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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 2nd May 2022 Kashi is looking after the decorations for a function. Ganga teases her with Baji’s name. Kashi says he doesn’t see flowers anymore. Ganga says seems like he didn’t come to your room last night? Kashi says it’s okay. She finds Baji working with the soldiers.

Baji comes there and throws flowers at her. Kashi laughs and plays with him. Baji pulls her closer and holds her hand… it all turns out to be Baji’s dream. The announcer says that Baji will be rewarded in this function and she will be honored. Kashi is excited to hear that.

Radha is angry hearing about Baji honoring Kashi. She tells Kaviri that she won’t let it happen.

The function starts, Kashi and Baji enter the courtroom. Radha says what is all this? We have never honored a woman like this. Baji says it will happen today. This meeting has been called to honor Kashi, she saved Chimaji from Mughals but she never asked for anything in return so I am going to reward her.

She won’t be just a Peshwan for a namesake, she will have the powers to take decisions with me there or not. Kashi says what are you saying? I don’t need this power. Radha says only Shahu has a right to give power to anyone. Baji says Shahu has already agreed with me. Ganga hears all that and thinks I was wrong in thinking that Baji cares for Kashi but it’s because of Shahu honoring Kashi, when will he understand her love?

Baji tells Kashi that this power will influence other women. Kashi says I don’t deserve to sit on the throne when you are here but if Shahu has given this order then I will accept this duty. I will stand here in the court and face all the challenges. I will try my best to be just and honor this throne. That’s my promise to everyone. Everyone chants for her. Radha thinks I won’t let stay on this throne.

Scene 2
Ganga asks Kashi where is the love from Baji’s side? Kashi says this was Baji’s doing, he never complained to Shahu, and he honored me in front of everyone which is love for me. I feel like it’s his way of showing love. Baji comes there so Ganga leaves. Baji asks why isn’t she happy now?

Kashi says my heart wants something else. Baji says what do you want? Kashi says you won’t understand what my heart wants. Baji says you have to be clear with me. Kashi says have you read poems? Baji says no. Kashi says you can win wars but there is a way to win a heart. Baji says what do you want to say?

Kashi blushes and says how to tell you. I am thankful when you honored me but there is a right that I want from you. When will you give me that right? she blushes and tries to leave but Baji stops her and says what right can I give you? Kashi says you have to think about it. She leaves from there. Baji is confused.

A woman enters the palace in a veil.

Kashi comes to her room and says Baji must be thinking wrong about me. A woman comes there and says someone wants justice. Kashi comes to the courtroom and reads a letter about a woman’s honor so she should talk to her alone. Kashi says I will talk to her alone, she asks everyone to leave. Everyone leaves.

The woman enters the court. Radha is there too. The woman says I am Balaji daughter, Baji and Chimaji’s sister and your sister in law. Radha is shocked. The woman says I am Bhiubai Joshi. Radha and Kashi are stunned. Bhiubai says I want justice from you people.

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Telecast Date:2nd May 2022
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