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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 4th July 2022 Baji tells Kashi I am begging you for the last thing. Just give me Mastani, I need her love. Kashi says what kind of love is that you want my support? Baji says I can’t stay without Mastani, what should I do? He tries to hold her hand but Kashi moves away. Baji leaves from there.

Kashi says he can’t stay without her? He is talking like this about another woman in front of me. She recalls Baji begging her to give him Mastani. Kashi tries to control her emotions and go to her room. Radha sees her stressed and says if Baji told her everything then I won’t spare him.

Baji talks to his son and says I have done wrong with your mother. Radha comes there and hears him talking. Radha shouts at him that I told you I will kill myself. She takes out a dagger. Baji says stop it,

Kashi saw me with Mastani so I had to tell her everything. Radha is shocked and says that woman Mastani has no shame to come here when Kashi was celebrating her son’s birth. That girl has no shame and you love her? Just remember that if she trying to take happiness from others then she can’t remain happy in life.

That girl is not smart like Kashi, she will destroy you so leave her before she destroys you. Baji says if you think I am wrong then look at me. I am happy with her. I have chosen Mastani over everything else.

You chose Kashi for me but then you asked me to marry someone else so what happened now? If I love someone else then it’s wrong? Radha says yes it’s wrong. Your love is wrong and Kashi’s love is not wrong.

Kashi comes to the garden and breakdowns. Radha comes there and is hurt seeing her like that. She hugs Kashi and consoles her. Kashi says why Baji do this with me? Radha says you can cry but you can’t break down. You have to fight this battle now. Kashi says with whom? I can fight with anyone but how can I fight him?

Mastani is crying silently. Matank asks her to eat something. Baji comes there and hugs her. Mastani asks what happened there? Baji says I want to spend some time with you first. Mastani hugs him and smiles.

Kashi tells Radha that once Baji becomes stubborn then nobody can change his mind. There must be some flaw in me only that’s why he went to another woman. Radha says don’t you dare talk like that.

Baji lost the way so it’s his fault. Kashi says but society will taunt me that I couldn’t keep my husband with me. Radha says let them talk. Kashi cries and asks Radha why did that woman take away everything from her? Radha says that the woman is clever, she wants to trap Baji because he is powerful but she doesn’t know that she has to fight with Kashibai. You won’t let her win.

Baji tells Mastani that nobody can understand our love. Mastani says I don’t care about others. Baji says Kashi always stood by me but today she was broken. I know Kashi will think about it first, I have asked for one thing and she will not disappoint me.

Kashi tells Radha that I don’t want to fight like this, my self-respect doesn’t allow me. I don’t want a forceful relationship. I have decided to go back to my parents’ house. Radha says you are a Laxmi for us, if you leave then all blessings will leave. Kashi says you think that but Baji wants Mastani.

Radha says Mastani has trapped him because she knows he is powerful, she has an aim to get the throne. Kashi says Baji loves her too. Radha says it’s not love, it’s lust only. Love is about soul connection. Kashi says if my love couldn’t keep me connected with Baji and he fell for someone else then my love was weak too. This girl’s love is selfish and uncontrollable.

Baji tells Mastani that I trust Kashi, she will understand our love and she will bring you to the palace. I trust her. Mastani says I just hope Kashi agrees to share you with me.

Radha tells Kashi to become stronger and forget that you had love in his heart. You have to become stone hearted for people, for this family and for me. Kashi says for you? Radha says we women usually don’t know what happens outside the house.

After Balaji’s death, I got to know there was another woman of his in the palace but I couldn’t do anything. I tried to keep it a secret to protect my honor but you don’t do the same. You should stop that woman and don’t allow her to enter this palace.

Baji has lost the plot but you are strong, you will handle him and bring him back on the right path. Kashi cries and hugs her. She says I will fight for my family, for my people, for my son and I will do what I think is right. Radha cries and blesses her.

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Telecast Date:4th July 2022
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