Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 23rd May 2022 Baji and his force are going towards the village for the war. Baji stops at a checkpoint and writes a letter to Kashi. He writes that everything is fine here but I am missing you a lot, I am missing your food as no one cooks better than you. He asks the messenger to give it to Kashi.

At the palace, Radha does Kashi’s pooja and says you shouldn’t have hidden this from Baji. This is my duty so I will fulfill it. She does all the rituals. Kashi says I am thankful for giving birth to Baji and for blessing me also. Radha blesses her baby. Kashi says I want my baby to be warrior-like Baji and Balaji. If it’s a girl then I want her to be strong like Radha. Radha says just wish for a baby boy. Kashi looks on. She leaves from there.

The soldier tells Baji that we don’t have ration left for the soldiers.
Baji says we have food for today so let’s just leave tomorrow. Someone casts light at Baji and runs away. Baji follows the person in the jungle and it’s Mastani. Baji shouts that the enemy can be around so I am worried about you Mastani. Mastani takes off her anklet and gives hints to Baji.

He tries to catch her but can’t. Baji finds a letter from her which says that you don’t need to worry about food till she is with him. Baji finds freshly cooked food there. he sits down and eats it. He says this is very tasty, thank you. Mastani hides and hears all that. Baji says I would want to share it with my soldiers. Mastani thinks not all things should be shared.

Kashi is in the room and talks to herself. She says I want my baby to be strong like Baji so I have to start teaching the baby from now only.

Baji gets the news that his acquaintances in Devgarh shook hands with Mughals. Baji says we will attack them then. Mastani hears that and says I will be with you Baji.

A soldier brings Baji’s letter to Kashi. She smells gun-powder smell on it and asks which route he chose? He says from Devgarh. Sooriya comes there and says Devgarh’s king shook hands with Mughals so Baji is going to attack them.

Kashi says we have to stop Baji, this letter has a small of gunpowder so it means they have already created a trap for Baji. We don’t have time so we have to stop Baji from going on that route, they might light up the gunpowder so attack them if you see them. Sooriya says I will go and try to stop him. He leaves. Kashi prays for Baji.

Baji is goind towards Devgarh with his soldiers. Mastani goes from there before him and thinks I have to check the route before Baji arrives there.

Mastani comes to the route of Devgarh and finds the trap of gunpowder there. She says I have to inform Baji’s forces before they enter here. Sooriya also arrives in the jungle and says I have to stop Baji.

Baji enters the jungle with his forces and smells gunpowder but he thinks it’s nothing big.

Mastani starts the fire in the jungle to alets Baji. Baji stops before he could enter the jungle. He finds Mastani’s shadow there and thinks she started it to save me.

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Telecast Date:23rd May 2022
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