Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 20th May 2022 Radha comes to Kashi and says you had no right to hide about your pregnancy from Baji, it’s his right too. Kashi says he had to go to a war. Radha says it’s his right to know as a father. Kashi says please don’t stop him, a lot of women and kids need him.

Please let him go and win the war otherwise people will taunt him for coming back. Radha says I have already sent a soldier to him with a message, he should know about this.

Kashi says I am giving you a promise, if you think that I have done anything good for your family then please don’t stop Baji. I have never asked for anything from you, I am just asking for this. Please don’t stop him. Radha leaves from there. Kashi thinks I have to stop the soldier from reaching Baji.

Kashi comes to Sooriya and asks him to stop the letter from reaching Baji. Sooriya says I got the news that Baji’s has stopped a checkpoint. Kashi says that means he might have gotten the news and coming back? She tells Ganga that I am going to meet Baji. Ganga says you are pregnant, you have to think about your baby. Kashi says I have to think about my people first.

Baji gets the news and tells his soldiers that we will go back to the palace. Kashi arrives there and says you can’t go back. Baji says what are you doing here? We can’t go to a war, we have to go back. Kashi says I am sorry, I did a mistake but please help those people out. Baji says why are you apologizing? Kashi asks if he got any letter from Radha? He says no. Kashi thinks she respected my plead at least.

Radha tells Kaviri that Kashi has done a lot for Chimaji and she asked for one thing from me so I accepted her wish this time but I won’t let her do what she wants moving forward.

Baji asks Kashi what she is doing here? Kashi says I came to discuss the strategy from you. She helps him with the plan. Baji says I feel like you are hiding something from me but I know whatever you would do would be for the good. Kashi says I will do everything I can for my family and my people. Baji says if you are here then we can spend the day together as common people and a normal couple. Kashi smiles and says this evening is enough for me with you.

Baji and Kashi come to the jungle, Baji says we are common people here as there is no soldier around. Kashi says if you are a commoner then try getting fruits for me. Baji goes and gets fruits for her. They both sit together and share fruits. They spend the evening together. Baji makes BBQ and they have dinner together.

Baji and Kashi come back to the camp. Kashi says this evening was like a lifetime of happiness. I just feel we might not get moments like this again, things might change. Baji says we will start a new life when I come back. What should I bring for you? Kashi says I just need my husband. Baji says I will be back soon, he goes to prepare for the army. Kashi thinks he will be a father too when he comes back.

Baji comes to his soldiers and finds Mastani’s letters there. The letter says that thank you for helping her village and they will meet soon. Baji thinks who is this Mastani? Mastani is hiding in the bushes and looks at Baji. Kashi comes there and smiles at Baji.

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Telecast Date:20th May 2022
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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