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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 22nd July 2022 Radha brings Mastani to a servant’s quarter. Kashi tries to stop her but Radha says Mastani deserves this only. Kashi says this is not right, she is a princess and Baji brought her here. Radha says she is half Hindu and half Muslim. I also found out that she is an illegitimate child so what royalty?

This girl only wants Baji, let’s see how happy she is with Baji only and doesn’t care for luxuries. Kashi prays for Mastani to reject her challenge. Mastani says if this is the price I need to pay then I accept this challenge. Kashi says if Baji finds out.. Radha says it’s on her, let’s see if she wants Baji’s protection or if she can bear the pain for her love. Mastani says I will not let Baji know about this, I will win this challenge.

Radha says you will stay here and meet Baji in the room that Kashi allotted you, she leaves from there. Kashi says you shouldn’t have accepted it. Mastani says I won’t let Baji find out, I will earn everyone’s respect here. Kashi nods and leaves.

Ganga asks Kashi why are you saving Mastani? She deserves that place. Kashi says I have seen Radha’s anger, I know she can be cruel and harsh when she doesn’t like someone. Radha will try to break her down.

Baji and Mastani are wrong but nobody is thinking about the government, I am trying to hold the fort. We should all accept Mastani and move on. Ganga says how could you? Kashi says I had to, Baji was my everything but things have changed.

Radha tells Chimaji that I will make Mastani’s life miserable.

Mastani tells Matank that I think it’s not Kashi but Radha who owns this place so I have to win her over. Matank says Kashi and Radha are playing a game with you. Mastani says if that’s the case then I have to win this challenge and prove myself as a strong person. Matank says you have to do something. Mastani says I want to meet Nana Saheb.

Mastani comes to Kashi and says I want to meet your son, I wanted to hug him so I am requesting you. Kashi says kids are cute so everyone would want to meet them but why are you asking me? You could have asked Baji for anything. Mastani says you are his mother so I thought to ask you.

Kashi says I don’t let evil people near my son and Radha would have scolded you as you are not an illegitimate child. Mastani is hurt and is about to leave but Kashi says my answer is that you can meet Nana Saheb. You did wrong things but you have well wishes for my son so you can meet him. Mastani thanks him. Kashi nods and leaves. Mastani looks on.

Mastani meets Nana Saheb and is elated, she says he is like Baji only. He looks like you only. She asks for Kashi’s permission and holds him in her arms.

Kashi is conflicted seeing her hug her son. Mastani blesses Nana Saheb and says I pray that you become a great warrior. Kashi says you can meet him after my permission when you want. Mastani thanks her and leaves. Kashi smiles at her son and says everyone likes you.

Baji is looking at the papers. Sooriya says our force was attacked. Chimaji says he can’t tell you a lot, where should I start from? Your army thinks you are busy with other matters and we have a loan to pay. Our army is going against us and our finances are going against it too. Sooriya says Shahu has sent letters for the finances of the war.

Baji says I will talk to the army and finances. Kashi comes there and hears all that. Sooriya and Chimaji leave. Kashi thinks if Baji is fulfilling his promise then I will fulfill my promise too.

Mastani comes and hugs Baji. She says you called for me and I am here. Baji says I wanted to meet you this evening. He says I had so much work today. He asks if she ate anything? Is she comfortable in her room? Mastani recalls Radha’s words and nods. She says I have thought about something. Baji says me too. I will call everyone to welcome you. Mastani says I will make sweets for everyone. Baji hugs her.

Kashi and Ganga bring Nana saheb to the garden. Kashi sees Baji hugging Mastani. Ganga says he has replaced you so easily. You still love him. Kashi says I don’t recognize him anymore. He is impure now, I have taken a decision and I will stand by it. Ganga asks what are you up to? Kashi looks on.

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Telecast Date:22nd July 2022
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