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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 24th December 2021 Bhavani asks Radha to make Baji eat. Radha says Kashi will eat Baji’s remaining food. Radha says Baji will take the food. Baji says he doesn’t listen. Radha says then speak the way that she listens. It depends on the person who speaks.

Baji comes looking for Kashi. Shahu says to Mahadji and Balaji I know you both are worried about what happened. Radha’s prediction was right. It had to happen here. The food is served to Shahu.

Scene 2
Baji comes to Kashi. He says you are an idiot. Why did you give such a big lecture when when wedding was being stopped. She says why did you save the coin then? He says it was from temple. Radha says that’s how I agreed. How could I let my parent’s dignity be ruined. For them I agreed to marry you. Baji says eat this. She says your eaten food. She says if you didn’t give that lecture you wouldn’t have to. I am glad at least you love your family. Kashi says I am not happy about this wedding.

Scene 2
The jaymala ritual starts. Pandit ji says both mothers can’t see it. Radha says Bhavani is Kashi’s real mom. She can’t see it but Shuibai can. She’s not Kashi’s real mother. Shuibai says I am Kashi’s mom and I won’t see it. The ritual starts. Kashi and Baji make each other wear the garland. Pandit ji says the groom will make Kashi wear the garland and she will bow down to accept it. Kashi bows down.

Shuibai says Radha you will pay for this wedding. My Kashi had to pay for it. You don’t know her. Radha says she’s fire who burned your ego but I am also her MIL. I won’t let her become forrest fire. I would make her fire of the kitchen.

Scene 3
Rani sahiba says to her man Baji and Kashi’s marriage will increase Shahu’s empire and decrease mine. Pandit ji says your time is changing. You won’t be able ot stop Baji. Baji and Kashi will be Maratha family’s future. They will be triumphant together.

The wedding complete. Kashi and Baji touch everyone’s feet. Pandit ji asks Kashi to sit in Radha’s lap and says she’s your mom now. Kashi hugs Bhavani and says she’s my mother. Bhavani says she’s like your mom too now. radha says MIL is like mother too. Kashi says Choti aai because of you I’ve to marry Baji and accept his mom as mine.

Kashi and Baji take rounds around the fire. Pandit ji says both of you are husband and wife now. They touch everyone’s feet. Kashi says this wedding is a punishment for me. Baji says I will do this wedding as punishment and duty. Pandit ji says Kashi will touch Baji’s feet. Kashi says I won’t do that. I married him for my family’s name and respect. Our relation is still the same. He will remain my enemy. Shahu Maharaj leaves.

Bhaavni says Kashi, Baji is your husband now. Leave your anger now and do the ritual. Kashi says I won’t do that. Radha says this isn’t a game. You’re Baji’s wife now. You have to touch his feet. Kashi says I can’t do that. Baji says in heart I knew she’s stubborn. Bhavani says this is the strongest bond. Kashi says this is a punishment for me that I have to do for my mom and brother’s mistake. Baji says it’s a punishment for me too. Radha says stay in your limit.

Kashi runs out. Bhavani says she’s a kid. she will learn with time. Let’s prepare for bidai. Radha says I’ve to tell her that she’s not ladubai but kashibai now. WHo’s my DIL.

Scene 4
Kashi cries. Krishna says you married Baji. Kashi says don’t talk about him. I always thought I would love my husband. But I know my pain now. She cries. Shuibai says to Radha Kashi will always have a banker’s blood. She will tell you that. An MIL should get a DIL who’s of her worth. You made the biggest mistake of your life and you will pay for it. Radha says congratulations. We are relatives now. You will be proud of being Baji’s MIL. I was also a banker’s daughter. Chimaji says Kashi is crying. Radha says let me see.

Mahadji and Balaji hug each other. Bai says to Balaji I want a gift from you. He says what? Baji says I did this as a duty but I won’t ever consider Kashi my wife. Promise me you will never interfere in it. Balaji says what are you saying? Baji says you have to promise me.

Radha sees Kashi crying while hugging her doll. She comes and burns her doll. kashi cries. She says what are you doing? Radha says see your dream burning. Forget all the dreams you saw so far. Only see dreams now that has your husband, family and Maratha regime? You have to forget who you were. Kashi says I will always be Kashibai.

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Telecast Date:24th December 2021
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