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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 9th May 2022 Chimaji comes to Baji and Kashi. He says I will go to fight Sindhi forces as people call me a coward so this is my chance. Baji says they can attack us, what if anything happens to you? Chimaji says if I don’t take this chance then who will trust me? Don’t you trust my guts? Kashi thinks he should go on this war for his self-confidence. Kashi says we trust your capabilities,

Baji is worried about you but I think you should go. Baji nods and says okay. I want you to go and win this war. Chimaji says I won’t disappoint you, he leaves. Baji says thank you for giving him a chance. Kashi smiles and says you have to do something for me. Baji says then meet me at the terrace later on.

Radha scolds Chimaji and says who asked you to go on this war? Chimaji says I am doing this for myself, I want to prove to myself that I am a warrior too. Kashi comes there and says we all want to chant for you. She blesses him. Chimaji asks Radha to bless him. Chimaji blesses him and asks him to protect himself, she says you have to return alive and after winning.

Chimaji gets ready to leave the palace for the war. Radha does his tilak and Baji hugs him. Chimaji sits on his horse and leaves with his force. Radha tells Kashi to not get involved between her son and herself. Kashi says I am sure that he will win the war. Radha says I want him to win but if anything happens to him then Baji won’t spare you.

Scene 2
Kashi comes on the terrace to find it decorated with diyas, she asks what is all this? Baji says I want to give you 7 promises as we got married in our childhood. I think you deserve all these promises. Kashi says this is a dream for me.

Baji says this is my love. He holds her hand and says I promise you that I will protect you like my wife, I will always love you, I will never dishonor you, I will always be with you, I will always respect your decisions and you will own my heart forever. Kashi gets emotional and says we have become one tonight. Baji hugs her and says nobody can separate us. He caresses her face and smiles.

In the morning, Chimaji sends a letter to Baji which says that he was trying to negotiate with Sindhi forces but they back-stabbed him as he was trusting some disloyal people. They captured Chimaji and won the war. The soldier comes there and says Chimaji is back at the palace. All run out to see Chimaji sadly coming there. He says I lost the war. women say he should be punished for getting other soldiers killed.

They say our husbands died because of him. They all attack him with mud. Baji says enough, we all can lose a war. I understand your pain but you can’t treat my brother like this. Baji tells Chimaji that it’s part of the war, and it’s fine to lose a war. Chimaji says you gave me a chance but I lost my chance, I don’t have a right to live.

He runs from there and jumps in the well before Baji can stop him. Baji jumps behind him and saves him. Sooriya brings them up. All people are chanting to punish him. Kashi says calm down, if you people think that he should be punished then we will see to it. Baji says we can’t Chimaji. Kashi looks on.

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Telecast Date:9th May 2022
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