Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th September 2021 Dev Is working when Sonakshi comes and rests her head on his arm apologizing for being angry with him for nothing, she asks what is he writing, she is shocked to see that he is looking into how to deal with a wife, she after a while asks him if he still loves her, he replies eh went to the workout so he could remain fit just because of her, he then gifted her a key chain and even if it is a small thing, he just wanted to express his love to her, he is trying to do all he can to remain with her and why does he have to reveal he still loves her even after so many years of the marriage, Sonakshi apologizes saying that she is worried because they are not able to express them and hide their fears, she doesnot want any gap to come in between their relation when Dev assures nothing would ever come in between them, Sonakshi looks at him so he reaffirms this notion.

Sanjana’s friend exclaims she has come in between, Sanjana replies she had no intention to come in between them but came because of fate and even Dev sir likes me, she has then no intention of leaving as Dev is someone really special, just a single piece, her friend says that he is a single piece who is now out of stock, Sanjana says he is out of stock but not out of life so no one knows, Sanjana applies the perfume mentioning it is the smell of Dev as she specially ordered his favorite perfume, she replies that this scent would one day show the smell of her love, Sanjana receives a call from someone, she replies that she has given all of the documents but then ends the call, her friend asks what happened, she mentions the flat which she is renting out, the secretary of the society says they have to verify her workplace and cannot just take her word for it, she doesnot know what to do.

Dev is closing the curtains when Sonakshi asks him to hurry up, he sits with her watching the movie, she even gives him some popcorn to eat, they both start laughing.

Sanjana is thinking about what they would do, she mentions the society secretary needs the proof of her workplace so what if the owner of Ishwari Industries comes to verify it, Sanjana replies that she doesnot know anything but there is a weird connection between her and Dev sir, she knows he would surely come.

Sonakshi thinks she was worried without any reason and Dev loves her a lot, he receives a call from Sanjana who explains the problem that she got flat but the want to verify the workplace, so can he come to her help, Dev replies that he would do something.
Sanjana says that she told her that both she and Dev sir have a strange connection so he will surely come, there is someone at the door and she in excitement opens it thinking it would be Dev sir, she is however shocked to see Vicky standing there, he explains that he was sent by Dev bhai, and knows she is trying to get a flat in the Aradhana society, she must not be worried as he is friends with the owner and they even play squash together, even his wife is friends with the wife of the owner, he points that she is getting a call, Sanjana answers it when Dev explains that Vicky would be representing their company as Sonakshi told him that Vicky knows the owners so he would be able to handle everything, Vicky asks if they can move ahead, she agrees. Sonakshi leaning against Dev thinks that the only think that can come in between them is their love, Sanjana thinks that she has made her way into his heart and now he would surely come.

In the morning Sonakshi sees Dev smiling so questions why is so happy, he holding her says that there is a meeting and he is just trying to stay happy, Shuv suddenly comes asking Dev when would he be like Dev he replies that Shuv would be an adult when he will be able to do all the work, Soha comes saying that she needs to make a band for the Japanese girl, Aayush coming from behind says that he has made it for her, then he even saves Shuv from falling, Dev mentions he is really happy but would be an elder brother when he takes care of both Soha and Shuv, Ishwari calls them to come and eat, also when they leave, Sonakshi says that she is not happy that their children grew up so soon, Dev exclaims she doesnot look like the mother of three children when she replies but he looks like a father of three, however he says that other women even look at him when he walks by, Sonakshi mentions they can look but should know he belongs to her, Ishwari even calls them both but Sanjana calls Dev informing that the meeting has been preponed, he assures that he would come and then asks Sonakshi to ask Maa to pack the breakfast for him.

Sonakshi sees the gift which Sanjana sent for Dev when she wonders what more she wants as she feels glad she did not send Dev to meet her that night otherwise he would have left.

Bijoy sitting at the table is scolding Saurabh for ordering so much junk food, he questions why does Saurabh not eat the food cooked in the house, he asks Bijoy to look at himself as he is also having the tea but Bijoy replies it is his investment for the future, The new PG enters the house, he is limping and tries to walk to his room but Bijoy stopping him questions from where did he get so much injuries, the PG replies he went too far ahead in the practice, Bijoy brings out the medical kit and starts applying the medicine which amazes the new PG, he sits down and starts receiving some calls which he doesnot want to answer, Bijoy questions if he has stolen some bank. But the PG leaves to go to his own room.

Sanjana in the office is serving the food when Vicky enters, he is not left with any other choice but to praise her, he explains if they have to come early for such a breakfast then who would want to miss it, he seeks permission to eat then mentions even Dev bhai would forget he came for a meeting, Mona comes to inform Vicky that everything is ready, Sanjana seeing her condition offers her to eat the breakfast, Vicky asks that even when the meeting was preponed how did she get the time to make the breakfast, Sanjana says she knew about the meeting before them so thought they need a compensation, Sanjana thinks that she needed some compensation from Dev because he did not come to her house.

Sonakshi is having deserts when Jitin comes to stop her saying she is a nutritionist and should not do stress eating, Sonakshi asks him if someone has given him a gift, Jitin replies she has given him a lot of gifts, but Sonakshi asks about some other un married women, Jitin replies it means that she loves him because unlike men who take out a women for the date but they just try to send gifts, Sonakshi once again asks for the deserts so he gives her a small one.

Dev is in the meeting when they are able to finalize it, Vicky says that it is a moment worth celebrating since Dev bhai for long wanted to have a manufacturer who would give them the tablets in a low cost which they would be able to give to the children who cannot afford expensive tablets, Sanjana congratulates Dev, she shakes his hand and doesnot want to let go.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sanjana is at the party, she is shocked to see Dev playing a guitar, he walks towards her seeing which she is left stunned, however Dev goes straight to Sonakshi who is waiting for him.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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