Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 24th May 2022 Baji and his force watch the jungle catch on fire. Sooriya is trying to search for Baji in the jungle.

Baji says Mastani must have started the fire to alert us. Sooriya sends a letter to Baji. He reads it and says Kashi saved us. She sent Sooriya here and he killed all the enemies before they could attack me. Mastani started this fire to alert me.

Sooriya comes to Kashi and says I was able to save Baji in time but someone started a fire in the jungle. Kashi says that person tried to help Baji but it was thoughtless as now Baji will have to take a longer route. She thinks who is the person that made my mission delayed more?

Devgarh’s chief comes to meet Baji and says we did a mistake by making a deal with the Mughals. We can never win against you so we are surrendering to you. Baji says we will start our journey to the village now. Mastani hides and hears that. She thinks Baji is closer now.

Kashi is reading Baji’s letter and tells Ganga Baji wrote a letter for me for the first time and it’s so romantic. Ganga says Shahu is coming today. Kashi says who called him?

Radha tells Kaviri that I called Shahu as only he can limit Kashi’s acts. Kashi’s baby will need protection soon.

Baji sits in his hut and writes to Kashi that this place feels like home so you were right that these are our people.

Baji and his force arrive in Bundelkhand (Mastani’s village). Baji tells his force that we have to surround our enemies before attacking them. All people of Bundelkhand come there and cheer for Baji. Baji says who told them about me coming here? A person says Mastani told us, she is our king’s daughter and she is a princess.

There is no one like her, she is a great warrior and a great dancer. She prays to the Lord and God. There is no beauty like her. If a person sees her once then they can’t forget her beauty. Baji says thank you for coming here, I have to prepare for the war now. People ask him to meet Mastani once. Baji says I don’t need to, I am here because of Kashi. I just want to win the war and leave.

Kashi’s mother arrives at the palace. Kashi is happy to see her there. Shahu arrives there. Kashi thank you for coming here. Shahu gives her gifts and blessings for her baby. Radha says thank you. Shahu goes from there. Kashi’s mother does her aarti. A woman asks her to change her nose ring but Kashi says I can’t as Baji gifted this one.

Mastani’s servant comes to her and says Baji didn’t come to meet you. Mastani says he is in the city so he will be in my heart soon.

Mastani arrives at Baji’s camp area. She looks through his camp and finds him sleeping. She smiles at him.

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Telecast Date:24th May 2022
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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