Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th September 2021 Sonakshi is walking in the office, she bumps into Sanjana who questions where she is going, Sonakshi says she is going into Dev’s office, Sanjana asks if she has an appointment, Sonakshi says she never needs an appointment and is the wife of Dev.

Some time earlier, the children walk into the house, Bijoy gets really excited to see them all and even shows them some puppet, Sonakshi replies even the children are also really excited to come and meet him, Alena even comes and after greeting them sits down, they all question about the good smell which is coming so questions who is cooking, Saurabh says that they don’t know because someone else is cooking, the new PG comes to present the food which he made, he mentions it is just like the food which they prepare so then requests them all to taste it, saying that Bijoy should also eat some healthy food because he doesnot even exercise,

Sonakshi is really happy to drink the soup and then even he gets a praise from the children so exclaims that he has gotten the appreciation from the youngsters so now it is the time for the old man, they all laugh but even Bijoy is angry, Aayush exclaims he should try it otherwise this would not be right for the new PG, Bijoy after tasting it exclaims that he made it nice by mistake, he gets a call so goes to the side and gets tensed talking on it, Bijoy thinks that there is something wrong with the person as there is something wrong with him.

Dev is in the office when Sanjana comes with the file wearing the blue dress and does make every possible effort to make him notice her but he doesnot pay any heed top her, she gets jealous and frustrated to purposefully drops the glass of water from the table, exclaiming that she feels it is not right because she feels every time she wears blue something wrong happens to her, Dev says he likes blue as it is not a bad colour, he then leaves when Sanjana says it is not a bad colour at all since he noticed her and even praised her for her beauty.

Alena in the corner says that even Vicky was praising the new designer so he told he that Dev even asked her to make the new plans for his project, they both hear the voice of music and see the children enjoying with the new PG, Sonakshi says that she also needs to dance however Alena stops her saying she got a new joke, so she decides to read the new joke to her about the husbands however after some time, Sonakshi exclaims that she feels and is glad her husband is not like that even Alena says that she is glad Vicky is not like that.

Sonakshi is driving her car when she calls Vicky asking if Dev is in the office, he replies Dev went for a meeting, she ending the call thinks it is the best time to meet with Sanjana,

Sonakshi is walking towards the cabin of Dev when Sanjana is walking out of it, they both bump into each other, Sanjana questions where is she going and when she gets to know that Sonakshi is heading towards the office of Dev, she asks if Sonakshi has an appointment, Sonakshi replies she never needs an appointment, Sanjana realizes that she is the wife of Dev sir, she moves her hand forward to shake it with Sonakshi however Sonakshi greets Sanjana in the traditional manner, Sanjana explains she just joined as an interior designer so Sonakshi exclaims that she is the new designer, Dev comes from behind asking what is she doing here, she after hugging him exclaims she was missing him and so could not wait, she questions what has he done with his hair, he replies he did not have the time to cut them, she requests when Sanjana also says that Sonakshi is right because he must take the day off to make some memories with her just like she said that women like memories, Sonakshi gets mad thinking that Dev was following her advice for their relation, Dev leaves with Sonakshi.

Dev sitting the car orders Sukhi to complete the meeting, Sonakshi says he can go back because he is still stuck ion the office and just came after Sanjana pushed him so he must go back and work, Dev says he would have to wait explains the left over work to the employees, Dev however says that he wants to watch the movie in the house, she is still mad when he sings a son, she gets mad however he questions what is wrong.

Sanjana is in the house working for the requirements, Sanjana says she met the wife of Mr Dev and she is also a pretty women which made her realize that they are a perfect couple, her friend asks what is she doing as now she would leave running after Dev, Sanjana questions why did she think like this because she wants this sort of love and would surely want someone like him.

Dev in the room with Sonakshi asks what sort of movie does she want to watch, she questions why does he want to watch them as they all have marital issues, Dev asks her to suggest something but she exclaims she doesnot have any mood, Dev questions what is this behaviour as she first came to the office forcing him to watch a movie but now is saying she doesnot have any mood, he leaves the room saying he doesnot understand anything else so would leave for work.

Dev leaves the room, he is walking down when Ishwari stops him asking what happened, she understands he got in a fight with Sonakshi, Dev says that everything is normal and it would not be normal when there is not a fight, Ishwari exclaims that she cannot understand what the new generation thinks of the relations, she getting worried mentions that she doesnot understand what they think of relations.

Sonakshi in the room starts a song, she recalls what Dr Navya said about the distances in relations that lead to a third person coming to stand in between a couple, she vows to not give anyone a chance.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sanjana is in a party, she is mesmerized to see Dev playing a guitar so hopes to be close with him however Sonakshi walks in the party and they both walk beside Sanjana as a couple, seeing this she is left stunned.

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Telecast Date:13th September 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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