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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th September 2021 Sanjana is really excited that Dev sir is texting me in the middle of the night, she reads that Dev sir wrote her to take care of herself and ask him if she needs anything in order to take care of her feet, her friend asks Sonakshi to come out of her obsession as any suitable man would say the same thing, Sanjana asks why is she swaying it is a obsession as she has moved ahead of all the stages of love, and now the only thing which is left is pure love, she exclaims to Rena that she loves him and one sided love is a like a drug which cannot end as there is nothing to lose in it but just to achieve their desires, she looking Dev playing the guitar stands up to go to the television, she massages her hand against his video thinking as if he is actually with her.

In the morning Sonakshi wakes up, she placing her hand over her forehead asks Dev what is the time, she is shocked to hear it is nine o clock so questions why did he not wake her as it got really late, Dev then gives her the drink which would end her hangover, she questions what does he mean as she did not understand and remember anything which happened last night, Dev mentions what she did last night would not be forgotten, she gets really worried asking him about what she said, he assures her to calm down as he was just diverting her attention from the headache, he explains she was looking really cute, he leaves asking her to rest while he needs to leave for his office, she wonders what has she said to Sanjana wondering if she needs to apologize.

Dev is walking while he is on the call asking what happened as he has the blue print in his hand, he then opens it on the table, Ishwari sees that he is busy so places the list of the groceries in his purse so thinks he would see it after reaching the office, Shub comes to hold the sarree of Ishwari, she hugs him, she asks him to come as she would make the dish which he likes the most.
Ishwari is with Radha making the corn, Radha asks if Ishwari has given Dev the list of groceries, Ishwari replies he was really busy with his work so she was not able to give it to him but placed it in his wallet as she knows he would see it, Radha questions if she feels he would remember it, Ishwari replies no matter how busy he gets, Dev always has time for his mother as when someone who is so busy like Dev remembers the knee pain of his father then it proves he has not changed even a bit, Baldev comes to them mentioning it was a special moment in the old days when they used to work for the livelihood but it seems that the younger generation is only worried about working the most, he asks why did she not give him the list, Ishwari mentions Dev always finds time to complete the chores which she asks him to do, Shuv says when he would get older and wear suits like Dev, he will always bring anything with Ishwari asks him to, she immediately asks Shuv to come and hug her, Sonakshi hears their conversation from the corner so thinks of informing Dev to surely bring the groceries as she knows how much it means to Maa.

Dev is in the office with Sukhi discussing the phase which they need to complete first as it is the place where they would have to adjust the workforce, dev sees Sanjana coming in the office, Sukhi even takes the files from her so she sits down, Dev asks what did the doctor say, Sanjana replies it is fine as the doctor gave her some medicines and said the sweeling would end soon, Sukhi leaves assuring he would look into the matter.

Dev asks Sanjana to stay in her office as she must rest her leg, she can even work from home if she desires, Sanjana replies how would she be able to meet him if she stays back, she then mentions it is because they have to discuss about the projects, Dev explains he doesnot know how Sonakshi’s drink got changed as she herself doesnot recall what happened. He mentions he cares a lot for his employees, she thinks if he just considers him to be an employee. Dev is sitting when his assistant comes asking if he can meet with the CA tomorrow at four pm, Dev checks his diary then refuses saying he is busy, he leaves after getting a call and then she recalls how she knows he doesnot have any meeting but reads it is MTS, she asks Sukhi jee if he knows what is MTS, but doesnot accept his suggestion, so then starts to wonder what MTS is.

Sonakshi is with Dr Navya, she shows her the video where she is arguing with Sanjana, the doctor asks if she is worried about what will happen next, Sonakshi replies she trusts Dev really loves her and trusts him as they have come closer after so many sessions with her but has a weird feeling when Sanjana is with her, Dr Navya replies it is good since this means she even loves him a lot more, Sonakshi feels relieved to hear about this.

Sanjana is in her cabin, she is not able to figure out the initials MTS, so asks Mona about the contact of Sonakshi, she calls them seeking an appointment for four pm the next day, she is relieved to know Sonakshi has an appointment with Dr Navya, Sanjana figures out the MTS, she searches for Dr Navya only to find out it is as per her thoughts because they only go to a therapist if there is something wrong, she is really glad that the relation is not perfect.

Dev is with Sukhi when he receives a call from Sonakshi so asks what can he do for her, she replies she needs to say two things to him, one is sorry and other thank you, he asks why is she apologizing, she mentions how she saw the video and is getting really embarrassed, Dev says that there is no need since it happens in a party, he then asks what the thanks was for, she replies it was because she was really drunk but he handled her with a lot care without scolding her, he while walking mentions tis is what the partners are for so when he is drunk the next time she can help him, he while walking drops his wallet, Sanjana tries calling him but he doesnot listen and leaves.

Sonakshi asks Dev to bring the things on the list which maa placed in his wallet, he is shocked to see tat his wallet is missing, he receives a text from Sanjana informing him that the wallet is in the office, he relies he would collect it on the way back, then gets amazed, Sanjana takes out the list and rads it, she wonders what is it doing in his wallet, so recalls how the pillar in his life is his mother, Sanjana is sure these are the responsibilities of a daughter in law so why is Dev sir doing them, Sanjana thinks what is the reason.

There is a doorbell, Radha opens it to find Sanjana standing, she greets Radha, mentioning how she has brought the things needed for the varth, Radha thinks she would an employee so asks about the bill which Sanjana doesnot want to give, Ishwari coming questions who is she, Sanjana realizes she is the mother of Dev.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sanjana feels really delighted to enter the house of Dev, she reaches his room and is shocked to witness so many photo frames, Sanjana opens the wardrobe to touch the suits of Dev, Sonakshi coming from behind questions what is happening, Sanjana gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:20th September 2021
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