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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 5th January 2022 Baji sees Kashi playing arond. She collides with a woman and drops the food. Kashi says sorry for it. Radha cleans her saree. The women say a DIL who plays around like this? Radha says she will learn with time.

Balaji says will this marraige be a mistake for everyone? Chimaji says baba you look worried? He says I am thinking when will things be normal between them? Chimaji says he found the sword heavy. But now he plays with it. He was hesitant of water now he swims. He will learn with time.

The woman says this girl isn’t like a DIL. You’ve to change her. Radha says I am trying too. The woman says the respect your son earns, your DIL will lose it. Change her as soon as poosible. They leave. Krishna says to Chimaji I am thinking to take Kashi with me. Mom and dad would be worried. Chimaji says don’t worry. My dad is really worried too. The maid says to Kashi Radha is calling. Kashi says for another punishment?

Kashi goes to her. Radha says no one has ever complained about any kid of this house but about you. And know you it very well. Kashi says they only came to see how I walk, run, and they think I am not good? Radha says that’s how a DIL is. Radha says you will not run around. KAshi says it’s not a big deal if I run around.

I had an identity in my house. You are snatching my identity. I won’t let you do that. Radha asks Kamini to bring the sand. Radha spreads the sand around. she says you accepted the challenge. Now you will walk on it for an hour. If you can’t complete it you won’t be able to run in this house again. A fighter’s wife should learn to walk on sand anyway. Kamini says this is your world after the wedding. Kashi says I want to stay as who I am and she doesn’t want that.

Kashi walks on the stones. Her feet hurt. Radha says I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to give you manners of my family. Kashi says why can’t a DIL be different from MIL? Nature made us different. Leave my hand so Kashibai stays Kashibai. Kashi recalls walking on carpets. Ganga looks at her. Kashi walks on the stones.

Scene 2
Baji says what was her favorite sweet? Krishna wrote it. I can’t ask him again. She would get happy after the bitter medicine. His man gives him a letter from Mahadji. He says Kashi would be so happy to read it. Ganga says all of this is wrong. Kashi fainted yesterday too. She stops Baji. Baji asks where is Kashi? Her parents have sent a letter for her. Is she playing? Ganga says she’s in the backyard. He says let me see. Ganga says go and see what your mother is doing is Kashi. Radha says Kashi stop and listen to me. Kashi says I will complete this challenge.

Baji is coming there. Kashi walks in pain. She’s fainting. Baji comes there. Radha washes her feet cold water. She says don’t worry. It will heal. Baji says what happened Kashi? Radha says she was running around. She got blisters in her feet. she will be fine. Ganga says she’s lying. The maid stops her.

Baji says there’s a letter from chaskaman for you. Kashi says read it. Baji reads, Kashi we want to meet you. But we don’t want to force you and neither come to saswad. If you want to meet we are going to the temple, come there if you want. Kashi says I don’t wanna meet anyone. Answer them. Baji says listen please.. She leaves. Radha has covered the mud with the carpet. She says this challenge is completed and it has to be.

Kashi thinks about the letter. Baji says don’t say that. I know you are made but they’re your parents. KAshi says they’re my parents. I decide what to do. Go do your work. Baji says stop misbehaving with me all the time. What is my work? Taking care of you and knowing what’s good and bad for you is also my work.

We’re married. He says yes, that’s the truth that we don’t consider each other husband and wife. But your dad gave your hand in my hand so taking care of you is my duty until you return to him. Kashi says this wedding is a punishment. He says what punishment. They both fight. Kashi falls. Baji holds her. He says both of us got married then why should you have the punishment alone? I won’t meet my parents too until you forgive yours.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2022
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