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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th September 2021 Bijoy and Baldev are playing with the children and even Mr and Misses Verma are in the house, the song stops at Soha, Ishwari asks her to take out the chit and when she reads it that they have to mimic one of the elders, she takes the glasses of Bijoy and acts as him, how he reacts when the family of Dev comes to their house, they once again start the game and it stop at Aayush, Misses Verma asks him to sing that song which she taught but Mr Verma says she must let him sing by himself, then Gollu exclaims his Grandmother is Radha who is also mad, they once again start the song when Aayush brings Ishwari singing the song to him, Misses Verma gets mad seeing this however Mr Verma exclaims he is glad how much Aayush has connected with this family.

The host asks the questions relating to Dev, she asks about the favourite colour and Sanjana is the one to answer it, they progress and at the end she asks which smell does Dev not like at all, Alena exclaims no one would be able to answer this question however Sanjana replies that he doesnot like the smell of Ginger, Sonakshi leans to Alena saying that it is suspicious how does Sanjana know this much about Dev, the host says that just as promised now the winner would get a gift for knowing their boss the best, she calls Dev on the stage, he walks up with Sonakshi who hands Sanjana the gift, warning her to stop roaming around Dev all the time, Sanjana gets mad hearing this so walks without looking and falls.

Everyone rushes to help her including Dev who even apologizes, Sonakshi asks why is eh apologizing when they did not push her, Dev assures no one is blaming her, Dev then mentions how they should go back to their house, Sanjana tries to remind Dev about the meeting, Sonakshi asks what is she doing as they are in the party and enjoying so why does she have to always talk about work, Dev insists on leaving however Sonakshi is hell bend on talking with Sanjana, she questions why does Sanjana always call Dev in the night as can she not leave a text, Dev gets worried when Sonakshi says Sanjana even calls Dev early to the office not knowing that he is her husband in the house, Sonakshi even says that the gift which she gifted was not right because Dev is allergic to them and she should not give any more gifts, Dev apologizes to Sanjana asking if she is fine, he says that he would take her back home, Alena says that she feels Sonakshi might have had some strong drink, she then is under the influence, Dev explains he would take care of her asking Vicky to drop Sanjana to her house.

Bijoy is arguing with Saurabh who demands some money from Bijoy for the gifts of his friend but Bijoy says that he would not give any money to Saurabh, The new PG comes asking what is happening, Bijoy questions what interest does he have as it is a matter between him and his son, it is written in the rule book that he would not interfere in their household matters, Bijoy seeing his face asks what sort of a haircut is this, Saurabh exclaims it is the new fashion, Bijoy asks what sort of fashion is this when he doesnot have any hair, PG gets a call which he declines, Bijou taking it questions who does the number belong to since he is constantly refusing to talk with him, PG leaves informing the contact number belongs to his father whom he will talk with when he feels like.

PG is boxing in the room when Bijoy and Saurabh come, Bijoy explains that he must not avoid his father like this and should attend his calls, PG replies his father has no intention of seeing him get success, he wants to be an international boxer while his father only wants him to return to his village and work in the tea farm, his father thinks he is not capable of anything, Bijoy gets angry at the father wondering what sort of a person he is as he is not letting his son get success, Bijoy advises the new PG to give him the mobile whenever his father calls again as he would make him understand, PG asks if this is also written in the rules, Saurabh starts joking with him while Bijoy is also smiling.

In the night Dev is helping Sonakshi but he requests her to calm down, he informs her they have come back to the house, she is really tensed blaming what sort of a party was this as they are also in the house, she entering the house exclaims that there was a party even in their house, she insists on turning on the music then climbs on the table singing the song, Dev worrying asks her to come down but she doesnot listen and is constantly singing, he helps her come down but is worried that Maa would wake up and come to them, he tries to explain that Maa is coming but Sonakshi doesnot understand, Ishwari says that the children also enjoyed a lot and sleep because of being tired, Dev asks her to bring some cold water but then sends her back to bring him some warm water, Sonakshi exclaims they had nothing to eat at the party, he picking her up takes her to the room.

Dev closes the door while Sonakshi is lying down on the bed, he takes off her shoes when she calls him t her, he even takes off the earrings, she holds his hand towards him. Sonakshi starts searching for something, she asks for a pen then pulling him closer she writes that Devakshi would always remain together.

Sanjana is watching the video when her friend brings the Haldi milk, saying she would feel better, she asks if she realizes she is hurting but Sanjana mentions some injuries give more benefit as this would bring her even more close to Dev sir, her friend doesnot understand when Sanjana explains that such an injury which brings the care of Dev sir then what could be better for her.

Ishwari brings the warm water for Dev, she enters the room asking why Sonakshi not took off her clothes, Dev explains she got really tired, Ishwari exclaims she knows that Sonakshi has a lot of work to do as she even takes care of her office and Dev along with the children, Dev is worried if Sonakshi wakes up then Ishwari might get to know she is drunk, Ishwari explains that in todays party Soha gave a big surprise to Aayush as she invited his Grandparents to their party, and Aayush in front of them called her as Grandmother, she felt really nice because of it, Sonakshi once again tries to speak when Dev exclaims it has gotten really late so Ishwari should also go and sleep, he closes the door and is smiling while looking at Sonakshi.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonakshi waking up reveals her head is hurting, Dev hands her a drink saying it would end her hangover, Sonakshi replies she doesnot remember anything from yesterday, Dev says even if she doesnot remember anything all those who were at the party would remember it, she requests him to tell her everything. There is someone at the door, Ishwari opens it to find Sanjana standing at the front door.

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Telecast Date:17th September 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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