because there was a meat shop nearby, she then saw the name of the shop on the list so with the help of the driver bought all these things from that particular shop.

Saurabh and Ronita are leaving, she explains that until they come back Alena will take care of Mishti and he must not be worried about, Bijoy asks Saurabh what did he do about the gift, Saurabh replies he bought the one which was able to afford, Bijoy stops him, taking out the wallet hands him some money saying he must buy something nice for his friend as he is giving such a big party so what would he think that Saurabh is such a minimizer, Saurabh smiling leaves after hugging Bijoy, the new PG exclaims that sometimes Bijoy scolds him while sometimes he is so nice,

Bijoy explains that he would not understand until he is himself a father, Bijoy questions if he has a girlfriend but when the new PG says he is still single, Bijoy replies he would not have any girlfriend until he keeps this haircut, PG teases Bijoy saying he is jealous of the haircut which is why he is saying this, Bijoy threatens to himself burn his weird haircut.

Ishwari offers Sanjana some healthy multi grain biscuit then also mentions that this is homemade, she explains that the women of this generation do not prefer it and she is only saying it because this younger generation do not prefer such oily food, Sanjana replies she however considers the homemade food to be the best, as she really loved them, Radha thinks that she has come to be the chief girl in making people like them, Ishwari asks where is her mother, Sanjana replies that she is no more, Ishwari explains she must not be tensed as Dev always considers his staff to be his own family and since now she has come into their house so they are also her family,

Shuv comes with a ball, Ishwari exclaims that little Dev has come, he throws a ball towards Sanjana which she catches, she asks if he would become her friend, he explains she must play a game with him which his mother has placed upstairs, she goes with him into the room, Sanjana is shocked to see it is the room of Dev, Shuv opens the wardrobe pointing towards the game which is at the back, she takes it out when Sonakshi comes questioning what is happening.

Sanjana is shocked to see her, she explains that Shuv brought her into the room when she did not know that it was her room, Sonakshi however says that she is the one who needed to apologize as she was high under the influence and so said all those awful things, Sanjana replies there is no need since she spoke the truth and she should not call so late for the office related matters, Ishwari also comes asking what are they doing since the tea would get cold, Ishwari mentions how Sanjana brought all the things listed in the grocery, Sonakshi questions why would she bring them, Sanjana replies that it was because Dev sir left his wallet in the office so she thought of bringing them all.

Sanjana is with Sonakshi downstairs when Shuv comes but he is about to fall, Sanjana manages to save him, Sonakshi seeing how she is herself hurt thanks her for saving Shuv, Sanjana mentions that there is no need since she is now a friend of Shuv, friends tend to protect each other. Dev and Sonakshi both walk with Sanjana to show her the way out, she purposefully touches Dev’s hand, walking beside him she thinks how it was a dream to come to his house, she mentions there is no need to come as she can manage herself, Sanjana while sitting in the car thinks how she never thought she would fall in love with him, she has made it into his house, soon would also make sure he is with her in all aspects of life.

In the morning Sonakshi is worried since the children have not packed anything she calls them and is also shocked to see Dev is not tidy, so starts correcting him, he pulls her closer when she questions what he is doing since Maa and children are both really close, they both smell something then realizing it is of Halwa rush to the kitchen.

Dev questions her what she is doing, Ishwari replies she is making this for Sanjana as she was herself hurt but even then, brought the things for the varth and Pooja, she thought of making this for her since she is an orphan.

Sanjana is getting ready when Rena comes with all of her mails, Sanjana thanks her but she gets tensed when she is not able to find the letter of the Merchant, she calls the B an G asking what did they promised, saying she would surely get the letter before 8 but they assure her she would get it, Rena asks what sort of thing is in that letter, Sanjana replies it is something important for which she came to Mumbai but life has something else which is why she met Dev and now she is really waiting for that letter.

Ishwari asks Dev to give her the halwa just as he reaches the office, he also asks her to pack some for him, Ishwari questions does he need to say this, she even packs for him when Sonakshi asks Maa how does she know Sanjana would like the Halwa, Ishwari explains Sonakshi did not see how she was eating her homemade dish, she knows Sanjana would also like the Halwa, Ishwari starts packing the lunch boxes for the children, Ishwari says that if Dev is busy then she can also call her, Ishwari explains that it is just Sonakshi doesnot know how to buy the things as she never kept any Varth, Sonakshi explains there is nothing to worry about since she would learn it. Ishwari smiles thinking Sonakshi might also be learning how to become a good daughter in law from the doctor.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sanjana is on the call in a radio show, she is asked to reveal her story, Sonakshi also recognizes the voice, Sanjana explains she really loves someone but he is a married man, Sonakshi feels tensed while Dev doesnot understand.

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Telecast Date:21st September 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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