Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th September 2021 Sonakshi is in the room when the mobile rings, she answers it, Sanjana asks who is it, Sonakshi questions who is she as she called, Sanjana asks if her husband has not saved her name on the mobile.

Sometime earlier, Dr Navya explains if they both also know the value of a good result then they would also work towards so they are successful in the test known as life, just as students try to revise in order to get good grades, just then as a couple they have to mend their marriages by remembering how much they love each other, she explains his mother was really worried about them, she questions if Ishwari is fine, Dev and Sonakshi both are stunned, when Dr Navya replies she came to meet her asking about the problem, Dev apologizes assuring he did not know anything about if her mother came but Dr Navya must not be worried because he will take care of it.

Ishwari is sitting on the couch, she is looking at the video of a new dish, Dev comes asking what is she watching, she replies she is looking for a new recipe which she will make for him, Dev says then this means she would stand in the kitchen then have pains in her feet, he asks why did she not complain for long, Ishwari explains it is because he is happy and so she also stays happy, Dev then asks her to put her leg as he will massage it, Ishwari replies she is glad Dev shares everything with her, she makes him promise that he would stay like this,

Dev explains there is one thing which he wanted to share and that they both are going to see a therapist, Ishwari asks if this means they are consulting a doctor, Dev explains that this doctor only listens to them both, and then help them solve the problems, Ishwari questions if Sonakshi said anything to him, she says it would have been better if they would have shared their problems with the elders, Dev says that just as he is the only one to see the pain in her feet, the doctor sees the pains and so helps them, Ishwari mentions she wants him to reveal one thing asking if the doctor gives any sort of medicine, Dev says that she should ask him about anything that she wants.

Vicky is in the room with Alena and the inspector, he asks if she knew the person who was texting her, he then showing her a photo asks if she knew this person, Alena recalls how he used to come to the café where she would go for her photo shoot, the inspector says he is a pervert and is involved in ruining the lives of a lot other women, the inspector clarifies how he had five hundred photos of her, he even hands Alena the keys to her house, advising her to be careful as the person is still in their custody. Alena comes to hug Vicky, promising to delete all of her social media accounts, Vicky replies she will not do anything of the sort as this would mean that such sort of Perverts have won but she must be careful and think about posting anything.

In the night Alena is on the call with Sonakshi, she thanks Sonakshi as because of her advice she went to the police and they were able to catch the stalker before he did anything wrong, Sonakshi explains she is knowing because of those who love her and take care of her, not such people who like her photos so she must take the advice of people near her, Sonakshi says Alena should forget everything and sleep.

Sonakshi is in the kitchen when she thinks of seeing if Dev has eaten the food, she gets tensed wondering where those boxes came from because she did not send this food, she enters the room where the mobile of Dev is ringing, she answers it, Sanjana asks her about Dev which worries her, Sonakshi questions who is she to call so late, Sanjana questions has her husband not saved her name, she then explains that she has just joined the company of Dev, she mentions that she wanted to inform that there is a meeting with the contractors so asks if she would tell Dev, Sonakshi questions why did she not text, Sanjana apologizes, she then asks Sonakshi for a favour asking if she can send some extra tofu as it was really delicious, she know this because she was having lunch with Dev, Sonakshi gets tensed when Dev enters the room, he sits on the bed, she asks how was the lunch as the children really liked it, he also praises it but then sleeps, Sonakshi is wondering why did Dev lie and not tell her about Sanjana.

In the morning Sonakshi wakes up, she is worried to not see Dev so thinks if he might have gone to the office, Dev then enters the room, she asks if he came after jogging, Dev replies that he is doing this because he doesnot want to become fat and would remain healthy, Sonakshi calls him Mr Obodro exclaiming he is perfect just the way he is, he takes out the clothes and chose a red shirt, she asks if he is going to wear this shirt then he replies she asked him to change his taste so he has decided to wear this shirt, Sonakshi exclaims she likes the change but doesnot know if this would be a problem.

Sanjana is on the couch with her laptop when her friend wakes up asking if she did not sleep at all last night, Sanjana mentions she was doing research on Dev sir, she found out everything about him so knows from where did he graduate, how many business ventures are there, she is really surprised to see the charity list as it is really endless, she also knows his favourite colour is blue so this is what she is going to wear, she has also accept blue as her favourite colour too, her friend questions what is she doing as she knows Dev is already married, Sanjana exclaims she has fallen in love so what can she do about her heart.

Vicky is getting ready, Alena comes to him asking how is the new designer whom Dev has hired, Vicky replies he used to think that his mother was just the detective but is impressed after knowing even his wife is the same, she seriously asks him how is she, questioning if Sanjana is smart and attractive, Vicky replies she is a bomb, Alena hearing this hits him in the stomach, he then seriously mentions she is really pretty and with brains, so this is why he called her a bomb as it is not everyone’s game to match the vision of Dev bhai but he feels she can do it, he leaves after asking Alena how he is looking.

Sonakshi asks the children what they are doing, she questions if they don’t want to go to their Grandfather’s house as he is really missing them all, she says that since Mishti and Ronita have went to her father’s house, Bijoy is all alone, she is not able to find her car keys and pulls out just the keychain, she once again searches and so manages to find the new keychain with a note from Dev, she wonders why is she feeling tensed when actually she must be really happy because of the love he is now showing her.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Sonakshi is walking towards the office of Dev, Sanjana is coming out of it wearing the blue clothes, they both are about to bump into each other when Sonakshi is shocked to see her wearing this colour, Sanjana asks where is she going, Sonakshi replies she is heading to the office of Dev Sanjana questions if she has an appointment, Sonakshi says she has never needed an appointment neither would she ever need it in the future, she introduces herself explaining she is Sonakshi Dev Dixit, Sanjana is shocked to hear her name.

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Telecast Date:10th September 2021
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