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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 6th January 2022 Baji says if you don’t meet your parents I will also go away and punish myself. Kashi says why would you punish yourself for me? HE says then meet your parents. Kashi says okay I will, today. Ganga says to Radha kashi is very delicate. She makes everyone smile. She spreads happiness.

Please don’t do this. Radha says DILs are supposed to take care of the house not make everyone laugh. Go and meet your Kashi. Balaji comes to Radha. She says don’t say now I did something wrong. He says I have a letter from Kashi’s parents. Radha says they wanted to meet her in the temple but she said no. It’s better that she did, she should spend less time with them.

Kashi falls. Baji holds her hand. Kashi says don’t hold my hand. I can manage. He says you rest, I will get your things ready to go to temple. Baji leaves. Ganga sees her feet. She says why don’t you tell Baji? It hurts me to see you like this? Kashi says just support me. Krishna says what happened to your feet?

Radha says I knew Kashi won’t agree. She’s stubborn. Baji says she agreed. I am getting everything ready for her to go. Balaji says the Kashi you tried to mold with anger, Baji molded her with love. Nothing is stronger than love.

Scene 2
Mahadji is at the temple with Bhavani and Shuibai. Kashi comes out of the doli. She can’t walk. Bhavani says what happened to her feet. Baji holds her hand. Kashi says I told you not to hold my hand, I can walk. She shoves his hand. Kashi tries to walk but falls. Baji picks her up. He brings her to her parents. Pandit ji says if any husband picks his wife and climbs these stairs, the couple becomes eternity. Everyone sprinkle flowers on them.

Shuibai says what happened to your feet Kashi? Why can’t you walk? She says these wounds are given by you and you are asking? Now they can be seen. Kashi says why are you all here? Bhavani says we came to see you.

We wanted to see how you are. I have seen how Baji cares for you. She hugs Kashi. Kashi says saw it? Now go. Don’t come here again. I wouldn’t have come. But Baji said if I don’t meet you he will also leave his parents. I know how painful it is to live away from parents. Bhavani wipes her tears. Balajoshi is there with his face hidden.

The guards tell others Balajoshi fled from the jail. Bhavani says forgive us Kashi. Did you forget I used you hug you every morning. Your mom is very upset without you. If you get mad at me I would die. Mahadji says we can’t see you upset with us. Forgive us. Chimaji says let it go bhabhi forgive your parents.

Baji says let her decide. He says Kashi if you don’t meet them even after coming here I won’t let you meet them again. Stay away from them all your life. Kashi says why? How can a daughter stay away from her parents? And Kashi bai never. Don’t ever say that again. Kashi hugs Bhavani and Mahadji and cries. Kashi asks how is Ramchandar? Radha says to Shuibai everyone left you alone. You were so proud of your worth. See there and wonder. You did the sin and you’ve to repent.

Shuibai says Kashi, you can punish me but just hug me once. Kashi says I will never forgive you and Bala. Radha says don’t be so stubborn. Kashi says this is how I am. I stick to what I decide.

Scene 3
Balajoshi’s man tells him Balajoshi and your family are in the temple. This is the right time to attack. He says let’s do what was left in Kashi’s wedding. He gets ready with his men. Balajoshi comes to the temple and says noone is there.

They’re hidden. The solider says thank you to the other one for warning them. Baji says but why are we running? If Balajoshi ran we can catch him again. Balaji says but this isn’t the right time. We have kids and women with us. Krishna says where is Kashi? Baji looks around. Everyone looks for Kashi.

Balajoshi looks around. Someone comes there clapping. Balajoshi says who’s that? The soliders surround her. Kashi comes forward. Bala says ladu you? She says not Ladu. I am Kashibai bajirao balal. He says you here? Where is everyone else? She says my stones scared you. This area is of my in-laws and everyone is a fighter there. No one is a coward and traitor like you. The one who’s always trying to harm his own people. I am giving you a chance to go from here alive.

don’t dare to harm my family again. I will forget that our parents are the same. He says I am your brother and you’re speaking for those enemies? She says you are not even worth being my enemy. You couldn’t be your parents, or sister’s. How can a chameleon be my brother? You’re just Rani’s man. And I am BajiRao’s wife. I am not your sister. Baji’s sword can find you anywhere. So you better go from here. I donate you your life. She walks away.

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Telecast Date:6th January 2022
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