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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 5th August 2022 Kashi tells Mastani that I got know you planned the attack on yourself. Mastani says that’s not true. Kashi says I found the truth. Mastani says Baji is leaving with me so you are putting blames on me?

Kashi says you wanted Baji to be separated from his family so you planned all this right? You thought he would choose you over Nana Saheb. Mastani says why would I come here in the first place then? Kashi says because you realized you won’t get Baji fully if he stays here. You gave a hint to Baji about your room also then you acted like a great woman in front of Baji.

Mastani says there must be a coincidence. Kashi says you knew if Baji gets to know what Radha did with you then he would have symptahy for you. Mastani says I don’t want to talk to you. Kashi says I am not finished yet, Baji is a good man and he has always given you respect you. You knew that you might get attacked so you planned the attack yourself? Mastani says where would I arrange attackers here?

I live alone here. Kashi says you are not alone here, you brought some of your men here. Those people still work for you. Mastani says you people hate me so much but I was not behind all this. Kashi says Matank stole Chimaji’s stamp right? You wanted Chimaji to be blamed for the attack. You knew your people won’t hurt you and you would get Baji to leave with you. It was a good plan.

Mastani says this is all a lie. Kashi says Baji is not a fool, he can read people but he trusts you so he is not doubting anything but I am using my mind. Mastani says you won’t be able to prove anything. Kashi says I know that but I wanted to see your real face. Mastani says he can’t have 2 women.

Kashi says you are the other woman in his life, I could have said all this to Baji. Mastani says he won’t trust you because he loves me. Kashi says yes, he loves you a lot so I won’t tell him anything. You only think about yourself but I have to think about everyone. Baji is really worried about your protection that he is even ready to leave his son for you. Mastani says why are you here?

Kashi says Baji will find the truth soon. Mastani says my only mission is my love, I want to be with Baji. Kashi says I am sure Baji won’t go anywhere with you. Mastani says I am sure he would go with me. Kashi says your love is not pure, it’s just you being stubborn. Mastani says you can blame me but don’t question my love for Baji. Kashi says you want to win over everyone else, this is about a family and not politics.

Baji’s love is not only for you but for his family and for me also. He still loves me. Mastani says he only loves me. Kashi says you can think what you want but I am sure he will not leave with you. Mastani says what if he leave with me? Kashi says I won’t stop him but he leaves with you then I will resign all my rights on him, he will be yours completely but he doesn’t leave then… Kashi glares at her and leaves.

Scene 2
Mastani is sitting alone, Matank says Kashi will try to stop Baji. Mastani says Kashi said that she won’t stop Baji but he won’t leave. Matank says Kashi is challenging you so once Baji leaves with you then Kashi will have to leave her rights on him. We have to make sure that Baji leaves with you, even if for some days. Once Baji is out of here then Kashi will be out of his life too. Mastani asks how will it happen? Matank tells her a plan.

Radha comes to Baji and says we want to talk to you. Baji says I stayed the night with Nana Saheb. Chimaji says yes you would leave him soon. Baji says it’s not easy for me, you people don’t understand my love for Mastani. Radha says we are not here to argue, we don’t like what you are doing but we don’t want you to leave.

Chimaji says I am sorry but don’t punish Kashi for that. Radha asks him to think before leaving this place. Baji says I will think but if I leave then understand that I am doing it to protect Mastani. Radha says people are talking ill about you, Shahu got to know about Mastani too. We have to show that everything is fine between you and Kashi even if you leave. I have kept a pooja which you will join with Kashi. Baji says okay, I will sit in the pooja with Kashi.

Kashi is looking at the arrangements for the pooja. Chimaji brings some flowers and is stressed.

Matank tells Mastani that this pooja must be part of some plan, they would try to stop Baji. Mastani is about to leave but sees Baji playing with his son. Kashi smiles at them and leaves. Baji goes behind her. Mastani sees all that.

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Telecast Date:5th August 2022
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