Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th September 2021 Sanjana is sitting looking at both Sonakshi and Dev, Vicky coming to Sanjana mentions she is really a rock star as the party is really amazing and it seems no one wants to go back home, Jitin also mentions he agrees with Vicky as Sanjana has achieved a lot, the host mentions that before they go to the dance floor they must the celebrate the reason for this party, she calls Dev to come on to the stage.

Alena says to Sonakshi there is no reason to doubt Dev but she must be really careful about Sanjana as she tries to be the one with brains and is actually really clever so they should watch out for her.

The entire family is enjoying the party when there is someone at the door, Bijoy explains he said they must lower the volume as it might irritate the neighbours and he feels they have come to scold them, Ishwari says he was the one who was making the most noise, Baldev assures Ishwari that it is nothing to be worried about as he would see who it is, Baldev opens the door to find Mr and Misses Verma, he welcomes them both,

Aayush gets really excited to see them both so immediately rushes to hug them, they ask how is Aayush when Ishwari asks them to come inside, she questions how did they come when Soha mentions she invited them as she has Ishwari and even Gollu has his grandparents but she thought it would be nice if the real grandparents of Aayush are also present, Ishwari says that she is really glad they have come but this time would not let them go back without eating and would not take no for an answer, she serves them the drink.

Dev coming on the mike explains that he is not a star but feels that there is always a women behind the success of a man, for him it was his mother because of whom the name of Ishwari infotech was kept and they are proud to launch their new tabs, the media starts taking the photos when Dev reveals that there is one other person who was always beside him in each and every matter, she is standing right in front of him, everyone starts clapping when he comes to hug Sonakshi calling her as the mother of his children, Sanjana’s friend asks if she has seen how much he loves his wife, Sanjana replies she has seen his love and even accepts it but just for herself.

The host says there is now a twist because there is a heart and all the women in the party will have to hit one of the dart on the heart, they start hitting the dart when the host calls both Sonakshi and Sanjana to come and hit the darts, Alena wishes luck to Sonakshi, she before throwing the dart looks with anger to Sanjana who realizes the thoughts going in the heart of Sonakshi, they both prepare their darts and throw it at the signal,

the host reveal that the partner of Misses Dixit is Jitin while the partner of Sanjana is Dev, Sonakshi gets angry looking at Sanjana who asks if Sonakshi doesnot mind if she dances with Dev, he asks her what has happened when Sonakshi replies it is nothing and he should go on to enjoy, she is about to walk away when Jitin stops her asking hwere is she going, he takes her to the dance floor where they all start, Sonakshi repeatedly sees Dev and Sanjana enjoying, she is really angry and is not concentrating on the dance but looking at how Sanjana is only looking at Dev,

Jitin questions where is she lost but she refuses, Dev asks Sanjana where is her boyfriend, Sanjana replies she was not able to keep the relationship as she did everything she could for the relation but if that person had to choose between his girlfriend and family, he would choose his family and so he left her one day, Dev asks why did she not question him about the reason, Sanjana replies she changed the city and job just to get away from him, and explains that the pain of breaking up ruins the person from the inside, Dev explains he knows the pain but it was different from him as he got the love of his wife back.

Jitin mentions that he thought that after a couple of years the possessive of a wife ends but he is now seeing jealousy, Sonakshi assures it is not that but makes Jitin see how Sanjana is looking at Dev, she explains she is a women so can know the feeling a love she asks him to come as she doesn’t want to dance, she asks him to see Natasha as she was about to get married to Dev but she doesn’t have this feeling of restlessness from her, Jitin assures her to calm down as he will talk with this girl to find out if she is actually a bad news.

Vicky going to the bar orders a vodka with orange juice but before he can have it, he is called by the host, Sonakshi comes with Alena also ordering a simple juice, Alena asks if se is actually worried by this woman, Sonakshi explains she is completely confused, she without knowing takes the glad ordered by Vicky.

Sanjana is in the party when she sees Jitin coming towards them so question why is he coming towards them, Jitin coming explains he is really impressed with how she managed the party, Sanjana replies that since everyone is liking the party, she is really glad she was able to achieve this as she tried to do her best, she feels they should do all they can for Dev sir who is always there for everyone, she leaves mentioning she feels someone is calling her, Jitin going to Sonakshi explains she must not be worried as he feels she is a simple girl, Alena asks him to stay out of this as he is a man.

The host says that there is a game relating to who knows Dev sir the best and she has some questions for whom Dev has already provided the answer, the person who would win will get a special prize from Dev, Jitin and Alena help Sonakshi come to Dev, she calls him honey bunny, he gets tensed asking if she is alright, she replies what has happened to her and asks who does he think would win this game, he replies it would be the person who cannot participate, she asks if he meant her, he replies who else knows him the best. Sanjana seeing them both thinks she would be the one to win this game and get the prize.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :the host asks about the favourite dish of Dev, Sanjana replies it is jalebi. Dev and Sonakshi are together when Sanjana comes saying that he has a meeting with Mr Malhotra, Sonakshi questions what is she doing as they are enjoying in the party.

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Telecast Date:16th September 2021
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