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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 1st June 2022 Mastani enters the arena with Baji, Baji asks if she is ready to fight against him? Mastani says I am fighting against you so I don’t care about the outcome. They start doing a sword fight.

Baji keeps an upper hand on Mastani and says you don’t know what’s like to be a warrior. He says you people are made from glass and spoiled. Mastani says I am a daughter of a dancer, people call me illegitimate but I didn’t expect this insult from you.

She says my father made me a princess but I don’t live a luxurious life as I am Hindu and half Muslim. I have to fight for my identity every single day. They are doing an intense sword-fighting, Mastani is about to fall but Baji catches her and they share an eye lock. Baji hears Kashi’s voice and leaves from there.

Radha tells Keshav that I want to break Kashi’s ego. They hear Kashi coming there and people chanting for her. Radha says Shahu is on our side this time so Kashi is in trouble.

Baji is writing a letter to Kashi and says I met a girl here called Mastani, she is not a pretty princess but a warrior like me. He thinks I shouldn’t talk about another girl to Kashi, he tears off the letter.

Kashi enters the court and tells Shahu that I was alleged but that’s not the truth. Keshav says Kashi and I love each other. All people chant against him. Keshav says I want to call some witnesses, he calls Krishna there first. Kashi says you are against me? Krishna says you punished me and our father using proofs and witnesses.

Krishna tells Shahu that Keshav is telling the truth. Shuibai says Kashi is my sister but Keshav is telling the truth. Kashi is stunned and says you are saying all this for your own sister? Mohini tells Shahu that I am a witness for Kashi. I have seen Krishna and Shuibai plotting against Kashi, they want to take revenge on her.

Keshav says Mohini is taking her daughter’s side. Keshav asks Shahu to do the justice, the witnesses are from her family only. Shahu says Kashi might have a good character but she couldn’t prove her case so I have taken the decision that she can’t live as a Peshwan anymore. Kashi says I am sorry but I didn’t get a chance to put my case forward. Shahu says what do you want to say?

Kashi tells Krishna you know your sister is innocent but still you are doing this. She asks Shuibai to promise her unborn who is a liar here. She says to the court that this fight is about my life and death now. Kashi tells Shuibai to bless her. She takes blessing from Radha and says I don’t have a choice anymore.

Baji tells his force that nobody has never reached so close to him in a sword fight but Mastani has so she will fight as his right hand in the war. Mastani thinks I want to become his right hand in his life.

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Telecast Date:1st June 2022
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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