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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 24th January 2022 Baji says are we friends or is this because we are husband and wife? Chimaji says you both are friends because of this marriage. Accept it. Tell her you consider her your wife and friend. Ganga says to Kashi you’ve accepted everything. You called Anny your SIL too. Now only Baji is left too.

Call Baji your husband. Call him with the right relation. I am also your friend. Kashi says go and sleep. Kashi thinks about what she said. Baji asks chimaji to leave. He says I will speak to Kashi.

Baji comes to Kashi. Kashi was also coming to him. Kashi walks past him. They both ignore each other but then walk to each other. Baji says what? Kashi says you wanna say something? He says no. I thought you wanna say anything. Kashi says you. You say first. He says you first. Kashi says you first.

He says you had to tell something. Kashi says you first. He says I wanted to say.. Those bangles that you gave to the woman, where did you get it? I will get it a similar one? Kashi says he wants to stay friends. Baji says what did you wanna say? She says I also wanted to talk about the same. Baba got it made for me. Get me a similar one. He says okay. They both leave.

Scene 2
The next morning, Chimaji comes to Baji. He asks what happened last night? I saw you talking to Kashi. He says it was about some work. Stop stalking me. Chimaji says she’s getting ready to go to chaskaman. Baji says what? Ganga says to Kashi go say it. Baji comes. He says where are you going? She says my home. Can’t I go? Baji says you can, for how many days? Kashi says let me count. It’s my home, I will stay there for a month. He says what? Kashi says that’s less right?

I will stay for two months. I will celebrate holi there too. I will come after it. Baji says you’re mad at your parents. She says so I can fix it. What’s your problem? He says yeah what’s my problem. Go for 5 months, okay? Kashi says why? He says it’s your home. Kashi says I wanna ask something. Baji says yes? She says Radha won’t let me go for 5 months. Convince them please. He says don’t worry. I will speak to them. Let me help you fold your clothes.

Baji says she doesn’t care about me. Kashi says what? He says nothing, I will speak to them. Kashi says he doesn’t care if I stay here or not. He’s just a friend not husband. Baji throws her clothes out.

He says you won’t go anywhere. Kashi laughs and says why? She says I was joking. He says you’re really not going? She says no I won’t be happy in chaskaman. Ganga and Chimaji try to hear. He says would they say it? Ganga says we will know once they’re out. Radha asks what are you bothg doing here? He says nothing. He locks the door and runs.

Baji says Chimaji fooled me. I won’t leave him. Kashi laughs. Baji says how would I live without you? Radha comes. Baji runs out. Radha says what are you doing in her room early morning? Kashi comes out. Baji says tell her. She says I had to cut a cloth again. There was nothing in the room. Radha says but there’s no sword? Baji says that’s what I was going to get. Let me get it. He leaves.

Radha says Kashi Baji is your husband. He can come to your room anytime. Don’t be scared. She says I go to temple every month to pray for your FIL. Handle the kitchen. Kashi says I don’t know about the kitchen, I can go to the temple and you can handle the kitchen. I will pray with all my heart that Balaji becomes the minister. Radha says really? She says yes.

This house is mine so are people and their dreams. Balaji says see how well she thinks. Radha says who made her the DIL of this house? Radha says let me get your things ready. Balaji says she wants to go with Baji. Kashi smiles and runs to her room.

Scene 3
Baji runs after Chimaji. He says stop.. Chimaji says baba save me. Baji says you lied to me. Kashi comes between them. She laughs. Chimaji hides behind her and runs. Kashi laughs. Chimaji says bhabhi I will be your best friend now and will always be. Kashi says I will protect my BIL.

She brings her sword. Kashi says attack now. Annu says see how she’s standing with a sword in front of her husband.

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Telecast Date:24th January 2022
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