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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 21st January 2022 Kashi gives her bangle too. She says you will be able to get him treated better. The soldier says how can I keep your bangle? Kashi says I am giving it from my side. I got it from my chaskaman. The woman takes it. The man says Baji was kind to when we were punished for our mistake and today you did this, stay blessed always. They leave.

Annu says Kashi isn’t back with the money. Bhiu says she will and why have you suddenly started disliking her? Annu says because she does what she wants all the time. Radha says quiet. Chimaji says Baji is with her. Krishna says wait for her to come back.

Radha says if she doesn’t come back with money she will be taught a lesson for her mistake. Annu says yes that’s when she will learn. Balaji says stay in your limits Annu.

Scene 2
Baji says I am proud of what you did. We think alike. I would have done the same. Kashi says she will be mad at me but I won’t mind. You liked it. Baji says you are such a nice girl yet I was so rude to you. Kashi says I also mocked a true fighter. He says now we understand each other. Kashi says then let’s promise we will understand each other like this. He says people will tell our story that Baji’s Kashi goes out of her way to help others. Kashi says then there was a Baji who only cared about his sword but then he became sweet.

Baji and kashi come home. Radha asks where is the money? Kashi says I didn’t get it back. I am sorry. Radha says that’s what you went for. Kashi says she needed it. I saw their pain. I saw it myself. My decision was right. radha says is that how it will work? There are 1000 soldiers, will you keep paying all of them?

We can’t be unfair to all for one. Kashi says according to you I did wrong. I don’t know how all of this is managed. I just saw their pain and did what was right. You can keep these keys. I don’t deserve them. Kashi returns her the keys. Kashi says I am ready to be punished. Radha says from where you are seeing me I might look wrong but when you are at my place, you will know. Anyway, you did a mistake so you will be punished.

The woman says punish me not her. All soldiers come and say punish us. She cared for our brother. We should be punished not her. They all kneel down and say punish us. Radha is shocked. A woman says you can cut our heads, don’t punish Kashi please. Radha goes inside in anger. Kashi says please get up and do your work.

Balaji says go. Balaji says you are young Kashi. You don’t understand all this. You will with time. Your MIL wasn’t wrong. You have to follow the rules and discipline. Baji would have done what his mom did. Kashi recalls Baji said he would do what Kashi did.

Scene 3
Radha recalls what the soldiers did. SHe says this wasn’t right. This isn’t how you run the regime. Your grip should be strong. Annu says Kashi got you insulted in front of everyone. I didn’t like it. Radha says Kashi.. Kashi comes in and says I can’t even dream of insulting my MIL. Annu don’t accuse me. Radha says go from here Kashi. Kashi says I did that because I couldn’t see their pain. WHat should I do that will make you forgive me and your anger goes away. Radha says go to your room.

Annu says from here, didn’t you listen? She drags Kashi out and shoves her. Radha says Annu.. Bajji holds Kashi. Baji says what is this Annu? Is that how you behave with your bhabhi? Bhiu says this isn’t right. Kashi plays with us. She is so nice. Annu says you stay quiet and you Baji, you don’t consider her your wife. Why do you stand for her then? Baji says Kashi is also my friend. Annu says what about your other friends? You don’t even meet them. This is between me and her and you shouldn’t speak in it.

Kashi holds her hand and says we became friends when you came to chaskaman. I told you Kashi stays friends forever. This isn’t right. Annu says I don’t consider you my friend. Kashi says then consider me your bhabhi, the man I am married to is your brother, you’ve to give me that respect. I will give you your due respect.

Kashi leaves. Radha says to Baji if you think your mom is wrong, then let it be. I am doing what is right for you and Kashi and this regime. You will be the prime minister and she will be the first lady and I am making her how she should be. I know you consider me wrong. Baji says you made me who I am and I respect your ways. I feel bad for Kashi. But you’re not wrong either. Radha says I am glad you consider your mom right. I will prepare Kashi how I want.

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