Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 25th April 2022  ministers are talking about how Kashi is not letting anyone take an action. Kashi arrives there and says we have to search for Chimaji. The minister asks if she has any strategy to search for him?

Kashi gets worried and imagines Baji there, he asks what’s her strategy? Kashi says I don’t know. Baji says you are a Peshwan, you have always found a way so find a way. Kashi says if we find out who was behind all this plot then we can save Chimaji.

She turns to see that Baji is not there. Kashi tells the ministers that we will close off all the exit points of the city. She asks about the soldier who was injured in the attack? The minister says he is getting treated.

Kashi comes to the injured soldier and asks if he remembers anything? The soldier says the attackers took Mahadji’s name after kidnapping Chimaji. Kashi says that can’t be true.

Kashi arrives at the site where Chimaji was kidnapped. She looks around and finds a stamp, she says this is my father’s stamp. The minister says it means your father kidnapped him. Kashi is in shock and says my father can’t do that.

Radha comes there and says why can’t he? Your father threatened us, we have proof against your father so it’s your choice to do justice like a Peshwan or act like a daughter to save your father. She pleads Kashi to save her son, do justice by arresting Mahadji. I can do anything to save my son, she leaves from there. Kashi looks on.

Scene 2
Kashi comes to Ragma and says everything will be fine. Ragma says everything is clear, they are taking revenge on Chimaji. Kashi says he is my father. Ragma says we have always supported you but you are being selfish by trying to save your father. Kashi says I can’t take any action without proper proof.

Ragma says if something happens to my husband then I will do suicide and this time you will be responsible for my death. She leaves. Kashi recalls Ragma and Radha’s words, she cries and says my father can’t do this. She imagines her alter ego telling her that she promised to do justice, her other ego tells her to protect her father.

Kashi is confused hearing both the egos and shouts to stop it. She says I am a daughter and Peshwan both. The egos ask her what will be her choice? Relationships or justice? Kashi cries and says I won’t choose, I can’t arrest my father but I also can’t break my promise to Ragma. I am stuck here. This is a test for me.

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Telecast Date:25th April 2022
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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